Activate Your Masculine Power Course: 10 X Masculine Energy

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The Activate Your Masculine Power Course supports men to bravely reconstruct who they are and redefine the very core of masculinity in today’s world.

In this 5-day unique online course for men, you will learn how to unleash the secrets of your inner fire and find your masculine edge.

What you’ll learn:

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Increase your willpower so you are in FULL CONTROL of your life. Be the man who makes the tough choices. Who cultivates the discipline essential to maximize his masculine potential.

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Harness your sacred sexual energy not only to become a conscious, bliss-bestowing lover but to utilize this power to thrive in all aspects of your life.

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Experience real confidence — build unshakeable self-esteem and overcome self-doubt so that your assertiveness, focus, and motivation drive you toward making a change in the world.

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Embody the healthy masculine and refine your discernment so your morals, ethics, path, career, and relationships are rooted in YOUR INTEGRITY, not just on loan from society or the men in your life.

The conventional state of masculinity is failing men. But you don’t need to be a victim to this devastation of the divine masculine. Instead, discover how to be a principled, integrated, and powerful man in the 21st century.

This masculinity course is for you if…

  • You sometimes feel confused about what masculinity even means in modern post #metoo times. Should a man be alpha at all times and chase women? Is that even acceptable behavior?
  • You feel stuck in relationship patterns. You’re people-pleasing or too nice of a guy. Or else, you don’t know how to create sexual tension on dates or with your partner.
  • You feel too passive and succumb to addictive behaviors like porn. You don’t follow through with your words into actions, put the important stuff on the back burner. Or else you procrastinate when things need to get done.
  • You want to feel completely comfortable in your own being. You’re ready to balance your masculine and feminine energy. And so, to end conflict the between your power and intuition.
  • You crave the ability to embrace fear and DO things scared. You want to use your emotional intelligence to your advantage. And allow it to support you in achieving your soul-deep desires. 
  • You have the hunger not just to think about becoming a powerful man but to take real steps. To do the work and to change your mindset so you can harness your masculine energy.
  • You hear complaints from the feminine in your life. Whether it’s about being unable to express your emotions or being present in conversations. Perhaps, it’s around acting out your triggers.

If that sounds like you, then this online course for men will help you awaken your integrated masculine lion! 🦁💪

Right now, you are 5 days away from activating your masculine superpower. No one is stopping you. The resources are here — now is the time to reach your maximum potential as a man.

Masculine power benefits

As a man, you have a natural desire to be powerful, successful, and respected. 

You want to be the kind of man that other men look up to, admire, and aspire to be

You want to feel confident in your abilities, secure in your decisions, and capable of achieving anything you set your mind to. 

BUT for many men, this kind of power and success can seem elusive and out of reach.

That’s where the Activate Your Masculine Power Course comes in. This course is designed to help you tap into your innate masculine power and unleash your full potential as a man.

Whether you’re looking to improve your career, your relationships, or your overall sense of well-being, this course will give you the unique tools and techniques you need to succeed.

Here is a glimpse into the powerhouse of teachings and masculine energy-enhancing practices you will gain from signing up for this course:


Universal principles of true masculinity


Activate your masculine power


Achieve your goals


Harness sexual energy


Expand divine consciousness


Increase willpower and discipline


Tools for healthy anger expression




Breathwork practices


Tantric sex practices


Powerful morning routine


Lifetime account at Tantric Academy

Here’s the 5-day game plan and step-by-step process of this course:

Discover your true masculinity

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You’re going to discover the true universal principles of masculinity and how to be a man in the 21st century. You will uncover just how powerful masculine energy serves you in so many incredible ways.

Release unhealthy and toxic masculine patterns

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Releasing negative patterns and habits as well as any fear or self-doubt that is blocking your masculine power. 

No man is confident all the time.

But with these tools, you will steadily build confidence that will radically change how you are in the world. We work through the major toxic masculine traits and unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as porn addiction, to help you move forwards in a positive direction.

Activate your masculine fire

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Activating your masculine fire in the belly, Manipura chakra, the fire element. This will significantly boost your willpower and discipline. You’ll learn how to achieve your goals, be bold by taking risks, and even succeed in business and your passions through the skill of activating your masculine energy.

Harness your sacred sexual energy

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Harnessing your sexual energy towards are more thriving life. Access your life force energy and direct it to flow freely. 

Of all practices to boost confidence levels in men, tapping into your sacred sexual energy archetypes serve to eliminate self-doubt like nothing else. Through this confidence course, you will access your divine essence, humility, sensual qualities, and innate power.

Expand your masculine consciousness

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And lastly, learn how to expand your divine masculine consciousness and presence in the world. By the end of this training, your confidence levels will have begun skyrocketing. The masculine energy coursing through your veins will be yours in access fully.

