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Updated on Aug 11, 2023
San Francisco Dating Coach

If you are looking for a dating coach San Francisco then you have come to the right place. We have found you the very best dating coaches and dating therapists that the Bay Area and Oakland have to offer.

San Francisco might be the 13th biggest city in the United States, but for my money, it is the best. But it is better shared.

But finding love in this great city can sometimes feel like trying to navigate the fog that often rolls in making us all stumble about blindly.

Don’t worry though, – we are here to help you break out of your dating Alcatraz.

There are some great San Francisco dating coaches around who can help you build self-confidence, overcome limiting beliefs, and find your perfect match. The sort of dating therapy they offer can transform your love life.

To help you find the best dating coach San Francisco, we have hunted high and low to identify dating therapists and coaches who are the very best at what they do. Getting on this list is an achievement in itself.

Who are the best dating coaches in San Francisco?

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Here is our carefully selected list of the best San Francisco dating coaches:

  1. Steffo Shambo
  2. Soniyah Singh – Finding Bliss
  3. Jessica Engle
  4. Kathy L. Jacobson
  5. Diana Urman
  6. Anya Laeta
  7. Marie Thouin

1. Steffo Shambo

Steffo Shambo

First on our dating coach list is international dating expert Steffo Shambo. Steffo isn’t based in San Francisco, but his unique online mentorship program could transform your dating life here in the Bay Area.

Some guys might think, “I want a dating coach near me,” but before you dismiss opting for an online coach, remember that opening up to that possibility gives you a wider pool of experts. That makes finding the best dating coaches easier.

Lots of guys from San Francisco and the Bay Area have already taken part in Steffo’s The Tantric Man Experience. Every one of them has found it a life-changing experience, helping them uncover their best selves, leave loneliness behind, and find love.

This outstanding track record means that Steffo makes it to the top of our list as the #1 San Francisco dating coach.

If you are looking for someone to give you a unique insight into relationships and win the girl, then, for us, Steffo is the best dating coach currently working in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He offers a free consultation too, so what have you got to lose?

There are also some great free resources on his site like this free attraction training.

2. Soniyah Singh – Finding Bliss

Soniyah Singh - Finding Bliss

The first step to finding love is starting to love yourself. This is the simple starting point for San Francisco dating coach Soniyah Singh.

Soniyah is a well-known Bay Area dating coach who offers in-person and online dating coaching. Her focus isn’t on dating tips. Instead, she takes a deep dive into what makes you tick.

By identifying what makes you tick and uncovering the reasons why you might not be letting love into your life, she is as much a dating therapist as a dating coach.

Soniyah helps her clients open themselves up to the possibility of love by creating a safe and confidential space to identify their goals and pinpoint what is getting in the way of dating success.

So, if you are looking for a dating coach who will work with you to open yourself up to love, then add Soniyah to your shortlist.

3. Jessica Engle – Bay Area Dating Coach

Jessica Engle - Bay Area Dating Coach

Jessica Engle is the founder and leading dating coach for Bay Area Dating Coach.

This is another therapy-based approach (hey, what did you expect – this is San Francisco, after all!)

Jessica and her team focus on clients who are looking for real love, not just something casual. She recognizes that some men who might be introverted or struggling with dating anxiety might need an additional helping hand.

She promises you don’t need to walk through the dating world alone. She can help you develop the strategy and skills needed to develop successful relationships.

Bay Area Dating Coach offers mock date practice, styling tips, and an online dating concierge service.

This means that they have modern dating covered, ensuring that your online dating profile is delivering just what you need to find the right person and transform your love life.

4. Kathy L. Jacobson: life and relationship coach

Kathy L. Jacobson: life and relationship coach

If you are looking for a life coach in San Francisco, then check out Kathy Jacobson, Number 4 on our dating coach San Francisco list.

Kathy Jacobson is a Bay Area life coach who specializes in relationships. This is ideal for guys looking for something broader than just straightforward dating advice.

Instead, Kathy will work with you on deeper issues. Instead of just focusing on issues like body language and dating profiles, she will uncover the real issues you need to address to move forward and achieve successful relationships.

She does not promise quick results and looks for a long-term commitment from her clients. This might not work for everyone – after all, most of us want to find love as quickly as possible. But if you have some deep issues to address, and have the time and money to commit, then Kathy Jacobson could be for you.

5. Diana Urman

Diana Urman

Diana Urman is a hugely qualified sex therapist based right here in San Francisco.

She has a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and a graduate degree in Clinical Social Work. That means you just know you are getting someone knowledgeable and experienced.

Diana’s specialism is in sexuality and sexual relationships. So if there are elements of your sexuality that are holding you back in dating, then she could be the right San Francisco dating coach for you.

