I’m Steffo Shambo, The Best Coach for Marriage Counseling In Los Angeles

I help husbands restore the love, trust, and passion with their wives within 9 weeks, even if they are on the brink of divorce and hate going to therapy.


Working hard to provide for your wife and family? 

Even though you’re constantly hustling, your marriage could still collapse. 

Here are the common reasons why:  

❌ Lack of quality time—it’s tough. 

The work hours and commutes in LA are no joke. 

Even if you did get back home on time, anyone would feel tired and only want to relax. 

Either way, there’s little time to spend with your spouse. 

❌ Financial problems—high living costs can cause financial pressure and disagreements. 

This is a common problem in almost all marriages. 

❌ Miscommunication—busy lifestyles often lead to poor communication. 

This translates into misunderstandings and emotional distance. 

But did you know that almost all marriage problems that put couples on the pathway to divorce are related to this one concept: 

❌ Reversed sexual polarity. 

A lack of sexual polarity is the culprit of a dwindling relationship or marriage. 

Marriage counseling Los Angeles—not enough (or, not many at all) licensed marriage counselors discuss this and it makes me upset 😤

If you’re a husband in LA in a dying marriage, you deserve a coach who understands precisely what a man must do to restore the love, trust, and passion with his wife. 

I’m not just talking about any random sex therapist or person who offers couples counseling. 

I’m talking about someone with a proven track record of helping husbands reignite the spark and connection with their wives, who have been on that journey before. 


Meet Michael, who went from almost splitting up with his wife to moving back in together

It was very clear that if something didn’t change, we would just get separated and divorce immediately. Or, we could ignore the problem and then maybe one of us would get an affair, and then we would split. The good news is that we decided to stay and transition back into living together.

- Michael Coussement


Feeling rejected by your own wife? I helped hundreds of men fix the same problem

jon Client testimonial

“My relationship with my wife has transformed into something completely unexpected. It’s not only that her feminine energy can sense the change in me. I think she sees that I see myself changing, and because of that, I’m taking control of my own energy and learning to cultivate it. I was coming into this thinking, “Oh, I am going to get more sex” (which did happen), but this experience has flipped my perspective of sex and love on its head.”

Jon Mizuno, Japan
Zander testimonial

“Before joining the program I did a lot of therapy. I had 4 therapist, went to AA meetings, mediated and ran 5-10 miles per day. It would help me keep sane, but it wasn’t tackling the core problem.”

Zander Blunt, USA
Micheal testimonial

“The good news is that we decided to stay together and commit, so we’re transitioning back to living together. The results of this program were immediate. After week one, I noticed how I showed up differently, and my wife noticed that, too. During week three, she would lean more into me.”

Michael Coussement, Netherlands
Zander testimonial

“Half way through (the program) she could notice a difference in how I looked, how I acted, there’s was this sort of magnetism and curiosity. I suddenly was getting in tuned with different energies and frequencies in the body.”

Zander Blunt, USA
Ula testimonial

“I was pretty sure that if nothing changes, this is not gonna work. And then you found this amazing group. Things started to change from the day one. I feel much safer, I trust you, and I started to enjoy the lovemaking. Now I believe that you are really the man of my dreams so that we can move into the house together!”

Ula, Girlfriend of Aleks
will 400x400 1

“My girlfriend told me: I see the change in you. If it wasn’t for this work in the program we wouldn’t be together right now.”

Will Simebor, USA
patrik 1

For me it meant a paradigm shift in life, both mentally and in practice. How to understand being a masculine man in a relationship and at the same time a loving and understanding partner, who can meet my woman on the same level where she is, to be relaxed and happy.

Patrik Wall, Sweden
Austin testimonial

“By the end of the 9 weeks, we hit a breakthrough out of nowhere. It was not out of nowhere because I was doing the hard work and she was noticing that. She said: “Hey, I don’t know why I feel this way, but I want to have sex with you. In the last week, we ended up having sex 3 times in one week. And it was different sex, it was good sex that was emotionally healthy for both of us. I was just amazed at the change.”

Austin Sams, USA
Aleks testimonial

“I had impactful results even from day one and didn’t know how it could be possible. She also noticed that. I started on Saturday, and on Sunday, I already reported that something had changed in my relationship. I felt very good; she was a completely different woman beside me. The polarity made an immediate shift.”

