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Updated on Aug 11, 2023
marriage counselling fort worth

If you are looking for the best marriage counseling Fort Worth, then you are in the right place. Our handpicked list provides a shortcut to finding the relationship counseling that could save your relationship.

All marriages and long-term relationships have their ups and downs.

But sometimes, relationship issues can spiral out of control. You end up spending half of your time googling “depression counseling near me.” You spend the other half searching for a good divorce lawyer.

Remember though, all is not lost. There are counseling therapists in Fort Worth TX who can help you rediscover that special spark.

Just by finding this list of the best couples therapists and marriage counselors in Fort Worth Texas, you have taken an important first step. The fact you are looking for support shows that you believe there is something in your relationship worth saving.

This handpicked list is a great first step to getting your relationship back on track.

Who are the best marriage therapists in Fort Worth?

Marriage counseling Fort Worth

There are some great counselors right here in Fort Worth who work with couples to save their marriages.

But it can be confusing. Family therapy, Christian counseling, and professional counseling services. It can seem like a bit of a maze.

Well, don’t worry. We are here to help you find your way through that maze.

Our list of Fort Worth and North Texas marriage counselors will help tackle your marital problems.

The 7 best couples therapy and marriage counseling in Fort Worth TX are:

  1. Steffo Shambo
  2. Homestead Hope
  3. Penny Haight
  4. Silicon Valley Therapy
  5. Dr. Harry Motro
  6. Magda Wroblewska
  7. Lilya George

 1. Steffo Shambo

Marriage counseling Fort Worth

The first name on our couples counseling Fort Worth TX list is well-known relationships expert Steffo Shambo.

What is unique about Steffo’s holistic approach is it is couples therapy that doesn’t need a couple to take part.

Instead, he focuses on the guy. His relationship-saving approach starts with the belief that it only takes one person to change the dynamic of a relationship. And looking at the countless testimonial videos on his website he appears to be right. For instance, Austin went from a love-starved marriage to his wife wanting to have sex 3 times in 1 week.

As Austin’s story shows, this is relationship coaching with a difference.

I get that some guys will think, “I want individual counseling near me.” However, my advice is to open yourself up to video therapy. Lots of guys from Fort Worth have already benefited from Steffo’s method The Tantric Man Experience. Guys who truly thought that their marriage was over. This guy has saved marriages where the woman already had one foot out of the door.

Not only that, but his approach delivers super quick results. Some traditional approaches can take years. But Steffo’s program delivers change in a matter of weeks. Fort Worth divorce lawyers must be cursing this guy.

There are also some great free resources on how to save your marriage on his site too. This free masterclass training will help any guy struggling in a relationship.

2. Homestead Hope Counseling

Marriage counseling Fort Worth

In this part of the country, couples are often looking for Christian counseling. Do you feel overwhelmed and want a faith-based approach? Then perhaps Homestead Hope Counseling is for you.

Homestead Hope is a small, family-oriented group of faith-based professional counselors and certified life coaches in Fort Worth TX. They offer marriage therapy, family therapy, and teen counseling right here in the city.

They offer in-person sessions for clients from their Texas office suites here in Fort Worth. They can help clients build the meaningful relationships they crave.

They help clients by taking a faith-filled approach to addressing their spiritual, cognitive, psychological, and emotional needs. This gives most clients the coping skills to rebuild their relationships.

Homestead Hope is currently taking on new clients. So if you are having relationship problems, feel stuck, and are a Christian couple then Homestead Hope should be on your shortlist.

3. Penny Haight

Marriage counseling Fort Worth

Penny Haight is a licensed professional counselor specializing in individual, couples, and family therapy. She has a private practice right here in Fort Worth Texas that also serves nearby cities.

Penny has been counseling couples for over ten years. This makes her vastly experienced in providing emotionally focused therapy that can help save your marriage. She is also a certified Gottman couples therapist, so has all of the tools she needs to support you.

Her approach to couples counseling has helped her clients address their life challenges. And because she is a licensed professional counselor you can be assured that she will operate with compassion, understanding, and professionalism.

It is this combination of qualifications and experience that places Penny so high on our Fort Worth Texas list.

4.  Penny Leonard

Marriage counseling Fort Worth

Number 4 on our list is another Penny.

Penny Leonard is a native Texan who is building quite a reputation as an empathetic life coach and couples counselor here in Fort Worth TX.

What clients appreciate is her solution-focused approach to therapy services. This provides quick and practical guidance that can start to deliver change quickly. Whether you are looking for individual life coaching or couples therapy Penny is worth a look.

When it comes to working with couples, Penny builds communication skills. She takes the time to explore what it was that made the relationship great in the first place. This helps couples tap into those feelings from the early days. This can rekindle a spark that you thought had gone out.

By reminding you of who you both are as individuals and as a couple, she can help get your relationship back on track.

5. Lynn Busch

Marriage counseling Fort Worth

Lynn Busch is a licensed marriage and family therapist based in Fort Worth TX.

She is a licensed member of the Texas Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Clinical Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. She has also been doing this for over 40 years. That is a lot of couples helped!

What that means is that if you are looking for someone vastly experienced in Fort Worth then give some serious consideration to Lynn.