Effective learning methods included:

1. New lecture training, practice exercise, and meditation each day

2. Easily digestible, bitesize videos 

3. Filled with embodied practices because, without them, no changes will ever happen.

4. Downloadable energy worksheets

This confidence course is for men who want to unleash their healthy, integrated masculine energy from within and remove any blockages on the way.

What’s included in this masculine power course to build self confidence

  • Solidify what it means to be a man both in the world and spiritually.
  • Uncover whether your masculine or feminine energy is naturally leading as a man.
  • A masculine embodiment of healthy anger.
  • Kundalini fire breathing exercise.
  • Guided tantric breathing exercise.
  • Guided tantric sexual practice.
  • Guided Divine masculine meditation to expand your masculine consciousness.
  • Yoga exercise to increase ‘fire in the belly’ willpower.
  • Understand and embody the difference between masculine and feminine energies (not just intellectually!)
  • Downloadable masculine and feminine energy worksheets.
  • A 20-min powerful morning routine called “The Masculine Power Morning.”

This 5-day online course for men is pre-recorded and available on demand

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Designed to drip out once a day over the span of 5 days.

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Each day builds upon each other until the culmination on the 5th day when we put everything together.

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Lessons are short, concise, digestible, and easy to learn without overloading the brain with information.

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Lifetime account at Tantric Academy and access to all the exclusive content.

Your masculine awakening is about to begin!

What men are saying

“Wow, I have been taught the complete opposite that the feminine was stillness and the masculine was action. Interesting perspective, but I am willing to let go of any beliefs and preconceived notions to learn my true self.”


“I already bought the course through your blog and there is a lot of good information in it about the Divine masculine. I would recommend it to all brothers who is looking to strengthen the Divine masculine. You taught me in the course to go through processing information in the mind and then embodying what you just learned and make it apart of your being. There is more, but this nugget really hit home. It is a really good course.”


“I’ve noticed already that things are happening in my life, and things are falling into place – it almost seems like magic!”


For me, it meant a paradigm shift in life, both mentally and in practice. How to understand being a masculine man in a relationship and, at the same time, a loving and understanding partner who can meet my woman at the same level where she is, to be relaxed and happy.”


What this course is NOT

To embody the healthy side of masculine power, we steer clear of:

  • Shaming sensitivity and raw emotions
  • Encouraging a macho, aggressively ambitious mentality
  • Seeing sex and ejaculation as the ultimate symbol of manhood
  • Denying the divine feminine energy that exists within all beings — including men!
  • Dominating over your partner as a means to feel manly
  • Promoting patriarchal viewpoints and toxic masculinity traits

Why trust me as your men’s coach and brother?

Steffo lion
  • Successfully helped hundreds of men activate their masculine energy
  • Has gone through Rites of Passage and the portal of masculine integration himself
  • Built a worldwide community of conscious men
  • 30k monthly readers of his blog
  • +5M total views on his YouTube channel
  • Real students with real video testimonials
  • Modern, achievable teaching approach
  • Blended with Tantric and spiritual wisdom
  • Read his full bio and Hero’s journey here

Start reclaiming your masculine energy today


What is masculine power?

Your masculine power holds your assertion, courage, and confidence. Masculine energy attracts women, allows for incredible focus, and drives you towards taking action to achieve your goals.

How do you get masculine power?

Ultimately it’s down to building your self-esteem. Masculine energy and self-confidence coexist, so prioritizing your feelings of fear and shame is essential. Only once they’ve been addressed can you move into your masculine power.

What is masculine vs. feminine power?

A balance of energies between the masculine and feminine is essential for experiencing harmony and fulfillment. The masculine energy is associated with action, achievement, logic, and reasoning, while the feminine energy is more intuitive and receptive, characterized by being and allowing.

What are male power traits?

Activating your masculine energy has the ability to change a man’s life. Bravery, boldness, confidence, discipline, objectivity, and humility are all incredible male power traits that await men ready to take the plunge.

What is a confidence course?

Exactly what it says on the tin! These courses seek to elevate participants’ confidence levels to experience success in their relationships, work, and social lives.

How can I improve my confidence?

Building real confidence comes down to being proactive. Self-esteem doesn’t fall from the sky, and there are courses out there that can coach you to master your confidence and move through the world with your head held high.

What's the difference between masculine and feminine energies?

The differences in these energies are vast. For example, the masculine energy is focused, driven, logical, and methodical. On the other hand, the divine feminine energy is receptive, creative, fluid, intuitive, and empathic. So regardless of your gender, it’s clear that both are important to integrate and balance within.

What is feminine energy?

Feminine energy is nurturing, intuitive, empathic, compassionate, creative, and receptive. It is the counterpart to the masculine energy often associated with rationality, logic, action, and assertiveness.