Aleksander, Slovenia

The truth about marriage counseling in LA that keeps couples trapped in a loveless rut

Man with woman staying in the forest

Here’s one thing you most likely won’t hear in your typical couples counseling and couples therapy session:

All it takes is for you, the man and husband, to take the proper steps to transform your marriage. 

Even if…

❌  The spark is gone, and your wife seems more like a roommate these days

❌  She’s withdrawn, her trust in you is fragile, and she sees you as less of a man

❌  You’re feeling more lonely than ever

✅ You can single-handedly fix your marriage. 

The problem is that men haven’t been taught how. 

Even after booking a relationship counseling session, men are still unaware of this.

Traditional couples therapy in LA can sometimes keep couples stuck 

The modern way of fixing a marriage or relationship can prevent couples from seeing a transformation because it relies on both partners committing. 

And even if you convince your partner, you’ll usually only be replaying the conflict in your marriage. 

My approach is the opposite: I’m all for practicality and results. 

“Things started to change from the day one”

My client’s partner, Ula, felt the transformation of Aleksander from day one. 

They went from almost splitting up to finally moving in together.

You were more conscious, more loving, and more of a man. Sometimes I was like, who are you?

- Ula, Girlfriend Of Aleksander

Americans generally agree that couples are often stuck in unhealthy marriages

Many couples aren’t genuinely satisfied in their relationships or marriages. 

Pew Research Center conducted a research study to understand the views of Americans on marriage and divorce:

A slight majority of Americans (55%) say couples who are unhappy tend to stay in bad marriages for too long, compared with 43% who say these couples tend to get divorced too quickly.

You don’t have to be a mind-reader, have psychic powers and telekinesis. 🔮

Improving your communication, trust, and emotional connection isn’t actually as hard as it seems.

Any dedicated husband can reignite passion and connection with his wife by becoming his best masculine version. 💪

Feeling insecure about your marriage is normal, but staying stuck isn’t.

The 5-step restoration system from the best marriage counselor in Los Angeles (free training)

This 5-step system will teach you how to:

  1. 1Take charge of your marriage and steer it in the direction you want
  2. 2Immediately bring out your best self and begin to rekindle your wife’s attraction
  3. 3Overcome the emotional baggage that could be holding you back
  4. 4Naturally reignite the passion and connection with your wife
  5. 5Guarantee that you make progress in restoring your relationship

This is a new solution if you feel that relationship counseling or couples therapy isn’t for you. 

You will learn from one of the best coaches for men—all from the comfort of your own home.

When meeting in person for the typical couples therapy session, you’ll have to go through the notorious traffic jams in Downtown LA. 

Or driving between Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and West Los Angeles.

Online sessions allow you to work around your busy schedule.

What separates me from any other licensed marriage counseling and couples therapy in Los Angeles is that:

🏆 You’ll learn to master your masculine and sexual energy so that you can channel it effectively to benefit all areas of your life.

🏆 We’ll focus on transforming every aspect of your being, from physical to emotional.

🏆 You’ll identify blind spots and the root causes of your marital issues so that you’ll never stop yourself from having the love and connection you desire.

You won’t just learn communication or relationship techniques. 

You’ll take the fastest natural course to manifest your dream marriage.

Get personal support from a man who’s walked the walk to save your marriage before it’s too late

man waves his hand at camera man

LA has many marriage coaches, so how do you choose the right one?

Many coaches indeed offer valuable advice.

But here’s why working with me might be the best decision for you:

💪 The Male Experience

I’m not just talking out of thin air. 

I’ve walked the walk and faced my fair share of trauma and hardships as a partner. 

If you’re curious, you can read about my journey here.

🏆 Transformations Across All Levels

I go beyond the typical advice. 

My FLT method is a holistic approach designed to transform men across the entire spectrum of being. 

You’ll master everything from building confidence to rekindling passion and effective communication.

Rapid Results in a Busy City

Time is precious. 

Therapy could take months or years before you see results. 

My program is designed to help you see lasting changes as quickly as possible.

Above all, I have a proven track record of over a decade of helping men succeed in their marriages.

From husbands feeling disconnected and overwhelmed to men who are confident leaders in their homes, the community of men at Tantric Academy continues to grow.

Ultimately, the choice is yours.

But if you’re looking for a coach who understands men’s challenges in LA and can help you get rapid results, I invite you to learn more about my free training.

Why prolong the pain for months or even years?

The traditional methods can take years and require both partners to be on board… 

I’m talking about: 

  • Clinical psychology
  • Psychotherapy
  • Marriage counseling
  • Gottman method

But what if your wife isn’t willing to go with you? 

