The 2023 Jelqing Guide: 4-Steps to Jelq With Real Results

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Feb 12, 2023

What The JELQ! What is Jelqing?

Who here has ever heard about Jelqing? Show of hands, please!

A decade ago, Jelqing was a mere underground term used only on geeky internet forums.

Until relatively recently, men who wanted a bigger penis resorted to all sorts of painful and often useless methods of achieving their goal. Penis stretching, penis extender or penis stretcher usage, and many other questionable (and highly shudder-able) tactics!

Come 2023 however, Jelqing has emerged. It has even managed to make its way into mainstream media. Both Men’s Health and Cosmopolitan have featured jelqing – two publications which have millions of readers all over the world.

Penis enlargement surgery and male enhancement pills – move aside! A new penis enlargement method is in town.

This article is the ultimate guide to Jelqing. And everything you ever wanted to know about how to increase your penis size in a natural way.

You will get an exact formula on how to increase your penis size in a matter of months. You’ll understand the exact science behind it, and why you have failed to get results in the past.

Forget the penis pump, the penile traction device, or any other penis enlargement method you may have tried. I am here to tell you today that this WORKS.

Think it’s BS? Then this article is really for you. Scientifically loaded with references and before and after pictures!

Are you ready? Let’s get started with a quick jelqing how-to video.

How To Jelq: Quick Video Tutorial

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So what exactly is Jelqing?

Jelqing is a penis exercise that is done with the fingers and hands. Gently and slowly you push blood from the base to the head of the penis. To explain it better, think of it as an almost empty toothpaste tube. You need to squeeze everything from the bottom of the tube up to the top.

The main idea is to increase the blood flow to the penis to stimulate new cell growth. You also encourage a slight penile stretch. This should be done on a regular basis over an extended period of time. Thereafter this will produce a natural increase in penis length and girth.

Jelqing is also known as ‘milking’ since the motion resembles that of milking a cow. Thus the jelq meaning can be considered “to milk the penis”.

It is a widely popular technique in Penis Enlargement (PE) communities online. Jelqing is now considered amongst PE enthusiasts to be the cornerstone of any good male enhancement routine.

Jelqing Benefits:

  • Natural way to increase penis size. [* 1 ]
  • Good for strengthening erection quality and erectile dysfunction. [* 4 ]
  • Can straighten penile curvature. [* 2 ]
  • Helps with ejaculation control and premature ejaculation. [* 5 ]
  • Can restore the circumcised foreskin. [* 3 ]
  • A good substitute for the risky and invasive penis surgery, Penoplasty.
  • Can help with Peyronie’s disease. [* 2 ]
  • Creates a positive bond between you and your member. [* 6 ]
  • Can encourage sexual confidence and psychological satisfaction. [* 6 ]

The Origins of Jelqing: The Jelq Legend

It is commonly said that Jelqing comes from an ancient Arabic origin. It was a ritual that was culturally passed down from father to son, as a type of rites of passage.

An initiation process from boyhood to manhood.

There is a legend about boys from ancient Jordan, and the Middle East. When they reached puberty, their fathers would initiate them into the secret massage technique of ‘milking the penis’.

In their culture, a big and strong penis played an important role. It was a symbol of masculinity, fertility, and virility.

This historical legend is yet to be confirmed, and the word ‘jelq/jelqing’ is not found in the Arabic dictionary. So we’d suggest taking it with a pinch of salt until we can confirm the validity of this claim.

How Does Jelqing Work?

The idea behind jelqing could be labeled as ‘penis bodybuilding’.

Even though about 50% of the penis is made up of smooth muscles, which are different from the skeletal muscles that we usually exercise, it’s still possible to work these smooth muscles by increasing blood flow to the penis.

The blood flow will create an internal pressure which leads to micro-tears in the smooth muscle and other tissues. Through this controlled damage and rebuild, new cell growth and generation are observed.

As the blood cells expand, the overall capacity of the penis increases in regards to the amount of blood it can hold. Contrary to bodybuilding, this action results in an increase in the length and girth of a penis.

Does Natural Penis Enlargement Work?

If we take a look at the anatomy and biology of the human body throughout history, it is clear the physical human body is highly adaptable.

Humans have survived some of the worst conditions possible due to this ability, and we can see this ability reflected across the different body types pertaining to geographical zones across the globe in the form of varying skin color adapted to environmental temperature, and different body heights depending on terrain and altitude.

