Save Your Marriage: 3 Tips For Healthy Reconciliation

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Aug 11, 2023
save your marriage

In 2021, the divorce rate for the United States was estimated to be 45%, which means almost half of the married couples in the US will have to accept their ill-fate. Every couple has its way of handling conflict and resolving issues. While it may seem like your marriage is on the brink of divorce, you can still look for ways to give it another chance. While the issues between you and your partner may be persistent, you can always work around them.

Many people resort to couple’s therapy and reach out to dating and relationship coaches. While all of these ways are valid ways of finding a solution, it’s important not to limit your approach. Here are a few ways to healthily reconcile your marriage.

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Listen intently

One of the biggest contributors to marriages failing is a lack of communication. When couples talk to relationship consultants, they often complain about their partner not lending an ear to their conflicts, problems, or concerns.

The easiest and healthiest way to resolve conflicts within a marriage is to start communicating openly. Make it a point to listen more intently and understand their point of view. This will give you and your partner a starting point to understand each other’s concerns and problems.

Discussion as a tool

A man in a white t-shirt comforting a sad woman.

Once you’ve learned how to listen to each other using a little empathy, the discussion becomes a strong weapon for you. Sit down together, and discuss each of your conflicts. Make it a habit or a ritual that you practice as a family.

If you feel you cannot do this independently, reach out to a relationship coach to help you carry out a neutral discussion. In these sessions, you can discuss each other’s shortcomings and plan how to work things out in the future.


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Understand your feelings

Before being able to help your partner, you have to understand and embrace how you feel. You must be aware of your internal conflicts, problems, and the kind of solutions you seek from your partner. You need to have a holistic approach towards building your relationship and saving it from divorce.

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