The longer you sit around hoping everything will work out by itself (which, most times, won’t), the harder it becomes to create a healthy relationship. 👫

The loneliness, constant bickering, and feelings of rejection will eventually tear you apart. 

No need to convince your partner to visit a marriage or family therapist. 

Taking the proper steps yourself, and you can SINGLE-HANDEDLY fix your marriage. 

By the law of polarity. ☯️

In my program, I’ll show you how to master every level of your consciousness and see changes in your love life in weeks.

Stop going through the motions — fix your marriage today in LA and live your best life again!

I’m a big advocate for getting support from another male coach who has been through the process himself.

Not that every other coach and couples or family therapist is bad, but the thing is:

👧 A female marriage coach gives you an interesting perspective. 

She can share things from a woman’s point of view, but it’s challenging to teach about how to be a man with testosterone and having male genitalia when you’re right-brain (female) dominant. 

🕵️‍♂️ One-on-one marriage counseling has limitations.

It’s great to meet your coach one-on-one, but it’s not enough. 

Because there’s only some things that can be healed in group settings. 

Having a whole group reflect and mirror blind spots back to you, is the only way to heal your masculinity.

👨‍⚕️ The traditional couples therapy session makes you relive your problems by constantly voicing them out. 

A similar thing can be said about family therapy sessions. 

Now, a sex therapist and family therapist aren’t bad options. 

It’s just that if you’ve tried them yet nothing’s working, a new approach is needed. 

Seeking help in your love life is a power move, not a weakness.

If you want the best marriage coach in Los Angeles to share the personal process they’ve gone through to help hundreds of other men do the same, then this is your calling.


Marriage Counseling Los Angeles FAQ

How to fix a broken marriage without counseling?

You can fix a broken marriage without traditional counseling by completely transforming yourself and using the law of polarity. 

The most effective way is through my holistic tantric approach, which doubles down on reforming all five levels of your being: 

🧠 Mental

❤️ Emotional

💋 Sexual

⚡ Energy

🧘‍♂️ Spiritual 

Counseling usually only focuses on mental

It sometimes barely scratches the surface for the second level but never beyond it. 

This is what differentiates my approach from your typical counselors and therapists.

With this FLT (five-level transformation) method, I’ve helped hundreds of my clients reignite their lost passion and connection with their wives. 

They went from a sexless marriage and having no intimacy to having spicy sex and intense passion almost every day. 

And the best part? 

It only continues to get better. 

After going through the program, my clients’ wives even began to make the first move a lot more often. 

What is a marriage counseling coach for men?

A marriage counseling Los Angeles coach for men (like me 👋) is your guide to reigniting the passion and connection in your relationship. 

I won’t set you up for success by telling you the same things you’ve probably heard hundreds of times:

👎 “Learn her Love Language.”

👎 “Read her mind.”

👎 “Communicate more.”

👎 “Spend more quality time together.”

👎 “Work on yourself.” 

👎 “Listen to her.” 

👎 “You need to compromise.”

👎 “Go on date nights.”

None of this is wrong, but it’s not entirely correct either. 

There’s still a missing piece to the puzzle. 🧩 

Which all revolves around the concept of sexual polarity and the masculine and feminine energies. ☯️

Traditional marriage counseling marriage methods suggest you need both partners to commit to all couples counseling sessions, but that’s not always feasible. 

With a coach, you won’t have to suffer in silence and endure the pain alone. 

I won’t just listen to your problems and offer reassurance. 

I’ll also give you actionable advice so you know exactly what to do in specific scenarios when your marriage is in trouble. 

Seeking help in your marriage is a sign of strength, not weakness. 💪

It’s okay to reach out, and I won’t judge you.

I’ve been there myself. 

From facing emotional disconnection to feeling overwhelmed by the demands of being a husband, I understand how it feels.

After overcoming these same challenges and helping hundreds of men do the same, I’m confident I can guide you toward the fulfilling marriage you’ve always dreamed of. 🤝

What does a marriage counseling coach do?

Do you ever feel like your marriage is stuck in a rut? 

Are you struggling to reconnect with your wife and keep the love alive?

That’s where a marriage coach comes in.

Not all marriage coaching and individual therapy sessions are the same, but here’s how I help my clients:

✅ Unleash your inner confidence. 

You won’t feel invisible or unsure anymore. 