We also understand this notion from our repeated habits and patterns in our daily lives.

When we sit in front of a computer screen in the office the whole day for years, we develop a poor posture with rounded shoulders.

Our bodies are malleable and will change depending on our habits, environment, climate, and even on the mind-body level, from our beliefs and thoughts!

Body Modification in Tribal Cultures

Body modifications are commonly seen throughout tribal cultures across the world such as elongation of the neck in Northwest Thailand, the lip-disc stretching in Africa, and the earlobe extension in South America.


And then we have the Aghora Sadhus from India who takes things a little further and exercises a whole range of penis alterations.

Here you’ll find men performing an array of penis tricks and modifications such as hanging heavy rocks with ropes from their genitals, or rolling the penis up on a stick and twisting it like helicopter blades.

You’ll even find men who extend the penis abnormally long, almost as long as a snake or a grown man’s forearm!

Massive disclaimer – Do NOT try this at home.

You risk losing all sexual function in your nether regions.

Since the Aghoris however, are celibate monks, they do not care about sexuality but rather take immense pride in the shocking accomplishment of their cultural ‘penis roll trick’.

The illustrations above of body modifications are not necessarily related to sexual health, but do support the fact that with regular application of pressure and external influences the body can be altered in almost unimaginable ways.

This idea is the basis behind jelqing together with notions of sacred sexuality and sexual health education.

We place the utmost importance on the overall safety of the Jelqing process.

Just make sure to avoid the jelqing mistakes mentioned later in this article.

Jelqing Results and Real Life Experiences

In my own experience, I know jelqing to give real results having achieved an inch in length myself.

But not only me – 9 out of 10 of the students who follow my routine and guidance have managed to increase their penis size too.

On average I see an increase of 1 cm (0.4″) in length and 0.5 cm (0.2″) in girth after two months of steadily doing the practices laid out in the program.

Here are some of their testimonials:

“Did I mention my dick got bigger? I didn’t join for that reason but, hey, I ain’t complaining’.”

– J.R., USA

“And although I didn’t believe in it before, with an erection I have a bigger Lingam.”

– M.S, Germany

“I predict that you will, as I did, increase your confidence, your size (an extra bonus, but not what I was most interested in).”

– K.D., USA

“For a long time, I was fixated on the idea of getting it bigger. I looked through the internet, read about and bought some remedies, and read about numerous exercises. They were all too complicated for me. On top of that, as I understood now, I had disbelief which held me back. Steffo’s training did several things for me. Firstly, it broke my belief that it cannot grow. This is a big thing! Have done 5 weeks of my steady practice. Result: plus 1 cm.”

– Russ, United Kingdom

“Before I signed up to your course and heard about the possibility of making the penis bigger, I totally thought that was bullshit! Now I excuse myself because my penis is more than 1 cm bigger and thicker in only 8 weeks.”

A.A., Sweden

And here are real-life results from other sources:

“My penis has, in fact, lengthened. I’m embarrassed to admit how satisfying it felt to notch six inches on my ruler.”

C. Brian Smith of MEL Magazine

” In a survey of nearly 1000 men who exercised their penis for three or more months, the average size increase was 1 inch in length and 0.5 inches in girth – a volumetric increase of fifty percent.”

Penis Exercises: A Healthy Book for Enlargement, Enhancement, Hardness, & Health

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Jelqing Before and After Pics

For some, just reading and hearing testimonials is not enough. Some people want to see before and after pictures to really believe these claims.

The most popular, and certainly the most involved penis enlargement community is PEgym .

It’s an online hub that attracts men (and a few women) from all over the world.

Throughout their extensive surveys and forum, thousands of men have shared their jelqing success stories.

Down below, I’ve listed the 3 best examples of before and after pictures from their forum. (click: “attached images” and “pics here”.)

Keep in mind that these are most definitely NSFW .

1. First, the member Rammln from Germany said:

“I started with PE [jelqing] in April 2010 and trained for 10 months. In that time, I’ve gained 22mm (0.87 inches) in EL [erect length], 18mm (0.71 inches) in EG [erect girth] and 40mm (1.57 inch) in FL [flaccid length]. For detailed measurements take a look at the attached images .”

2. Secondly, the user JP90 said:

“These are the exercises I started with, on my way to gaining 2 1/4″ in length and 1 1/2″ in girth in just over 16 months of doing [jelqing] PE.”

