Prone Bone: How To Master The Best Sex Position In 7 Steps

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Updated on Aug 11, 2023
prone bone

Surprise! You might have found this page because you searched for prone bone porn videos.

Maybe you’re content watching pornstars do it in prone bone, but why not master it yourself?

This is your chance to go from a simple fapper to a Kama Sutra sex god. 

Google searches will give you an amateur list of the prone bone category. Meanwhile, this original article is the holy grail on everything you need to make your female wild with lust. 

Continue reading if you’re ready to upgrade your sex life.

What does prone bone mean?

Prone bone is a position where the woman is lying completely flat on her stomach while the man enters from behind. 

The word prone, according to Merriam-Webster, means to face downwards, and of course, bone insinuates an erection.

This position enables the woman to engage and contract the muscles of her pelvic core and floor to maximize sensation for both herself and her partner. 

What is the prone bone sex position?

Pron Bone Position in black and white

* Illustration from The Heart of Tantric Sex by Diana Richardson

The prone sex position involves the woman lying flat on her abdomen with the man entering her from behind. Prone is one of the sex pose categories that creates a tighter fit for penetration and lots of skin-to-skin contact and friction.

The display of her body as she lies on her stomach as the man straddles her creates extremely erotic views for men.

A prone position will often hit the g-spot for women, particularly in flat or “lazy” Doggystyle, which we’ll explore in a bit.


Why does prone bone feel so good?

man lying near the girl his head touching her hips

These poses are highly pleasurable for the man because the vaginal walls are restricted here, resulting in a tighter feel. The angle and the depth further increase pleasure and friction during sex. If you’re working on lasting longer in bed, supine positions will help avoid overstimulation.

It’s also easier for women to orgasm in these positions. From the woman’s perspective, here’s a synopsis of prone bone

“Prone bone! It’s the perfect angle to reach my most orgasmic places, and he gets great leverage to both pounds deep or takes nice long, smooth strokes that drive me crazy. And I love the feel of his weight on me when he presses his full body against me.” 

If you’re looking to drive her wild in bed, here are the seven best sex positions to explore.


How to do prone bone? Step-by-step guide

prone bone sex position

So, you’ve read the benefits and are more than ready to try this out with your partner! 

As with any amazing sexual experience, it’s extremely erotic to set up the space beforehand.

You can turn down the lights to amplify the senses of touch and sound. Place a few candles around the room, put on a sexy playlist, or leave out the rhythmic beats to better hear each other’s gasps and moans.

Now that the scene is set…

Here are the advanced tips to master prone sex styles. 

  1. As this is a deep penetration pose, spending plenty of time in foreplay is vital. Play with oral, touching her, or any technique that has her soaking wet. Also, be sure to have lube handy for extra lubrication.
  2. The female partner is lying flat on her front with a pillow under her hips to elevate her butt. Press her legs together.
  3. Take time to ensure that the woman can completely relax and release while lying on her belly.
  4. Next, the man straddles her legs by kneeling in doggy-style position and enters his dick from behind. He can lean forward and prop himself up on either side of here with his arms. 
  5. The man thrusts forward and back slowly at first, easing and opening her body to the sensations and tighter fit. During this, he can tap into the electric feel and view of his female to amp up arousal.
  6. Mix things up with dirty talk makes sex even sexier. The man can also experiment with grabbing her hips or wrapping one hand around her hair and the other around her waist. 
  7. Enjoy the build-up of tension. If he feels the position work a little too well, relax and slow down, even embrace each other and find stillness. Once he feels more relaxed, come back into slow, deep strokes inside her.
  8. Fun bonus option: it requires flexibility, but the man can upgrade or diversify this pose by taking the knees wide in frog position instead while thrusting inside her.

How to master the prone bone advanced sex technique?

To start, avoid using porn videos from a prone bone subreddit as a reference for prone sex techniques, as the angles the cameras require don’t equate to pleasure in the real world.


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To enjoy any sex, it’s vital first to get consent and start building her arousal.

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Embrace the pace that each sex session naturally brings. This takes the pressure out of the bedroom, and you can savor your intimate time together.

In all the categories of sex poses, prone sex has the best shot at creating incredible sensations inside her body.

Introducing a pillow has many advantages by allowing you to:

  • Target the female g-spot
  • Give you both support and,
  • Make the prone positions click into place. For example, you can place one under her chest for support or under her hips for increased sensation.

What are the best prone bone variations?

Variations during prone sex are endless:

  1. The man can take Frog pose by spreading his thighs and leaning on the inner edges of his feet. However, note that this requires a lot of flexibility in the hips. 
  2. The woman can shift one leg to the outside, wrapping her foot around his thigh. This bind creates leverage for her to thrust back into his dick.
  3. You can add or reduce the pillows used to play around with the angle of the position.
  4. Also, play around with locations— it doesn’t just have to be enjoyed in bed. Taking this position to the floor, on a rug can feel animalistic and sexy. 

As you can see, there are a number of supine sex position options. The most important is to find and choose an option that creates all kinds of pleasure for you and your woman.

Why does prone bone make him cum quickly?

Banana on pink background Fresh erotic fruit

Here’s why men tend to cum quicker in the prone sex position:

  • It’s visually stimulating as the man can see his partner rippling with pleasure.
  • The penis enters very deep. He feels bigger than usual inside of her.
  • The fit is tighter around the penis, which increases sensation.

Many men say they can’t go as hard in this pose without finishing too soon. However, every man has the ability to gain mastery over his sexual energy and last as long as he desires. In this video are effective exercises to last longer in bed.

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Sexy Couple Kissing On The Bed

So we’ve explored the ins and outs of prone sex. Enjoy applying these tips and techniques in the bedroom with your girl.

I’m Steffo Shambo, a relationship expert with years of experience helping men find the way to embrace their integrated masculine energy.

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Why do people love the prone bone position?

There’s a lot to like about prone sex— both for men and women. For the man, it’s a visually captivating position as he can watch her pleasure unfold beneath him, the tighter feel is also a big plus.

The angle hits the woman’s g-spot, and the man gets an incredibly tight fit inside his lover. 

What does the prone bone feel like?

Pornstars in a video shot will never be able to portray the sensations of this pose for both partners. In reality, the prone position will target the female g-spot, leaving wanting to return for more.

In terms of the man’s experience, it’s a gift from the sex gods if he’s looking for intense sensation and enjoys the feel of a female panting in pleasure lying beneath him.

What is prone bone when the girl moves?

As the girl is laying flat, or with her hips lifted slightly, she can rock her ass forward and back during a prone position. These motions create a teenfold increase in sensations for the man. It also helps to hit pleasurable nerves in her vaginal walls.

How big does a penis need to be for prone bone?

There doesn’t need to be a size limitation for prone sex styles. Also, the size of a woman’s ass will impact this position— but that doesn’t mean it can’t work!

What is important is how the woman angles her ass. If the penetration isn’t deep enough for one or both of you, then place a pillow or two under her hips. Also, the man can take more of a kneeling stance rather than laying on top of the woman.

Prone vs supine positions: which is better?

If you’re asking if specific categories of sex are better than others, it might be time to reframe how you view sex. The beauty of sex lies in the variety, spice, and delight to enjoy with your partner.

Prone sex allows for deeper penetration and a more obvious sub-dom interaction. In comparison, a supine position holds the potential for a lot of connection, sexual tension, and intimacy.

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