She offers a range of specialist relationship counseling services. These include overcoming the burdens of sexual abuse, dealing with major life transitions, and setting healthy boundaries in your relationship.

So, if it is experience that you are after, then Lynn Busch could be for you.

6. Live Beyond Counseling

Marriage counseling Fort Worth

LiveBeyond Counseling provides marriage counseling and therapy services in Fort Worth TX.  

They have an experienced team of practitioners on hand from diverse backgrounds. That means that they can cover specialist areas that a single mental health professional isn’t always able to.

Their therapy services include counseling and therapy for couples, teens, anxiety, life transitions, and sexual health. Not only that but within the team, they have therapists who can offer Christian counseling or therapy in Spanish.

They also offer something that they call “Intensive Couples Counseling”.

This is a great option for couples who are looking for more rapid results. The approach works by having a more intense focus at the start of the counseling journey. It is particularly helpful if a couple is on the brink of separation due to the discovery of infidelity.

As you would expect, that option does not come cheap. But if it can help you get past a crisis point in your relationship then it could turn out to be good value for money.


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

7. Lake Worth Counseling

Marriage counseling Fort Worth

Lake Worth Counseling was founded by husband and wife team Susan Schlosser Shepard and Jon Shepard in 2014. It has now expanded to a team of skilled counselors, but Susan and Jon remain firmly at the helm.

They offer a range of individual therapies as well as couples counseling.

Their approach to relationship therapy is to give couples the tools to break negative communication patterns and build trust. Whatever the relationship problems you are facing, their counseling can help you communicate effectively, build trust and solve problems.

Whatever your issue is, they can help. There might be infidelity issues, substance use, or sexual problems, but at Lake Worth Counseling you have a safe space to explore whatever issues you are facing as a couple.

It is a high-quality, wide-ranging service, with some seriously impressive people behind the scenes.

​Is it worth seeing a marriage therapist?

Marriage counseling Fort Worth

You are probably looking for couples therapy or depression therapy in Fort Worth because your relationship is in trouble.

There are lots of reasons that this can happen. Major life changes, lack of communication, or low self-esteem. Whatever the issue, marriage counseling or family counseling can help. It creates a safe space for you to understand what isn’t working in your relationship and then fix it.

Should I choose an online or offline couples counselor?

Marriage counseling Fort Worth

Most of the names on this list are based in Fort Worth, but others operate online only.

But the distinction isn’t as clear as it once was. For instance, one of the Fort Worth-based therapists on our list now operates 100% of the time online – so she could be anywhere in the world.

This is just a sign of our changing times. In a world where we are all digitally connected, there are lots of options out there for online counseling. Research shows this is just as effective as in-person therapy services.

Does couples counseling work?

Marriage counseling Fort Worth

Yes, couples counseling does work. Research studies show how couples benefit from focusing on their relationship and working together to repair it.

If you are in a relationship that is not working then ignoring the issue is the very worst thing you can do. Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away.

If your relationship matters to you then it makes sense to try and save it. This is where professional couples counseling, mental health support, or seeing a family therapist associate can help.

What services do Fort Worth therapists offer?

The therapists on this list offer a wide range of services.

From Christian counseling to licensed marriage therapists to premarital counseling, whatever it is that you need you will find it on our handpicked Fort Worth TX list. And most of our therapists offer much more besides. This can range from online counseling for substance abuse, anger management, or family conflict.

Seeking out help and support is always a sign of strength, not weakness.

Who uses marriage counselors?

Marriage counseling Fort Worth

The simple answer to this is “more people than you think!”

Research shows that nearly half of all couples end up in marriage therapy at some point.

This means that there is no one sort of person. But what they all have in common is a willingness to invest in what is important to them and to focus on improving the most important things in their lives.

How much is marriage counseling in Texas?

Marriage counseling Fort Worth

Costs for marriage counseling vary enormously. They depend on the therapist, how long they’ve been practicing, and how long you use them.

If you are wondering how much is marriage counseling in Forth Worth, expect to pay around $250 for a session. Check out our therapists’ websites for individual rates. Many will also offer a free phone consultation.

$250 might not seem too bad, but remember, if you have weekly sessions for a year then that will set you back around £12,500. And there is no guarantee that it will only take a year. I know couples who seem to be permanently in therapy.

Lots of people are now opting for rapid results through short-term, proven programs – like the ones offered by our #1 choice.

Is marriage counseling good value for money?

Marriage counseling Fort Worth

Marriage counseling should be viewed as an investment.

It can improve your relationship and it can enhance your life. And remember that a Fort Worth divorce lawyer is probably going to be much more expensive!

Choosing to invest in your happiness could be the most important decision you ever make. It isn’t an area to start worrying about cutting costs.

Conclusion and next steps

Marriage counseling Fort Worth

So, that is our handpicked list for guys looking for couples therapy or marriage counseling in Fort Worth TX.

You might not think reading a blog is that big a deal but it is. You are here because you are looking for help. Lots of guys don’t even get that far.

Our coaches all bring different skills. So pick the one that seems the best fit for you and your partner.

If you want to save your relationship straight away, check out this free training masterclass on how to reignite a fading relationship and draw your partner back to your side.

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