See his result pic here , and these from his second gaining period.

3. And last but not least, Stan is standing 10″⅞ (27.6 cm) tall in 2019. 

He started out in 2012 with 8″⅞ (22.5cm), see pics here. And in the forum, he wrote an important note about how to measure properly:

“I just learned again that it’s very easy to fool yourself measuring if you don’t put the end of the ruler EXACTLY on the same spot every time. The pubic bone is not a perfect wall, I had already noticed when measuring BPEL that if I put the end of the ruler ever so slightly ABOVE the base of the shaft I would get an artificial 1/16″ more. Now I realize that I’ve been making that mistake when measuring BPFSL for the last few days, and thus it means that I was too hasty in confirming 9″11/16. I can still hit it when measuring “properly”, but just barely, and with not enough consistency to call it confirmed. I’m confident it will come along soon though.”

How to Jelq: Step-by-Step Jelqing Guide

So how do you get started?

I’ve put together 4 easy steps to master the jelqing exercise:

  1. OK-Grip: Use your index finger and the thumb to form an OK-grip.
  2. Start: Squeezing your ok-grip around the base of the penis.
  3. Middle: Slowly slide up along the shaft with light pressure. (It should not hurt, but at the same time, it should push blood to the head.)
  4. Finish: Stop before reaching the glans – that completes one jelq. (Now take the other hand and repeat.)

Always lubricate the penis, base, and hands with coconut oil (or organic lube).

To perform one normal jelq should take 2-3 seconds, don’t do it faster than that.

You want to bring your awareness to your hands and penis while doing it.

Being present and feeling good about jelqing should be a priority.

There are also those who insist on faster size gains when jelqing is done much slower – for 5-7 seconds per jelq.

TIP: trim your pubes for a smoother experience.

Watch the basic jelq exercise being demonstrated in this jelqing video.

What Is The Jelqing Erection Level About?

Ideally, you want to have an erection level between 50-80% of a full hard-on while performing the jelqs.

Jelqing with a 100% erect penis can be dangerous and should be avoided.

It’s normal to find yourself getting a full-on erection while jelqing.

If it happens, stop and cool down for a moment before continuing.

The 10-min Jelqing Routine

  1. Warm-up: Hot shower, or penis pumping, or heating pad (2 minutes).
  2. The Jelq: Perform 100 repetitions/strokes.
  3. Penis Health: Massage the testicles and perineum (2 minutes).
  4. Warm-down: Hot shower (2 minutes).

Repeat the routine above for 4 days a week, and rest for 3 days to rebuild and grow new cells. This completes one week’s jelqing cycle.

You want to start with 100 repetitions in the beginning, and gradually and carefully increase the number of jelq strokes.

Penis Health Massage

During the perineum and testicle massage, look to alleviate sore spots and tension.

This is a natural and highly effective way to keep your prostate health in check and to remove any armors/blocks that might restrict blood and energy flow in the groin area.

The V Jelq

There are a few variations to the basic jelqing exercise outlined above, the most popular alternative is the V-Jelq.

It uses a different hand grip: palm facing upwards while making a V shape between the middle and index finger.

V-jelqs are good for increasing the thickness of the corpus cavernosum, by putting pressure on the sides of the shaft.

It will also create more of a stretch than the normal jelq, helping with length.


This method of jelqing should be performed with an upward movement on a 30-60% erection level.

Having the V-sign in place, jelq upwards towards the belly button until you reach the glans. And then repeat with the other hand.

Watch the V-Jelq video demonstration (NSFW):

A few Keys for V’s:

  • Standing up will be easier when doing these.
  • Make sure to have a firm grip at the base before starting moving up.
  • Move upwards in a uniform manner, spreading the pressure equally on the sides of the penis.
  • As in the basic jelqs: Use enough lubrication and apply the right amount of pressure.
  • You can replace the basic jelqs in the Jelqing Routine above.

How Long Does it Take to See Results From Jelqing?

As I mentioned earlier, on average I see my students getting results in their first month of practice.

And by the end of the program (9 weeks), the average results are an increase of 1 cm (0.4″) in length and 0.5 cm (0.2″) in girth.

A survey conducted across 1000 men in the Penis Exercise book, found that: “The average time it takes to see the earliest results is between 2 to 4 months.”

