The Danger of Pressing the Million Dollar Point by Mantak Chia

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Updated on Apr 27, 2024

This article serves to caution men who are starting on their neo-tantric path. I want to help you to avoid the very real health issues caused by the million dollar point technique. If you are someone who practices sacred sexuality, please read this article.

For a very long time, I manually stopped myself from ejaculating. How? By employing the million dollar point method.

Doing this resulted in pain, weak erections, and a feeling of congestion in the pelvic floor.

I wish I had someone more advanced than me to help me when I started. Today, I will break down why you should never use this injaculation technique and why it is dangerous.

What is the million-dollar point?

The Million Dollar Point is a small spot located between the scrotum and anus, at the level of the perineum.

In sexual Taoism, the “3 finger lock” is used to forcefully suppress an ejaculation that has already crossed the point of testicular release. Also known as, the point of no return.

million dollar point warning

Origins of the million dollar point

This technique was first introduced to the Western world by Mantak Chia.

He mentions it in his books for men: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy and The Multi-Orgasmic Man, both co-authored by Michael Winn.

Winn later expressed regret in including this technique in his book. He now strongly warns against it:

“My suggestion to you: stop using the Million Dollar Point. Don’t press up on the perineum. I recommend that NO ONE use it at any time for the very reason you have cited. The method is too external and creates negative side effect. Yes, I know it’s in the book, but I’ve improved my understanding since then.”

Michael Winn

Tai Chi teacher, Author of the Multi-Orgasmic Man

michael winn quote on million dollar point

So why am I writing about this? I want to dispel the myth that you have to practice this method to achieve ejaculation control and multiple energy orgasms.

This practice is one of the first things men do when first starting on the path of Tantra and sacred sexuality. However, this is one of those techniques that cause more harm than good.

It’s also very awkward to perform. Suddenly plunging your hand down to your perineum whilst your penis is in the vagina of your partner. It’s a bit… strange, eh?

The hidden side effects of pressing the million dollar point

Rather than improving their performance in bed, this technique has many negative consequences. I personally know many men (including myself) who have received the total opposite in terms of the results they were hoping for.

Instead of increasing sexual abilities, they were met with:

  • erectile dysfunction,
  • prostate gland issues,
  • pelvic floor pain,
  • sexual organ inflammation
  • blue balls,
  • pain in one testicle, or both
  • epididymal cysts.

I’m just glad that I stopped when I did. The damage was not too deep and I was able to fully reverse things. Thankfully, I can now fully control my sexual energy without using the MDP.

- The Tantric Man Experience Student

scrotum graphic

The truth of what really happens when pressing on the million dollar point

What you are essentially doing is using an external force to stop ejaculation. Some call it injaculation. Let’s think of sexual mastery as climbing a mountain. Learning the skills necessary to sublime and transmute your sexual energy is what lies at the top of the mountain

The MDP method is like taking a helicopter to the top of the mountain, and then exclaiming: “I did it! I’ve achieved ejaculation control. I’m at the top!”

While you might think you are a master in ejaculation control, in reality, you’re just cheating. Pressing on the MDP is taking the easier way out – you skip over learning the necessary skills for real sexual mastery. This comes as no surprise – everyone today wants the quick fix magic pill.

Applying external force to stop ejaculation and reduce pleasure is an aggressive self-harming act. You are in no way benefiting your body or sexuality. You are simply taking a lazy man’s shortcut, and indeed SHORT changing yourself in the process.

The million dollar point does not move sexual energy

Pressing on the MDP does not sublime the Ojas. What is ojas? Ojas is our sexual energy – and is the most important part of the tantric sexual practice.

But instead, the energy is suppressed in the genital area, causing energetic havoc. This leads to congestion in the genital area and causes adverse physical and energy effects.

If you’ve somehow done this recently or by accident, it is crucial that you massage the perineum and testicles afterward. This helps to relieve congestion.

In order to really dissipate trapped energy from the pelvic floor, I recommend doing at least 30 min of tantric energy practices from tantra yoga. This will help move energy up towards your higher chakras of the body. These practices are far more effective and safer than the MDP technique.

When working on transmuting sexual energy, you are never brought to the point of ejaculation. In this regard, there is no need to press the million dollar point. Therefore, working with sexual energy is superior practice.

Subliming your sexual energy will increase your spiritual evolution. On the other hand, using the Million-Dollar Point method will simply delude you into thinking you are succeeding in sexual mastery. In reality, however, it only decreases your sexual skills.

I advise you also to get a good understanding of what happens to a man after sex.

Testimonial: Issues With the Millon Dollar Point Technique

Listen to my student Nick’s experience with moving away from the million-dollar point technique.

Some other programs I did before focused solely on orgasm control by only pressing the million-dollar point. Which I later learned could be dangerous for you; it could negatively affect your health. And that’s what I needed to hear because I wasn’t sure. But it didn’t feel right. And when I changed my approach, I could definitely feel the difference.

- Nick S

Technician, USA

Retrograde ejaculation And Injaculation

Think about what happens when you actually perform this Taoist method. The semen that has been suppressed by pressing the point has already been released from the testicles. Since you do not actually ejaculate, the semen has to go somewhere. So where does it go?

