Top 10 Steps For Couples To Learn How To Give A Nuru Massage

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Updated on Aug 11, 2023
nuru massage

Instead of watching a porn video with your lover — this is one of the hottest ways to enjoy a night in:

A Nuru massage.

Don’t worry if you’ve never given a massage before — by the end of this article, you’ll know how to release and excite your partner in equal measure.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you what materials you need, how to set up the space, and right down to the techniques involved. Your partner’s going to see you in a whole new light after this.

This is the one of the most tantalizing, intimate, and pleasurable experience you and your partner will experience together.

Just like with Tantric massage, yoni massage, and lingam massage — you’re your combining both your sexual energies with healing, erotic touch.

Here’s a video to pique your curiosity about performing a Nuru massage:

nuru massage video

What is a Nuru massage?

masseuse pouring oil on the mans back

Nuru massage is a mind-blowing, full-body-to-body experience. One that’ll leave you feeling as though you’re floating on cloud nine!

In a professional Nuru massage, both the client and professional masseuse are covered in Nuru — the massage gel you didn’t know you needed in your life. The masseuse glides over your entire body, while the Nuru gel creates the silkiest sensations. Nuru is made from a particular type of seaweed. Better yet, it has no discernible taste or smell and is very safe to use.  

To contain this seriously slippery gel, the Nuru massage is typically performed on a massage table, a bed, an air mattress, or using a drop cloth — a secret weapon against the messiness.

The receiver lies back and relaxes while the masseuse strokes all over the body, exploring sensual areas and igniting erotic sensations.

The best part?

This massage is not only incredibly relaxing, but also brings on a rush of tingling sensations that you’d typically experience during sex.

In essence, a Nuru sensual massage is all about creating an intimate, connection-filled experience that’s both serene and tantalizing. This isn’t a regular therapeutic massage; it opens the gateway to your sexual self.

Where did Nuru massage originate?

When learning what is a Nuru massage, it’s important to know it originated in Japan, and holds an important place in their cultural practices. “Nuru” is derived from a Japanese word that translates to “slippery.” The name accurately describes the characteristic that sets this massage apart.

Central to the Nuru massage experience is the use of a specialized gel known as Nuru gel. This gel is created using extracts from Nori seaweed, which is commonly found along Japan’s coastal areas. The gel’s unique formulation gives exceptional slippery quality.

In traditional Japanese culture, the techniques employed in a Nuru massage were developed to promote relaxation, sensuality, and intimate connection between individuals. Nowadays, these massages are offered all across the Western world.

Benefits of Nuru massages

Here are seven powerful benefits of exploring Nuru massage with your partner.

1. Deepen the Connection

Couple of lovers having sexy and romantic kiss

As you’re gathering by now, a Nuru massage goes far beyond the realms of physical pleasure. A Nuru massage fosters a deep connection between you and your lover. It’s an opportunity to connect on a profound level and enhance your overall well-being.

Much like giving a tantric massage — the shared experience of trust, vulnerability, and intimacy creates a bond that goes beyond the massage itself.

2. Ultimate Relaxation

Nuru massages combine sensual body-to-body contact with deep, healing strokes. The slippery gel creates a blissful experience that melts away all your stress and worries. It’s a total escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

3. Enhanced Sensuality

Your Nuru massage will awaken your senses and your curiosity for sexual exploration. The intimate body contact of this erotic massage creates a heightened sensuality. And this allows you to explore new levels of pleasure and intimacy.


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4. Improve Blood Circulation

The gliding movements and gentle pressure applied during a Nuru massage stimulate blood flow and improve circulation throughout your body which has many health benefits. This increased circulation helps to oxygenate tense muscles and tissues and promotes the removal of toxins, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and revitalized.

5. Sensual Healing

Having a masseuse’s, or your partner’s, naked body gliding over you is enough to drive you crazy. However, this type of massage helps to heal stress or expectations about sex and get into a place of receiving pleasure. Thanks to this, it actually makes you a better, more confident lover.

6. Stress Relief

Life is fast and furious these days.

Stress can build up and take a toll on our well-being. A Nuru massage offers a unique form of stress relief by combining the physical and emotional aspects of relaxation. It helps to release endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good hormones, leaving you with a profound sense of calm and contentment.

7. Increase Body Confidence

One of the major mental benefits of the Nuru massage lies in its ability to increase self-esteem and body confidence. In addition, both the masseuse and the client, or couple if you’re massaging your partner, benefit from the beautiful, intimate ceremony.

What’s the best Nuru massage gel?

Magic Gel Nuru Massage

So, what is a Nuru massage gel that’s worth buying?

Well, here’s what you need to consider when selecting a Nuru massage gel:

  1. Ingredients: natural ingredients are best; fragrances and chemicals can irritate the skin. You’d be surprised how many versions on the market don’t even contain natural nori seaweed.
  2. Consistency: cheap quality Nuru gel can feel sticky rather than slippy.
  3. Versatility: a good Nuru massage gel will be excellent for massage usage, relaxes sore muscles, and hydrates skin.

If you can’t get your hands on Nuru gel, a natural massage oil such as coconut oil will do. But don’t expect the exact same experience as coconut oil absorbs far faster into the skin.

Here is the authentic, top-quality Magic Gel Nuru massage gel we recommend at Tantric Academy.

You can also try Wet Nuru Massage Gel — learn why it’s such a great product in this wonderfully cheesy nuru massage ad!