As you can see, there is no magic pill, nor a quick-fix scheme – you need to have the patience and consistency to make it work.

Commit to at least 6 months of training if you are serious about getting good and lasting results.

Just like lifting weights, you wouldn’t expect to get ripped right away.

You need to stay committed – If you go to the gym every now and then you won’t see any changes.

You need to keep at it over an extended period of time, with a good workout routine and a planned out schedule.

The only thing we can do to speed up the process (and to prevent injuries for that matter) is to get a personal trainer to coach us.

So, bottom line – put in the time and effort before making any final decisions regarding if jelqing is right for you.

Proof of Jelqing in Western Medicine & Science

To reiterate, there hasn’t been enough scientific study conducted on natural penis enlargement, and none at all on jelqing.

If you are someone that needs scientific backing to hold your belief, you’ll just have to wait until more research is held on these topics.

For now, here are the few reports and successful results to date.

Bear in mind that these are indirectly related to the main idea of jelqing.

[1] Let’s start with the most viable research conducted so far, published in The National Center for Biotechnology (NCBI):

“After 6 months the mean gain in length was significant, meeting the goals of the effect size, at 2.3 and 1.7 cm for the flaccid and stretched penis, respectively.”

[2] Another solid study on Penile Curvature & Peyronie’s disease :

“Of the 10 men who completed the study, all reported subjective improvements in length and curvature of 0.5-2.5 cm and 10-40°, respectively. Objectively, mean penile stretched length increased from 0.5-2.0 cm and curvature had been reduced by 10-45° (mean of 22°). There were no patient-described changes regarding penile sensation, worsening erectile function, or skin injury. Overall, patients reported high satisfaction rates and improvements in International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) scores.”

Naturally restoring the foreskin:

[3] Here is another published in the NCBI about R. Wayne Griffiths , on naturally restoring the foreskin :

“Nonsurgical procedures, though time-consuming, are more common. They generally involve tape, elastic, weights, or some other means of creating tension to stretch the skin on the penis. The National Organization of Restoring Men advises such a slow but safe approach called “A successful restoration regimen”. It involves wearing a stretching device during the day for four to eight hours and recommends removal if the wearer feels constriction or pain.”

And here is an article covering a successful foreskin restoration following the above protocol.

Erectile dysfunction:

[4] Erectile dysfunction was cured with pelvic floor exercises in this clinical study:

“After 3 months, the erectile function of men in the intervention group was significantly better than in the control group. After 6 months, the blind assessment showed that 40% of men had regained normal erectile function. This study suggests that pelvic floor exercises should be considered as a first-line approach for men seeking long-term resolution of their erectile dysfunction.”

Premature Ejaculation:

[5] Dr. Antonio Pastore, a urologist at Sapienza University of Rome studied how to cure Premature Ejaculation with natural exercises:

“These men, who had suffered from premature ejaculation their entire lives, were able to improve their ejaculation time in just 12 weeks and maintain that improvement for another six months. These exercises are designed to retrain/re-educate the pelvic floor muscles to either contract or lengthen properly on command and depending on the need.”

Sexual confidence:

[6] Jelqing can achieve a positive psychological bond with your penis, according to this Doctor :

“Would a doctor recommend Jelqing? – Well actually, if done safely a doctor might recommend it as a way for a man to get comfortable with their body and better understand their erection. If you aren’t able to achieve a full erection. It can also help you to appreciate the difference between your penis when it’s flaccid and when it’s erect which can help ease anxieties about the size of your erection.”

And then a couple of more questionable sources:

[7] First a study called Phallosan Study Statistical Report :

“The average result of all test patients in increase of length at non erect/erect stage: 3.6 cm (1.41 inches) / 2.9 cm (1.14 inches)”

[8] And another one from The Journal of Sexual Medicine , 2006:

“Penile length significantly changed in flaccid and stretched state, more pronounced under stretched conditions (plus 1,8 cm). 15 men reported an improved quality of erection, 13 men improved rigidity. 80 % were subjectively content with the results and prolonged the continuous use of the device outside the study. There was a significant correlation between length gain and duration of daily use.”

