How To Increase Penis Sensitivity Naturally: Top 9 Best Ways

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Nov 28, 2023
increase penis sensitivity

With your girl in bed and struggling to get over the edge?

Then it’s time to take back sexual satisfaction and learn how to increase penis sensitivity.

Your dick isn’t the only one struggling with penis numbness. And fortunately, we have enlisted the top ways to get your magic wand to perform better spells than ever!

Read on to learn what might be causing your decreased sensitivity and what to do about it.

What is penis sensitivity?

Penis sensitivity is the level of responsiveness and sensitivity to touch and stimulation in the penis.

The penis is an organ with a complex network of nerve endings. This includes those responsible for sexual pleasure and arousal. Since penis sensitivity varies wildly among men, we’ll explore the factors influencing how friction feels for you.

A higher level of sensitivity contributes to increased sexual pleasure during sex. It makes every touch, pulse, and thrust more pleasurable. Those lit-up nerve endings also play a role in achieving and maintaining an erection. And are also essential for experiencing orgasm.

What causes penile sensitivity?

man covering his crotch arwa

Despite what you’ve seen on the internet, it DOES NOT come down to the formation of callouses on the penis. So don’t buy that cream they’re trying to sell you.

I’m going to let you in on two secrets here:


The truth is that muscle memory is where most men need to place their focus. The vaginal canal, even if she’s pulsing or drawing in her pelvic floor, will never have as tight a grasp as your hand, especially if you’re used to masturbating under a death grip!.


Masturbating most evenings after work as a way to chill out and feel good? You have trained your body and your penis to your touch.

Think about it: you have direct access to your nervous system and brain, unlike your partner. So your body will FAVOR your touch over your lovers.

We call this habituation.

DISCLAIMER: I am not demonizing masturbation. On the contrary, it’s a natural and healthy part of sexuality. But, if masturbation is harming your sex life, then know there are other options.

Masturbation and habituation

When learning how to increase penis sensitivity and how to get sensation back, it’s essential to understand why habituation might be the cause.

Habituation is the decreased response or sensitivity to a particular stimulus over time. As we’ve explored, too much masturbation can reduce sensation inside your partner. So, reserving sex arousal for being with your lover helps increase penile sensitivity.

And if you’re single, I’d advise investing in a Fleshlight sleeve for stamina training. This product is incredible in the way it resembles the feel, texture, and tightness of a pussy.

The Psychology of penis sensitivity

Men often lean towards the logical. Meaning that if they are experiencing penis sensitivity, their instinct is to focus on the penis and not their holistic health.

Psychological factors like depression, stress, and anxiety can disrupt normal sexual function. These issues can lead to reduced sexual desire, diminished sensations, and orgasm difficulties. Treating these psychological issues with antidepressants can, unfortunately, further affect your sexual life. Experiencing sexual stimulation issues can trigger feelings of depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, this further complicates the situation.

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Substances that decrease penis sensitivity

This is a long list, but for most men, the adverse effects of these lifestyle choices won’t be a surprise! Here are the nine substances you’ll want to address in learning how to get sensation back.

1. Alcohol

man with book full bookshelves in the background holding a glass of liquor

Even one glass of wine is enough to block the messages to the brain from sensory receptors.

Yes, your inhibitions are dampened, meaning you may feel more relaxed, but so is everything else.

The very experience of sex is dialed way down with drink. And there’s no way you can perform any sexual transmutation unless all your senses are online and fired up.

Alcohol acts as a numbing agent and has sedative properties. Consuming a significant amount of alcohol can result in a numbing sensation in the penis. This can hinder your ability to achieve and sustain an erection.

2. Marijuana

Like alcohol, weed has a sedative effect. There are claims that marijuana actually makes for better sex. But weed only makes it harder to reach orgasm for those with reduced penis sensitivity.

3. Prescription of pharmaceutical drugs

Medication can be a complex subject to broach. Yet some drugs taken for legitimate illness can reduce penile sensitivity. Certain medications may cause penile numbness or decreased penile sensitivity. An example of this is Selegiline hydrochloride — used to treat Parkinson’s disease.