Her coaching services for men start with building the self-confidence and dating skills you need to find your perfect match. She can help guys overcome shyness and learn how to talk to, and seduce, women.

By putting you in touch with your desire, she promises to unlock the latent sexual power that lies within you.

6. Anya Laeta

Anya Laeta

California girl Anya Laeta is a somatic sexologist and intimacy coach who works right here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What is ‘somatic coaching?’ I hear you ask. Well, it is about seeing the client as a whole person, where brain and body work together. For Anya, it isn’t just how you think. It is how you act too.

She is confident that this therapy model can put any guy on the right path to dating and sexual success.

Anya’s focus is on helping guys to take control. By taking charge of your relationship success, you can show up in relationships as a strong, confident, and powerful man.

Like some other coaches on the list, she starts by working with you to uncover the negative and self-sabotaging beliefs that are currently holding you back. With her support, you can ditch those toxic behavior patterns and create a relationship with the woman of your dreams.

7. Marie Thouin

Marie Thouin

Marie Thorin Ph.D. is on a mission to help men create fulfilling, long-lasting relationships. She believes that this can only start by cultivating what she describes as “radical self-love”.

She works with clients to dig deep and understand their vision and values. She will also uncover the old patterns and beliefs that might be holding you back and support you in letting them go.

When it comes to dating coaching, she works with you on effective social skills, online dating success, and emotional self-mastery.

This includes plenty of practical tips too, like where to go to meet women in San Francisco, dating behaviors, and crucially how to evolve successful dates into lasting long-term relationships.

She has a strong track record thanks to the structured and comprehensive approach that she takes.

Is it worth hiring a dating coach?

couple hands forming heart shape

I used to wonder about this myself, but everyone I know who has used one swears it is one of the best decisions they have ever made.

You are probably looking for a Bay Area dating coach because you are feeling frustrated with dating life. Maybe you are struggling to meet the right woman. Perhaps the dating apps, speed dating, and dating sites are just not cutting it for you. If this sounds like you, then a dating coach or dating therapy can help.

The best dating coaches will focus on you as a whole person rather than giving you cheap pick-up lines, tricks, and shortcuts. The process will provide advice to help you overcome social anxiety, build self-esteem, and enable you to navigate the dating world with confidence.

Should I choose an online or offline coach?

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One of the dating questions that friends in San Francisco often ask me is, “Should I look for a dating coach near me, or should I look for an online relationship coach?”

It depends on your needs, but I think you should keep an open mind.

Most people now accept that if they have the right skills, an online dating expert is just as effective as an in-person coach. The main thing is to make sure that they have the right expertise to support you and a proven track record. Remember too, that opening yourself up to an online coach creates a much bigger pool of skilled coaches to choose from.

Remember, the right coach is the right coach, no matter where they are.

Do dating coaches really work?

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Yes, they work.

If you are lonely and feeling frustrated with the single life and want to find your life partner then you should do everything possible to find a solution. This is where professional dating coaching can help.

From online dating to mock dates and matchmaking services, whatever it is that you need you will find it on our handpicked list.

Who uses a dating coach?

If you think dating coaches are for losers, you could not be more wrong.

Dating coaches are used by successful guys who know exactly what they want and are prepared to go all out to get it.

Taking action to fix a problem you have identified in your life is not the mark of a loser. It is the sign of a confident man who is prepared to invest in his long-term happiness.

You would be surprised just how common using a dating coach has become for guys looking to attract women and find the right partner, especially here in San Francisco. Let’s face it, in this city even pet dogs are in therapy. That means that when you are looking for a relationship therapist you are in exactly the right place.

How much do dating coaches charge?

There is no set answer to this. It depends on the coach, it depends on the services you need, and it depends on how long you use them.

There are also different pricing models depending on whether coaches charge an hourly rate or for a full program.

In terms of ballpark figures, US hourly rates are around $100 per hour, and according to Insider.com most professional dating coaches charge up to $10,000 or more for a full program.

Is a dating coach good value for money?

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The cost of a first-rate dating coach can initially seem like a lot of money. But in the end, it all comes down to what it is that is most important to you. You mustn’t go into this with unrealistic expectations about finding someone who will transform your life for 50 bucks!

After all, investing in your happiness is not the right area to start worrying about cutting costs. If a San Francisco dating coach can help you find your perfect match, then it could be the best investment you ever make.

If you find the right coach then I promise you they are better than all the dating sites added together.

Conclusion and next steps

So that is our handpicked list for guys looking for a dating coach in San Francisco.

Seeking professional dating support can seem like a big step. But people who have used them almost always see it as an enormously positive experience. You can never put a price on love.

All of our coaches bring different skills, so pick the one that seems the best fit for you.

Finally, good luck in finding true love. If you want to get started finding love straight away, then check out this free attraction training.

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