Client Success

My greatest joy is to see my clients change their lives.

These men worked very hard, perfectly followed the Tantric Man Experience’s step-by-step- formula and techniques, invested their heart, time and energy, and overcame several challenges to succeed. Don’t presume your results will look the same. Your typology, relationship dynamic, and energy configuration is unique, and so your results will be different.

I’m very proud of all of them,

Steffo Shambo

Jamie Ananda

UK, Life Coach & Tantra Teacher

“This has been the journey of a lifetime. And such a wonderful thing to watch this video and bring back the great memories of working with you and the guys! My life continues to be epic, thanks to you!”

Oscar Sardinas

Florida, USA, Business Manager

“My experience has allowed me to show up for my wife as a man who loves and adores her, who will be there for her. I have shown up as a father that is lovable but firm, who is disciplined but compassionate. Who learned how to show empathy in every walk in life. I look at myself and I am proud of the person that I see.”

Aad Havermans

Netherlands, Wim Hof Instructor

“During the sexual shadow work, I found out that it [sexual issues] was linked to some very early childhood patterns. And this totally made me understand how I had built up this pattern. This is not only about the sex and lovemaking, but it’s also a deep inner journey.”

These are all real clients.

No one is EVER compensated in any way for what they write.

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