Consult your healthcare provider if you’re considering any changes to your medicine.

4. Poor diet and lack of exercise

Not serving your body affects your sex drive. Being a manly man these days seems to be synonymous with beer and steak. Yet, a rich diet increases cholesterol and causes high blood pressure. Both of these are strongly linked with sexual problems.

So, how manly is a diet if it decreases the likelihood of strong, hard, and lasting erections?

And with over 73% of Americans either overweight or obese, we all know this isn’t a quick fix.

5. Excess cycling

man cycling in an empty 2 way road

Bicycle-related genital numbness results from pressure on the pudendal artery. This creates nerve damage, causing reduced penis sensitivity. Your favorite hobby may even produce temporary and prolonged lost sensitvity erectile dysfunction. According to Harvard research on penis sensitivity and cycling:

“A narrow bike seat can reduce blood flow to the penis by as much as 66%, and even a broad seat may reduce flow by 25%.”

6. Medical conditions

Many medical conditions can cause decreased sensitivity in the penis. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Prostate cancer ​​— damage to the prostate, such as a tumor, can bring tingling or numbness.
  • Multiple sclerosis and diabetes can cause nerve damage, which may create penis numbness.
  • Peyronie’s disease — scar tissue forms in Peyronie’s disease. These scars are less sensitive than healthy penis tissue. It can also create a lack of blood flow to the penis.

A regular sexual health inventory is vital to maintain an abundant sex life.

7. Low Testosterone

Erections, desire, and libido all rely on testosterone. It’s no surprise, then, that when this hormone is low penile sensation decreases. Seek professional medical advice if low T might be causing your reduced sensitivity. You can also read below how you can increase testosterone through natural means.

8. Smoking

Smoking reduces blood circulation, which causes reduced penile sensitivity. The chemicals in tobacco damage blood vessels and reduce blood flow to the penis, leading to reduced sensitivity. Additionally, smoking can contribute to nerve damage and inflammation, further contributing to the loss of penile sensation.

9. Psychological factors

Sexual health and psychological well-being cannot be seperated. Your mental health impacts sexual responnse and sensitvity. It also imapcts your ability to be present which is an integral part of sparking the sexual flames.

Anxiety often distracts a person from the present moment making it more challenging to surrender into bliss. Meanwhile, depression and sexual dysfunction are strongly linked.


Unleash the secrets of your inner fire of willpower, harness your sacred sexual energy, and embody healthy masculine energy.

9 best ways to increase penis sensitivity

Let’s explore the nine most effective ways to increase penile sensitivity.

1. Take charge of your climax

Did you know male porn stars use a desensitizing cream so they can go for hours during recording?

Why are you comparing yourself to an industry designed to keep you hooked on the fantasy of sex?

Because you’re human.

We’re designed to seek pleasure — to reproduce. However, porn uses that drive to actually desensitize you to real sex.

If you need to quit porn for good, our Tantric approach is the holistic approach you need.

2. Explore alternatives to modern masturbation

So we’ve explored death grip syndrome during masturbation hinders sex stimulation.

What’s the solution?

Well, we’re not Puritans here. We don’t believe that something as natural as masturbation should be avoided when figuring out how to get sensation back.

Instead, let’s explore ways you can masturbate that actually increase penile sensitivity.

Tantric masturbation will not only increase penis sensitivity. Expect to achieve multiple orgasms, release sexual shame, and aid lost sensitivity erectile dysfunction.

3. Double the foreplay

couple on foreplay

Foreplay isn’t just to get your lover’s pussy wet.

During this delicious teasing phase, proper blood flow courses through your genitals. Your woman’s biology may take over and scream for you to enter her.

Stay in your masculine. Take control, and tease her.

Relish this time; allow the sight of her hot, panting body to increase sensitivity in your penis.

And when you cannot take a single second more, slowly enter her.

Slow, sensual sex has a much better chance of increasing penis sensitivity in the short and long term. Here are 69 sex tips for men for amazing sex.

4. Secrets your partner can implement

It takes two to tango, right?

One secret in natural ways to increase male sensitivity is this…

Your woman has muscles down there.