It goes into the bladder instead and comes out with urine the next time you pee. This is what is known as retrograde ejaculation or injaculation. If you were to pee into a transparent glass after performing the MDP method, you will notice your urine is murky rather than clear. This is due to the seminal fluids floating around inside of it. Try it out yourself and you will be amazed (and possibly also quite horrified!) at the results!

With retrograde ejaculation, you still lose your semen – and with it your sexual superpower.


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Subtle tantric anatomy

We have to understand the more subtle anatomy to understand this on a deeper level.

The Ojas energy is not only physically in the semen, but it’s also in the energy accompanying the semen. This means that a person can lose ojas even without ejaculation.

Ojas is the vital energy that sustains life itself, without this energy you will drop dead. It has both a physical and energetic component and exists on more than one plane. That’s why there are two ways to interpret sexual union in Tantra.

The first is to see it on a gross level, as with penetrative intercourse (PIV). Or as using sexual fluids in tantric rituals, by mixing the semen with menstrual blood.

But another way to interpret it is on a refined level, as a symbolic union of the inner energies. A union between the duality of the two polarities, uniting as one.

The yin with the yang, and Shiva with Shakti. Or as the rising of the Kundalini power at the root, uniting with consciousness at the crown. That’s the inner lovemaking that can be symbolically illustrated by sexual union. The famous Yab Yum is a great example of this.

That’s something that can take place within yourself – no partner needed.

blue buddha on lotus pose with woman hugging

Vasectomy does not help explosive orgasms

Since sexual energy is not only contained in the semen, men with vasectomy still need to learn how to transmute sexual energy.

During a vasectomy, the ‘ vas deferens ‘ tubes are cut, essentially blocking sperm from coming out. Thus making it impossible to fertilize an egg.

This procedure might seem like another quick fix to avoid learning how to manage sexual energy, but it’s just another dream for the lazy man. If you have an explosive orgasm you still lose Ojas (or as the Taoists call it – jing) on an energetic level, like everyone else.

(There are other reasons for getting a vasectomy, which is not covered here.)

Avoid pitfalls with the right guidance

If there is one thing I want you to take away from this article, it is – be proactive. I want you to understand that practicing tantric sexuality on your own without proper guidance can be dangerous. Reading random tantra books simply is not enough. Always seek competent guidance when first starting your journey.

I advise you to seek guidance from a male teacher who has already achieved the level of mastery that you would like to achieve. Being around someone who has accomplished a skill can help speed up your journey. It works through the law of resonance and transmission.

I hope you’ve found this article useful and are now wary of the Million Dollar Point practice. Or better yet, have decided never to do it again.

If you want to avoid other harmful pitfalls in your sexual training, consider applying for a spot in The Tantric Man Experience. Here, you will get a step-by-step method that works. All nonsense and guesswork are cut out of the picture. Start by watching the free webinar.

If you have personally experienced any side effects with the MDP practice, please write to me.


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.


What is the million dollar point technique?

I am not going to go into detail as the technique is dangerous and I do not recommend it. But loosely speaking, it is a Taoist technique involving stimulation of the point between your anus and your testes. This usually means using your middle finger to press on this point.

What is the purpose of the technique?

The purpose is to delay ejaculation so that a man can maintain his erection. This way he may continue having sexual intercourse. However, this is not what actually happens. Proper semen retention methods involving energy work and breathing are the only ways to delay ejaculation.

What actually happens when you press the million dollar point?

The semen is simply redirected and goes to your bladder instead of leaving through the penis. This seminal fluid escapes through the urethra when you next pee.

Why do people use the million dollar point technique?

People turn to this technique as a way of delaying climax and not releasing semen. This is despite having passed the point of no return and being at a peak arousal level. MDP can also reduce the length of the refractory period and cause the penis to become less flaccid.

Who is Mantak Chia and does he recommend any safer techniques for working with sexual energy?

Master Chia is the author of ‘The multi orgasmic man’ and ‘Healing love through the Tao’. He is a famous Taoist author. In addition to the dangerous MDP, he also suggests other methods for controlling sexual energy. These include scrotum tugging, belly breathing and contraction of the pc muscle. They are aimed at enabling the practitioner to last longer and also providing more pleasure to his woman.

If I have reached the point of ejaculatory inevitability, is there anything I can do to prevent losing semen?

Other than pressing the million dollar point, no. There is nothing you can do to prevent losing semen and your erection. The teachings of tantra will enable you to make love for hours without reaching this point, whilst still experiencing huge amounts of sexual pleasure. This is a much better and safer alternative for retaining semen and delaying climax, or not climaxing at all.

Is the million dollar point technique a good way of curing premature ejaculation?

Absolutely not. If you are struggling with premature ejaculation, I understand that it can bring up a lot of emotion, pain, and suffering. Although this may look like a tantalizingly easy ‘cure’, it will only worsen things in the long run. If you are struggling with PE, I suggest you read this article. It will teach you several far less damaging methods for controlling your ejaculation and harnessing your sexual energy.


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

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