We’ll tap into your core masculine energy, unlock your innate leadership, and help you build unshakeable confidence. 

These qualities will help you naturally reignite your wife’s attraction.

✅ Heal past hurts and trauma. 

Uncover your relationship blind spots, limiting beliefs, and emotional blockages. 

These are holding you back from living your best marriage.

✅ Break toxic patterns. 

Say goodbye to the same frustrating cycles. 

I’ll help you rewire your subconscious to overcome any patterns or habits holding you back. 

Marriage coaches will share communication techniques and strategies to help you repair the emotional bond with your spouse. 

When you work with me, I’ll also help teach you techniques rooted in the art of tantra. 

These unconventional strategies offer something new, making them ideal for those stuck in a vicious cycle. 

In short, marriage coaches are your relationship experts who help you succeed in your marriage.

If you struggle with:

❌ Reconnecting with your wife and rekindling love

❌ Overcoming ongoing relationship challenges

❌ Effective communication and emotional intimacy

❌ Low confidence and self-esteem issues

❌ Disconnected, strained sex life

Then, a marriage coach might just be for you! 

Is it worth hiring an LA marriage and couples counseling coach?

Short answer: if you get a professional marriage coach with a holistic approach, yes. 💯

It’s worth it, especially when the marriage is dire. 

If you wait it out too long, you might reach a point where restoring the love becomes more challenging than ever. 

(Even so, no matter how bad a marriage seems, it’s almost always fixable when you follow a proven formula based on your situation.)

But instead of asking whether marriage coaching is worth it, ask yourself this to answer the question yourself:

  • How much more time do you want to waste not living the love life you want?
  • Are you sick and tired of not already living a fulfilling married life?
  • Have you had enough of the constant disconnect and lack of intimacy?
  • Can your mental state afford to endure a few more months or even years?

And if you’re not making any changes in your marriage now, then when will you?

Are you convinced you can do it alone because you don’t want to invest in yourself? If so, the alternative currency will be your time and mental health—can you afford that?

A happy, long-term marriage doesn’t improve by chance.

If you want new results, you have to do something different. If the couples and family therapy sessions aren’t working, try coaching. 

Can marriage and couples counseling help me?

Couples therapy may help… 🤞 

But, I’m more confident that a men’s coach who takes a holistic approach can help you accelerate your progress.

I’ll also attest to this based on my personal experiences—I wished I had met my mentors sooner.

Why? 🤔

Because they could have guided me to success earlier, helping me avoid mistakes and achieve more with my partner.

But if I had to do it all over again, one of the first things I would do is search for the right coach.

I’ve spent over 15 years deep-diving into this field. 

With over 1,500 hours of certified training in India and Thailand (covering yoga, Tantra, intimacy, trauma, and more), I’ve learned that:

Therapy can be great, but it can take forever. 

And unfortunately, some of my own clients have even told me that it’s made their situation worse. 

My clients (husbands just like you!) often report feeling a shift within days.

Aleksander said, 

“I started on Saturday, and on Sunday, I already reported that something had changed in my relationship.”

And his wife Ula even said, 

“Things started to change from day one.”

All great men agree they achieved success by learning from those already there.

I am the brotherly marriage coach who can help you shortcut years of therapy and see success in a matter of weeks.

So, going back to the question—yes, as a seasoned marriage coach, I can help you! ❤️

Is a family therapist better than a marriage counselor?

A family therapist helps you build healthy relationships with not just your spouse but also with family members. 

This slightly differs from relationship therapy because sessions may involve several people. 

You may consider a family therapist when: 

  • You’re going through major life transitions that affect other family members
  • Kids are involved
  • Communication is awful, and there’s always conflict involving multiple people

Still, marriage counselors can be a great option. 

Other options include marriage therapists and couples therapists.

What questions should I ask a marriage coach?

Here are some of the best questions to ask:

  • What are my current subconscious beliefs about love and relationships?
  • Why is my marriage struggling despite my efforts?
  • What invisible force is holding me back from the love and connection I desire with my wife?
  • Why does it seem like I thrive in all areas except my marriage?
  • What are the neurotic holding patterns you can see in my personality?
  • What are the habitual love patterns that you can reflect on me?
  • Why do I always end up feeling disconnected from my wife?
  • Why can’t I seem to maintain the intense masculine energy that naturally attracts my wife?

You can also ask some of these questions to a sex, couples, or family therapist.

Who is the best marriage counselor in Los Angeles CA?

