Top 5 Marriage Counseling Therapists in Philadelphia, PA

Steffo Shambo

Published on Nov 11, 2023
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Are you failing to see the happy in happily ever after? 

Sure, statistics say half of marriages won’t last. But experiencing relationship problems after the wedding bells stop ringing doesn’t mean divorce.

My brothers in the City of Brotherly Love, you deserve the relationship you dreamed of when you said, “I do.” 

Marriage counseling in Philadelphia can help. 

Let’s look at the most trusted relationship counselors in Philadelphia, PA. 

What’s The Best Marriage Counseling Philadelphia Has To Offer? 

Here are my top picks for the best marriage counseling options in Philidelphia:

  • Steffo Shambo
  • Brian Gordon Miller 
  • Thriveworks 
  • The Better You Institute 
  • Lindsay Bauer

1. Steffo Shambo

steffo shambo

Steffo Shambo is the founder of Tantric Academy. In his masculine mentorship program, The Tantric Man Experience, he helps men transform their love lives into exactly what they desire.  

My couples counseling method combines traditional relationship counseling with a holistic tantric approach to help you connect with your partner on a deeper level. 

No, I’m not based in Philadelphia, PA. However, over my years of saving marriages, I have seen more benefits of doing it online.

In today’s modern society, almost everything is virtual. Including speaking with therapists. And research supports virtual therapy works as well as in-person talk therapy. 

Why is it as good or better online? Because you can save your marriage single-handedly without convincing your partner to come along. You can also save yourself the drive and the stress of getting stuck in traffic. 

In my personalized approach to online marriage therapy, you can restore the love, connection, and passion you desire to share with your partner from the comfort of your own home.

Who said you had to get dressed to save your marriage from the brink of divorce? 

  • Have you and your partner have lost the passion you once shared?  
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with your duties as a husband? 
  • Has it been months since you’ve had sex? 
  • Is there more focus on fighting than fixing your relationship? 
  • Is there a voice in your head that says you’re not good enough, aren’t worthy, or can’t make your partner happy?   

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, you need to know how I can help.


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

Five levels of transformation to create lasting change in your love life

My modern method of couples counseling will help transform the five following areas of your life:

  • Mental 
  • Emotional 
  • Sexual
  • Energetic 
  • Spiritual

Get to know yourself deeper, embrace rock-solid self-confidence, and learn to handle any situation like a boss. 

Renew the passion with your wife to the point everyone will be jealous of your amazing relationship. 

become the empowered man you are

Unlike other couples counselors, my approach is an independent journey for men. 

This means you won’t be working on your marriage with your partner. 

Instead, you and I will work together to help you become the empowered man you are.

Here’s what you can expect when you commit to the unique approach I take to couples counseling: 

  • Connect deeper with yourself to strengthen your self-esteem and skyrocket your self-confidence
  • Become a master of your sexual energy and overcome any sexual dysfunction
  • Elevate your spiritual connection to connect with your masculine energy
  • Improve your emotional, physical, and spiritual connection with your partner
  • Learn to communicate effectively so you can confidently express your feelings and quickly resolve any conflict

The best part? It doesn’t take months (or years) like traditional marriage therapy. 

Many men I’ve worked with in couples counseling discover profound transformation in just a few weeks.  

Your marriage will become the relationship you desire with my approach to relationship counseling

Most couples counselors claim marriage therapy will take several months.

Traditional relationship counselors will say your partner needs to be there with you to do the hard work. 

I’m here to let you know that marriage therapy doesn’t have to take so much time. And both partners don’t need to be there. 

Brothers, when you work on yourself, your partners will sense the changes within you. Energy attracts energy, am I right? 

When your partner feels your masculine power increasing, she’ll be magnetically drawn to the energy you exude. 

Ready to move beyond your current marital crisis?  Of course you are. Check out my free training to understand how I can help transform your relationship.    

2. Brian Gordon Miller

brian gordon miller

Brian Gordon Miller specializes in marriage and family therapy in Philadelphia, PA.

His spiritual approach to family therapy and relationship counseling sets him apart from other couples counseling options in Philadelphia, PA. 

Deeply committed to my spiritual path, I respect and honor his method of helping clients.

Miller takes a mindfulness-based approach inspired by 20+ years of Zen meditation practice. He encourages his clients to heal old wounds by learning to explore the present moment.  

This encourages his clients to connect with the thoughts that trigger their emotional reactions and keep them locked in old, painful patterns.  

The licensed marriage and family therapist says that by doing this, “a more awake and joyful life can be lived.”

This couples counselor in Philadephia, PA chooses to keep his practice small. This allows the time to give each client the attention they deserve. 

Miller has helped many couples renew their relationships in Philidelphia with his mindful approach to relationship counseling.

3. Thriveworks


Thriveworks is a nationwide mental health service on a mission to make “mental health care work better for everyone.” 

Thriveworks is an excellent option for those seeking couples counseling in Philadelphia, PA, covered by health insurance. 

They support most major insurance carriers, covering one in two insured Americans.