Comprehensive list of materials needed

Cropped view of girl making back erotic massage to the guy

Here’s how to make your at-home Nuru massage kit so you have all you need on hand to create an erotic massage experience:

  1. Authentic Nuru massage gel
  2. Plastic cover for sheets or dedicated flannel sheet for Nuru massages
  3. Candles, incense, or diffuser
  4. Sensual, relaxing playlist
  5. Optional: air mattress or massage table
eroticgel inflatable massage sheet

Erotic massage in 10 steps: How to give a Nuru massage

Here are the body techniques involved in creating a sensual and relaxing experience. Know that one of the most powerful things you can do to enhance this spiritual journey together is to bring your full presence.


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1. Set up the space

There’s no sense in wasting your sheets for this erotic massage. Instead, have a dedicated bedsheet prepared — thick flannel is an excellent option for absorbing excess oil while keeping the recipient warm during the massage.

Now’s also the time to think about lighting from this intimate experience — ceiling lights are no good for setting the mood. Think candles or floor lamps instead.

And scents are all important! Natural candles, essential oils, and diffusers create a wonderful, sexy atmosphere.

2. Get slippy

Get slippery massage oil in hand

Before any physical contact, it’s time to apply the Nuru gel — it wouldn’t be a Nuru massage otherwise!

Check the instruction of your particular product, as some are ready to apply straight away, while others need diluting in water.

Oil your own skin generously and then decorate your partner’s entire body in the luxurious Nuru gel. Getting used to the new sensations and reduced friction can take a bit of time. Laugh through any nervousness and allow things to unfold naturally.

3. Full entire body glide

Cropped view of sexy girl in white underwear sitting on a mans back

Before we get into the various techniques of these sensual massages, know that a Nuru massage requires full body contact. Begin with your partner facing down and glide your body down their back.

Use your hands to lift a portion of your body weight from them and really enjoy the sensations! Take your time here — there’s no rush since it might take the recipient’s body time to relax.  

Have fun! The more you get into it, the greater the experience for you both.

4. Flip your partner

Next up in the massage process is to shift so your partner is now facing you. This is where passion and physical connection skyrocket!

Gently move your body across their front. Caress their most sensitive areas while maintaining contact with your entire body.

Take time to explore the sheer bliss of brushing your nipples against their skin. Experience the pleasure that ripples through them.

Make sure to create a sensual experience with your partner by touching their ass, breasts, and genital area.

5. Scissor glide

Place one leg in between your partners’ and begin to open and close your legs, kneading against your partner’s thigh between your legs. Slide into their genital region and tune into their breathing to enhance intimacy.

If they start to pant or moan, you can ease off and have a little fun teasing them or lean in harder and speed up to escalate the erotic experience.

6. Pussy Glide

Slim female body in sexy lingerie side view

In this technique, the woman kneels over the man and spreads her legs. Then, she begins to slide and grind her pussy into her partner’s back or front. She uses her hands also to massage the partner’s body while doing so.

7. Refine the touch

After enjoying the pleasure of loving on your partner’s body, begin to refine the Nuru massage. Instead of using your entire body, take broad sweeping strokes with your hands, more similar to a traditional massage.

Allow the slippery Nuru gel to do its magic by relaxing muscles and moisturizing your partner’s skin.

You can also from here explore a holistic bodywork practice known as the Tantric de-armoring practice. Here, deep pressure is applied to different points in the body It also combines breathwork and focused body awareness to process emotions and memories.

8. Explore even further

What’s exciting about getting into regular erotic partner massage sessions is the amount of knowledge out there for you both to drench each other in pleasure.

The tantric tradition of honoring a woman’s pussy through touch is known as a yoni massage. And it’s well worth mastering if you want to revolutionize your love life with your woman. This specialized massage brings women profound mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical healing.

Likewise, for people seeking to honor the divine sexual energy of their man, a lingam massage is where you need to explore. An erotic massage focusing on the penis, with techniques to build stronger erections, increase sensation and stamina, and even help men experience multiple orgasms. You can even follow this with a testicle massage and send him into a new realm of bliss.

Although traditional massages are amazing and have their place to relax and heal the body — an erotic massage forges intimacy and keeps things fresh and exciting in the bedroom.

9. Take turns

The act of switching from masseuse to client is the beauty of a couples Nuru massage.

The receiver really takes the time to unwind completely — so even if the urge is to stroke your partner back, waiting until it’s your turn is worth it!

10. Tantric sex (OPTIONAL)

Naked beloved couple lying on beach and embracing

Move from sliding on the covers to getting under them, and engaging in tantric sex. Read into each session together as sometimes Nuru massage is the main event in itself. And other times, you’ll just want to get off the massage table and into the shower for steamy, passionate sex.


So, by now, you get that a Nuru massage completely differs from a traditional massage in the physical connection and spiritual journey it offers couples.

This massage that originated in Japan has made its name in the Western world for a reason. From the unique Nuru gel, the techniques, and the body-to-body contact between the masseuse and client or the couple — it’s one of the most erotic forms of bodywork out there.

Nuru massages offer a stepping stone to real connection — passion doesn’t have to dwindle in a relationship.

And while these intimate sessions can shift your relationship with your girlfriend or wife, there’s a way you can completely reignite her desire for you. In five steps, you can learn to master your love life and reignite your passion in this free masterclass.


Is Nuru massage gel messy?

Yes —a Nuru massage is fairly messy. However, having a dedicated flannel bedsheet for Nuru massage sessions helps to absorb excess liquid.

Can I use massage oil instead of Nuru gel?

You can use a massage oil such as coconut oil. However, while the experience might be similar, it won’t completely emulate the sensation of the slippery nori seaweed extract in a Nuru gel or Nuru massage kit.


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