Jelqing Side Effects And What To Avoid

  • Never jelq with a fully erect penis – always aim for a maximum 80% of erection level.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself, go slow at first.
  • Never use commercial soap as a lubricant, as it interferes with the micro-bacterial climate of the penis and can create skin rashes.
  • Always warm up before jelqing, don’t skip it.
  • Don’t rush things or be impatient with the practice. It requires dedication. Make sure not to develop the wrong or a bad technique. Jelqing too fast and with a ‘dead-grip’ can cause bruises and lead to opposite effects than desired. Such as decreased blood flow and erectile dysfunction.
  • Avoid jelqing the head/glans of the penis – stop just underneath it.
  • Avoid ejaculating too quickly! Preferably, you want to try to not ejaculate at all while jelqing. You should use tantric ejaculation control. It has been noticed that if you are ‘surfing’ under the point of ejaculation to withhold from ejaculating, you will notice quicker size gains due to the continuous expansion and contraction of the tissue. This technique is also called “ballooning” or “edging”.

Avoid overtraining

  • Training too much or too hard can result in an imbalanced distribution of gains at the top of the penis, known as ‘the donut effect’.
  • It can leave blue bruises or red spots on the penis for a long period of time.
  • It can cause issues with getting an erection.
  • Only Jelq for a maximum of 4 days straight.
  • Gradually increase training volume.
  • Do not do more than one jelq session per day.

Not following any of these warnings can result in damaging the penis. For best results, follow the guidelines properly. Better still, employ a coach. This will guarantee you 100% safe and natural gains.

Does Size Matter?

There are no two ways about it. As a society, we are size-obsessed.

Western culture has almost unanimously embraced the term “bigger is better”.

As a social narrative:

  • We constantly make jokes about penis sizes.
  • On TV we have shows like Sex And The City, with a character called ‘Mr. Big’.
  • We come up with new trending hashtags like #bigdickenergy – which is used to illustrate a confident man.
  • And of course, in porn, the main emphasis is placed on larger penises.

Side note: when it comes to porn, I highly recommend quitting this addiction. See why and how here.

As a result, men too undergo body shaming over something they have absolutely no control over!

With the onset of high-speed internet almost everywhere, boys grow up watching porn. This can easily cause low self-esteem if they compare themselves to male porn stars.

And unfortunately, that’s where most boys tend to get their sex education from. Resulting in a skewed and incomplete picture of sexuality.

A lot of average-sized men believe they are smaller than they actually are.

This might be why when asked in a survey, over 45% of men wanted a larger penis. Meanwhile, 85% of women were satisfied with their partner’s size.

Another study used life-sized 3D models of erect penises to investigate women’s preferences.

It showed that most women in the study prefer average sized penises (14.2 cm / 5.6 inches), or only slightly larger than average.

Size Matters In Ancient Cultures

We live in a world where a man’s penis size is still equated with his value and virility.

This isn’t a new occurrence either – it has been this way throughout ancient cultures all over the world.

From the greek penis god Priapus, with his oversized permanent erection. To the Japanese fertility festival where people worship the penis by carrying 300 kg of a wooden phallus through the streets.


The penis has always been equated to masculine status and power.

In this sense, the penis is the very embodiment of a man’s ego.

But a man is a competitive creature. Almost every man out there seems to envy someone else’s penis. At the very least they wish they had a larger appendage.

According to urologist Dr. Med El-Seweifi , it’s never a good idea to increase your penis size out of psychological issues.

Enlargement alone will never be satisfying because the problem needs to be solved on a mental level, not physically.

It takes a certain level of mindfulness and being completely self-aware to ensure you aren’t looking to increase your size out of self-hatred. Really ask yourself and contemplate on why you are doing it.

As pointed out in this study: “Men dissatisfied with their penis size have historically benefited more from counseling than from surgically increasing their penis size”

To help with this, I recommend you simultaneously work to heal that aspect through self-love.

More about that in my article on penis praise.

Is Penis Size Important?

To answer this question, allow me to guide you towards a Facebook post I made a while ago regarding natural penis enlargement.

The post ended up receiving a range of comments and I think it serves to show a good spectrum of thoughts on this subject.

A woman asked a critical question: “What is the whole point of this? Do you really think that 1 cm will make any difference? Aren’t there some better things to invest time and effort in?”

My response explained that dedicating time to a part of your body as complex as your penis can actually be very positive. Through the process of jelqing, a man can gain a more encouraging and positive connection between his genitals and his heart. Thus integrating sexuality and emotions.