Silken, strong, sexy muscles that she has power over!

Ask her to engage and pulse her Kegels while you’re inside her.

5. Natural remedies to increase penis sensitivity

When understanding how to bring sensation back, these supplements are natural ways to increase male sensitivity.

Panax ginseng

Panax ginseng is an antioxidant and has organ-protective properties. This increases blood flow to the penis’s blood vessels, enhancing decreased libido and creating harder erections.

Testosterone supplement

If low testosterone is causing decreased penis sensitivity, use Tongkat Ali. There are many Tongkat Ali products on the market. However, the one I recommend to my clients is the Alphro-D brand.

The Aphro-D supplement balances Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine within the body. It does this with two calming ingredients (Schisandra Berry and Pearl powder) and two stimulants (Tongkat Ali and He Shou Wu). You can use STEFFO10 code for a 10% discount on Aphro-D Testosterone Supplement.


Yohimbe is an evergreen tree originating from Africa. Its bark contains a compound called yohimbine. This has been traditionally associated with aphrodisiac properties.

Yohimbine has the potential to enhance blood flow and nerve impulses, specifically to the penis or vagina.

This supplement is for you if you want to improve your sexual response and increase penis sensation.

There is also promising research emerging around yohimbine. It’s shown to improve sexual problems caused by selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).

6. Keep your sex center fresh and trim

You don’t need to look like you’re fresh out of a porno. But manscaping can indirectly help with decreased penile sensitivity and sexual performance. And it all comes down to confidence.

“Some men find that shaving or trimming their pubic hair makes their genitals look larger, which may be enough to enhance confidence in and of itself,” says sex educator Justin Lehmiller, Ph.D., author of the blog Sex and Psychology.

7. Address low testosterone

Low testosterone levels can contribute to experiencing decreased penis sensitivity.

Testosterone is an important hormone involved in sexual function. Reduced levels can impact sexual sensations, arousal, and sensitivity in some individuals.

man injecting his arms

There are treatment options for those with confirmed low testosterone. These can help address the underlying cause and be a solution around how to bring sensation back.

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a common approach, even though I’d recommend increasing testosterone naturally. It involves supplementing testosterone levels through various methods. These include injections, gels, patches, or pellets.

8, Heal erectile dysfunction

While erectile dysfunction is not known to be a known cause of experiencing penile numbness. Yet, there is a strong link with lost sensitivity erectile dysfunction and so it’s an important step for many men in how to increase penis sensitivity.

Having strong erections without premature ejaculation removes anxiety and stress during sex. So treat erectile dysfunction and get rid of performance pressure. Our 11-Step ED Cure will help you beat erectile dysfunction with Tantra.

9. Jelq with caution

measuring a cucumber

Yes — jelqing is fantastic for increasing libido and testosterone production. It also increases penis length and girth.

BUT — and this is a big but — it’s only beneficial when done safely.

Jelqing without proper guidance can actually decrease penis sensitivity and cause nerve damage.

Here is my step-by-step, research-based Jelqing course — one of the best natural ways to increase male sensitivity.


We’ve explored the leading lifestyle causes of penis sensitivity.

From excess alcohol to cycling and smoking. And other factors, such as medical conditions and psychological afflictions. Now, you can begin to take action to increase sensitivity.

And with nine of the most effective ways how to increase penis sensitivity listed here, overcoming penile numbness and learning how to get sensation back can become a reality. From increasing foreplay, Tantric masturbation, and herbal supplements, among others. Now is the time to improve penis sensitivity.

But what if you want more?

What if you want clear direction?

Not only to build sexual stimulation but increase your masculine energy altogether? Your entire life will drastically alter once you claim this integrated masculine power.

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What are natural ways to increase male sensitivity?

You can increase penis sensitivity with Tantric masturbation and natural remedies such as panax ginseng. If you’re experiencing low testosterone or lost sensitivity erectile dysfunction healing these naturally will also improve penis sensitivity.

What do I do if my penis isn’t sensitive enough?

Make foreplay center stage in your love life if you’re losing sensitivity. By doing so, you’ll increase blood flow to the blood vessels, and this is what ignites sensations.

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