When choosing Thriveworks, you can find a licensed marriage therapist or receive marriage counseling from your insurance plan. 

There are 12 Thriveworks locations in the state of Pennsylvania. You’ll find four of these in Philadelphia. 

You can see a marriage therapist in person or meet with a couples counselor online. 

Thriveworks is for men seeking a couples counselor in Philadelphia who is covered by their health insurance plan. 

4. The Better You Institute

the better you institute

Do you know that underneath the conflict with your partner, there is a healthy, stable relationship?  

Are you a highly motivated, successful man thriving in business and happy to be alive despite the difficulties in your marriage? 

Then, the Better You Institute could help repair your relationship.

They offer marital counseling, couples counseling, relationship counseling, and family counseling in Philidelphia. There are also online therapy options. 

The Better You Institute will place you with a couples therapist who meets your unique needs. 

Your couples counselor will help you understand your attachment style to develop a healthy attachment that will benefit your relationship. 

There are various options for couples counseling, meaning you can choose the best healing modalities that support your needs. 

There are many reasons partners experience conflict in their relationships. 

The couples counselors at the Better You Institute will help restore hope in your marriage so you can experience harmonious change. 

5. Lindsay Bauer

lindsay bauer

Lindsay Bauer is a licensed marriage and family therapist, psychotherapist, and certified yoga instructor in Philidelphia, PA. 

She focuses on helping people understand who they are and who they wish to become. 

This marriage therapist is passionate about mind-body wellness. 

Her goal is to help her clients become more present in their lives and relationships. She combines yoga, meditation, and mindfulness with traditional talk therapy. 

Lindsay believes the better your relationship with yourself, the more you understand your triggers and patterned conditioning.  

This trauma-informed therapist specializes in working with adults with a history of complex trauma, domestic violence, and couples experiencing marital conflict. 

Her Emotion Focused Couples Therapy targets couples experiencing conflict in their relationships.

It helps them gain better control over their emotions, thoughts, and feelings so they can be more present with each other and themselves. 

Lindsay is one of few therapists in Philadelphia, PA offering marriage therapy and couples counseling on a sliding scale. 

This couples and family therapist also provides a free 20-minute consultation and has evening availability. 

How Do You Know When It’s Time For Relationship Counseling?

All couples experience relationship conflict, but this doesn’t always mean they need to see a couples therapist.  

That said, couples may consider therapy at any point in their relationship. 

You don’t need to be debating divorce to seek couples therapy. What seems like the most minor relationship problems can benefit from a good therapist. 

benefits of marriage counseling

If you’re experiencing any of the following in your relationship, consider marriage counseling, Philadelphia friends: 

  • Excessive arguing you and your partner can’t seem to resolve
  • Feelings of inadequacy as a man
  • Difficulties with anger management 
  • Increased anxiety around your partner
  • Issues with trust
  • Unresolved trauma causing anger, anxiety, depression, or other negative feelings
  • Trouble communicating with your partner

If you’re experiencing problems in the bedroom, couples sex therapy is also an option to consider. 

Therapists specializing in sex therapy can significantly benefit those experiencing:  

Seeing a sex therapist is excellent for men turning to porn and other unhealthy sexual distractions when sex with their partner ceases to exist.  

Are you ready to renew the hunger and passion in your relationship? 

Do you want to wake up with your woman every morning, confident that your relationship is continuously improving?

Are you ready to relive the butterfly feelings you experienced when you were first together?

Do you want to know how to save your marriage? 

Relationship counseling will help.  


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

So You Think Couples Therapy Can Work…what’s Next?

Before you do anything, honor yourself and your decision to step into your full potential.

You are worthy of investing in yourself and your relationship. 

When you believe in yourself, anything is possible. 

Including the ability to resolve any conflict you’re experiencing with your partner. 

Then, you can restore the love, passion, and connection you deserve.  

Keep the following in mind when choosing from relationship counselors…

  • Look for someone whose approach to healing resonates with you
  • Find relationship counselors with experience treating the specific problems you’re facing
  • Read testimonials from previous clients to ensure the experience was positive
  • Book a consultation to see if you’re a good fit 

It’s clear that you’re ready to connect with your wife on the same deep, heartfelt level that made you fall in love in the first place. 

You deserve to feel confident. 

You’ve made it this far. 

Now, it’s time to find marriage counseling in Philadelphia. 

If you’re looking for marriage counseling, you must check out my free tantra training

As a men’s relationship coach with amazing client success stories, I can help you discover rock-solid confidence that will take your life (and love life) to cosmic heights. 

It’s designed for men like you who want to reignite the passion in their marriage and fully embrace the man they were born to be. 

Are you looking for marriage counseling in other cities?

Check out these handpicked lists if you’re looking for the best couples therapy or marriage counseling in different places:


What type of counselor is best for marriage counseling?  

When considering a marriage counselor, it’s vital to choose someone trained in helping couples work through common problems in relationships.

Someone you can trust who will provide the coping skills and strategies necessary to face your current relationship challenges with confidence.

Moreover, a holistic marriage counselor is faster and more effective than traditional marriage therapists.

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