You’ve already found the best Los Angeles marriage coach—you’re on his page! 😉

Look, if you’re a man ready to ditch the frustration and restore a deep, passionate connection with your wife, then here’s why I’m your perfect guide:

You won’t just be working with another marriage coach.

You’ll be getting personal support from a marriage AND tantra expert. 💎

I’ve helped hundreds of husbands go from feeling disconnected and hopeless to confident and deeply connected with their wives in just weeks.

But I get it. 

I’m not for everyone.

Only those serious about transforming their marriage will see the best and fastest results working with me.

Let me put it another way. 

Think of me as the big brother you never had, with much love, who will hold you accountable until you transform like my previous clients.

Quite simply, you can’t fail. 

I’ll walk you through every step until you become the type of husband who naturally and effortlessly rekindles passion and connection. 

You deserve to have a successful, fulfilling marriage.

How do I find the right marriage coach?

Here’s how to find the marriage coach who gets results:

🚀 Know your current situation. 

What’s holding you back in your marriage? 

Is there something specific you want help with, such as confidence, communication, or rebuilding intimacy? 

Identify your strengths and weaknesses—this will help you choose the right coach. 

After all, you want someone with a framework built for your specific situation. 

🚀 Review the coach’s experience. 

There is no magic pill that fixes all your marriage problems overnight. It takes a level of commitment. If instant results are being promised, proceed with caution. That said, check the coach’s track record. 

🚀 Check for authenticity. 

A real marriage coach shows genuine concern and will focus on building real connections. 

My FLT method, for example, combines the art of tantra with modern coaching practices. 

It’s all about harnessing your masculinity and sexual energy. 

The result? 

You’ll reignite the passion in your marriage naturally.

🚀 Check the success stories. 

Read client testimonials. 

See what the coach’s clients have said, like how you’d browse Yelp for the best taco reviews. 

Get a feel for the coach’s approach and success rate.

You don’t need to know everything, but having a direction can help you find the right coach.

Finding the right coach is like finding the perfect guide for your journey. You want someone who understands your challenges, knows the right strategies, and helps you achieve lasting success. 

With the proper criteria, you’ll be well on your way to transforming your marriage.

Do online marriage coaches work?

Absolutely! 💯

Online marriage coaching can be a game-changer, especially when you find the right fit.

I wouldn’t be here and put the effort into creating this page if it didn’t work. 

You found this page for a reason—because one of the best marriage coaching programs is right here. 

I wouldn’t share this unless I knew I could help you see results.

You can explore my website and even check out the success stories. 

You’ll see testimonials from real men who have seen transformations in their marriages. 

I’m sure you’ll resonate with at least one of their stories, although there are many.

How much is marriage counseling in Los Angeles CA?

The cost of working with a marriage coach can vary widely, from $100 up to $10,000 or even more. 

Several factors, such as the coach’s experience and location, must be considered.

Let’s use some of my rates as an example:

💰 Free Training

At the entry level, I offer a free marriage masterclass that all men can take on their own time. 

This class teaches you the foundation for succeeding in love as a husband.


💰 Affordable Training Courses

Next, I offer on-demand intro courses starting from as little as $27. 

These are for those on a tight budget.


💰 Private Coaching

Are you interested in working with me closely? 

My private coaching sessions start at $1,000 per month. 💎

It may seem expensive compared to inexperienced coaches and traditional couples therapy sessions.

But focus on value, not just cost.

How long would it take to see transformations working with an inexperienced coach or couples therapist?

At best, even with traditional marriage therapy, it may take months or even years. 

And guess what? 

No results are guaranteed.

The best marriage counseling and coaching services aren’t going to be cheap. 

How would it not be worth it if you could get a top-tier coach to help you transform your marriage and reignite the passion within weeks?

Even Warren Buffet himself once said, “The best investment you can make is in yourself.”

Investing in your happiness could be the most critical decision you ever make.

Imagine positive mental health, sexual fulfillment, and a loving relationship with your wife.

You can’t put a price tag on that.

Are all marriage counseling and couples therapy services the same?

You can find all sorts of couples therapy and counseling. 

My program is available for all men regardless of location.

What many of my clients appreciate about working with me is that my coaching sessions are custom-tailored based on your situation and location, whether that’s in:

No matter where you are, I’ll help you navigate your marriage through natural, ancient practices that stand the test of time. 

Master the fundamental relationship principles, and you won’t struggle with experiencing love and connection.