My Offerings

I am currently only offering men to join The Tantric Man Experience. But I am still available for workshop proposals.

The Tantric Man Experience

The most complete men’s course on the market. The 8 weeks transformational course for mastering men’s sexual energy. Click learn more to get all info.


Tantric Yoni Massage

Many women come for yoni (vagina in sanskrit) massage because they are non-orgasmic. Others are not fully satisfied and fulfilled in their sexual life and they want to learn how to expand their orgasmic potential.


Tantra Workshops: The Sacred Alchemy Series

The Sacred Alchemy Series contains three separable tantra workshops. Module 1: Tantric Sexuality. Module 2: The Path of Partnership. Module 3: The Art of Tantric Massage

Tantric De-armoring Massage

Tantric De-armoring, is a profound external trigger point massage, that helps release chronic tension generated by shame and guilt, unconscious sex, years of not listening to your body and not having clear and set boundaries. It enhances sensuality, vitality and helps sexual energy flow freely to experience the depths of your full body orgasmic potential.


Tantric Hatha Yoga

Transform your yoga practice with the knowledge of the chakras and the five elements, and learn valuable tools to increase your health, happiness, and expand your consciousness.


Acro Yoga is a blend of yoga, acrobatics, partner yoga and thai massage. It’s a great way to connect to people and is a good tool for building up trust and surrender for yourself and to your partner.

I am currently only taking offers from people who want to host my workshops. Please fill out application, as detailed as possible, with your offer, and I will get back to you shortly. Click the button below.