A man responded to that with: “Maybe you have a point in affecting the image that men have on themselves! Perhaps they will begin to love themselves more when they look at their penis?”

While another woman chimed in with: “Nothing wrong with tweaking things naturally as long as your happiness doesn’t depend on it.”

Here are a few more snippets from the comments:


Lingam Yoga: Natural Penis Enlargement Course

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Penis Size In Tantra

In Tantra size is no big deal.

What matters most is the presence you bring as a man to the act of lovemaking.

In other words, how skillfully you can use your wand of light. What matters is how emotionally connected you are. And how safe you can make your partner feel.

Being really present and grounded in your own body can really charge up your life-force energy. So much so that your partner will perceive you as physically fuller and stronger inside of them.

There is also the Taoist concept of genital size compatibility. Three sizes for men, and three sizes for women.

Think you’re too small? It might just be because you haven’t found the right ‘genital match’.

Understand that compatibility is not only about men. Your genital category might be too small for her category.

Keep in mind that she can also be too big or too tight for your penis.

And finally, in tantric sex, there are sexual positions that favor small and big sizes.

So if you and your partner don’t feel as much pleasure as you’d like, or if it’s too painful for her, try changing your sex position!

Do I Need A Male Enhancement Coach For A Jelqing Exercises Workout?

If you want to experience real tangible results in the fastest possible way, the answer is: yes, absolutely! 

I constantly hear gratitude and positive feedback from men over the jelqing exercises workout. They tell me how much The Tantric Man Experience has changed their lives! Techniques for semen retention and mastering your sexual energy from the best jelqing program really change lives.

The top 6 reasons why it’s good to have a coach for a jelqing exercises workout:

  1. Spending months and years on the DIY path can lead to making regretful mistakes. It’s a path of trial and error. And some errors you blatantly want to avoid when it comes to your precious member – you’ve only got one of those!
  2. Experimenting with techniques and routines from tantric hatha yoga that you don’t really know can be frustrating. This can lead to you giving it up entirely. Instead, you could shave off years of the learning curve by being mentored by an expert with over a decade of practical experience.
  3. To avoid the above-mentioned side effects and to make sure sexual health is optimized, you want the right instructions on how to do the conditioning process right in the beginning.
  4. To make sure your gains are permanent, you want to be taught the proper way to cement the gains afterward with the best jelqing program– when you reached your personal satisfactory level.
  5. You will achieve your goals faster with constant live support, accountability, and joining a private men’s group. Having your own personal coach and being amongst like-minded men on the same journey is what is missing for most men when it comes to reaching the goals of their dreams.
  6. The Tantric Man Experience cuts through the bullshit of shady magic pills and internet snake oil scams. It takes these matters to the next level and offers the most comprehensive and professional online program on the market when it comes to penis enlargement and male sexual enhancement.

Bottom line: Don’t try jelqing or any other sexual enhancement exercises yourself, it can end in disaster. Start by watching my free training here, and learn how to work with me.

What’s your experience with Jelqing?

Share in the comments below.

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What are the types of jelqing exercise?

The standard jelq is performed with an ‘OK’ grip around the penis. An alternative to this is a ‘V’ grip. With the ‘V’ grip, your penis is held between your middle and ring finger. Don’t confuse jelqing with the alternative spellings of “jelquing” and “jelking”, they are the same thing.

Why might you be interested in jelqing?

It’s a commonly known fact that a bigger penis is more able to please a woman in bed. This is because a bigger penis can reach her cervix. Therefore, if you want to have a better sex life and give her earth-shattering orgasms, you might want to try jelqing. In addition to this, many men are shy about the small size of their erect or flaccid penis. If this is you, jelqing can increase your size and boost your confidence.

Are there any dangers of jelqing?

Jelqing is safe, as long as you don’t grip TOO hard. If you do, then you risk damaging penile tissue and reducing erection hardness.

Is jelqing a better option than using a penis enlargement device?

Yes. Jelqing is preferable to using a penile enlargement device. This is because jelqing is less forceful and more natural. Unless you really go too hard, it is difficult to injure yourself or damage penis tissue from jelqing. Some penis enlargement devices can cause damage to the penis shaft. This can lead to bruising and even scar formation in the most extreme of cases.

Will jelqing give me harder erections?

Possibly, but it’s better to do all penis exercises from Tantra as well. Some men have reported harder erections from jelqing.

