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Huh? Yeah right. “Organic Penis Enlargement” That’s bogus!

Yep, that is most people’s first reaction to organic penis enlargement.

And that is the reaction I myself get many times when talking about how men actually can enlarge their manhood down there – in a 100% natural and safe way.


This is the interaction with one of my students of The Tantric Man Experience:

I have to apologize to you, Steffo.

Me: Really, how come?

Student: Before I signed up to your course and heard about the possibility of making the penis bigger, I totally thought that was bullshit!!


Student: Now I excuse myself, because my penis is > 1 cm bigger and thicker in only 8 weeks!

Me: Thanks for sharing. I know that is a common belief, since we are bombarded since decades by e-mail scams where they try to sell us magic pills that will do the job. Which of course never works. There is no quick fix in life, or one-take-wonder-pills that will solve your life issues.

Of course, this dialog is paraphrased as much as I can remember.

To Believe Or Not To Believe In Organic Penis Enlargement


So, by saying this, I do not need you to believe me.


Try it… and find out for yourself.

Just like yoga… first you learn… then you practice… you have an experience…and then you make up your mind around those first-hand experiences.

I can only speak from MY own experience, and I KNOW it’s possible to make my penis bigger in a natural way.

And by judging from the statistics of the last group – who just finished The Tantric Man Experience – it’s 100% possible.

All participant had success in increasing size, even if that was not a priority or wish for some.

And for them, it was just a nice bonus.

So yes, in my world, ORGANIC penis enlargement is real.


What I see, is that on average there is a 1 cm or 0.4-inch increase in length – and 0.5 cm or 0.2-inch in girth – after 1 month of steadily following TME.

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