I heard that jelqing can increase testosterone levels. Is this true?

There is no scientific proof of this. Albeit there have been anecdotal reports of jelqing increasing testosterone levels in some men. is a proven way of boosting testosterone naturally. Click on the link above for my article on this subject.

What are the risks and complications of jelqing?

As long as you don’t go too hard, there are really very few risks and complications. If you are extremely aggressive, you can cause damage to the penis, leading to various kinds of erectile dysfunction.

What are the side effects of jelqing?

Too strong or too much jelqing can cause the penis to become sore. As above, too aggressive can land you with erectile dysfunction. Take it slow and don’t overdo it. Consistency is key.

Does jelqing give permanent results?

Yes, results can be permanent. This is provided that the period of jelqing is followed by proper after-exercises. If these are adhered to, your enlarged penis can remain enlarged permanently.

OK, but does jelqing actually work?

YES. For many of my clients, friends, and tantric brothers. Jelqing has worked! Check out my Lingam Yoga course to know more.

Does jelqing improve sexual performance?

Jelqing can improve your sexual performance by allowing your penis to reach further inside the yoni (vagina) of your partner. If it reaches as far as her cervix, she will be able to have cervical orgasms.

Does jelqing cause erectile dysfunction?

If overdone or done too aggressively then yes. Jelqing CAN lead to erectile dysfunction. However, when done properly, with the guidance of a mentor or teacher, it can actually be a way to overcome erectile dysfunction.

Does your girth down there matter?

The answer to this question depends on what you are wanting to do. If you are wanting to please a woman through intercourse then yes, your girth matters. The fact is that a wider, thicker penis just feels better inside of her vagina. Some men are not worried about this. They are confident in their ability to drive a woman wild in other ways (oral and manual stimulation). If this is you, then it shouldn’t matter as much.

How many inches can you gain from jelqing?

On average, men gain 1 inch in length and 0.5 inches in girth from jelqing.

How do you warm up before jelqing?

You warm up for jelqing with a hot shower or a heating pad.

How long does jelqing take to see results?

Personally, I have seen my clients get results after one month or less. On average, it is reported that it takes between 2-4 months to get results. This highlights the difference between jelqing alone vs doing so with the guidance of a coach.

How can you talk to your partner about jelqing?

As with all taboo or embarrassing topics, it can be difficult to initiate a conversation about jelqing. Find an appropriate time and space (outside of the bedroom) and explain what you are going to do. Your partner should be supportive and understanding. If they are not, they probably don’t understand the reasons behind it. Some women really don’t understand why men are concerned with their penis size. To evoke some empathy, try to explain how the size of your penis makes you feel, and how it affects your confidence.

What are the precautions to be taken?

Go slow and steady. Beware of the death grip. Stick to the ‘V’ or the traditional ‘OK’ grip. If it begins to hurt or feel sore, stop and give it a rest for a few days.

What’s average size for a guy?

The average penis size for a man is 5.16 inches when erect. Most men believe their size to be less than average, but actually, they are around or above average.

Should I use lubricant when performing jelqing exercises?

Yes. Always lubricate with organic coconut oil, or some other natural lube.

How many times a week should you jelq?

Jelq 4 days a week. Make sure to take 3 days off. This gives you 3 days to rest and rebuild new cells.

At what point should you discontinue this and seek out other options?

If you have been precisely following my jelqing instructions and have not seen any results by month 4, jelqing might not be for you. This would be a good point to quit and seek out other options. Or you can accept that your penis size is enough already!

How does jelqing compare to a penis stretching device or penis stretching exercise?

Jelqing is preferable for some men to a penis stretching device such as a Phallosan. This is because a penis stretching device needs to be worn for multiple hours of the day. Jelqing can be completed in less than 10-30 minutes. Although a penis stretching device is passive and jelqing is active, jelqing is less invasive to a man’s daily life. You can definitely combine both practices in your PEgym lifestyle.

What can jelqing be used for, other than penis enlargement?

Jelqing helps with Peyronie’s disease, which manifests with a buildup of scar tissue in the penis. It can also help to reduce penile curvatures.

Is it advisable to combine jelqing with kegels for men?

Yes. Any kind of kegel exercise will complement jelqing perfectly. These exercises both help to improve sexual performance in very different ways. You can read my article on Kegels here. Combining practices is a great way to advance in your PEgym lifestyle.

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