How Many Times Should A Man Release Sperm In A Week? 5 Truths

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Apr 11, 2024
how many times should a man release sperm in a week

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Or should I say, the sperm in the… Well, you know where.

Here’s the million-dollar question: how many times should a man release sperm in a week?

Good news if you’ve ever pondered this question while sipping your morning coffee or sitting in a dull meeting. You’re not the only person thinking about whether it’s good or bad for a man to blow his load often.

Now, gather around, gents. In this guide, we’ll be going on an expedition into the heart of male biology.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-and-done dude or a second-round champion. This guide is for you to demystify the topic of releasing sperm, including the health benefits of ejaculation.

How Often Should A Man Ejaculate?

Unfortunately, there is no single universal answer. How often you ejaculate depends on a few factors, such as the following:

  • Age
  • Lifestyle
  • Sexual activity
  • Physical health
  • Mental wellbeing

Naturally, you’re more likely to have way more sexual energy when you’re younger. This means you’d be able to ejaculate far more compared to an older man.

Moreover, your libido would be weaker when you’re dealing with depression and anxiety.

When dealing with erectile dysfunction, you may want to lower the number of times you ejaculate. Give your penis time to recover and get back into good shape.

From general research, it’s safe to say that a little self-lovin’ can put a smile on your face and even be good for your health. Still, there are potential risks to consider.

We’ll get into more juicy details on the dangers and health benefits of ejaculation later in this article!

So, How Many Times Should A Man Release Sperm In A Week?

Exactly how many times should a man release sperm in a week?

Let’s have a look at a few different sources:

  • One post from Men’s Health states that the average person masturbates three times a week  
  • Another study here revealed that your typical adult has sex up to 54 times a year

Are you still itching to know more about ejaculation frequency?

The truth is that you’ll find different answers. Some will say it’s okay to accompany little Johnny downstairs daily, whereas others (like me) would suggest otherwise.

research shows that the average adult has sex once per week

Quick note: multi-orgasmic men aren’t usually included in research papers

Some men have unlocked the ability to become multi-orgasmic. This means they can experience multiple orgasms.

Multi-orgasmic men are often excluded from research papers because they’re abnormal. They’re simply different from your average person on an immense scale.

A multi-orgasmic person in his best sexual health will be capable of ejaculating more than the typical man!

multi orgasmic men are anomalies

How Many Times Can A Man Ejaculate In A Day Or Week?

Again, the number of times a man can ejaculate within a particular time frame depends. It’s mostly due to health factors.

For example, smokers are less likely to ejaculate as much as a non-smoker because smokers have lower libido.

Some folks could go for multiple rounds in a single day, like multi-orgasmic men. Others might need a little more time to recharge their batteries. The key is to listen to your body and find what suits you.

When Do Men Lose The Ability To Ejaculate?

The ability to ejaculate decreases as you get older.

Men’s orgasms tend to become more like a gentle breeze rather than a roaring thunderstorm as they age. Their libidos also decrease. In other words, the quality of sperm is lower and less explosive.

Now, that doesn’t mean men will stop ejaculating at a certain age out of nowhere.

Some individuals have found ways to reverse the effects. Meaning they’re still able to ejaculate as healthy as they used to when they were younger.

The Lack Of Scientific Research On Frequent Ejaculation

I get it. You want a definitive answer on the number of times men should ejaculate within a specific timeframe.

Well, scientific research on this topic is limited.

And I know it’s pretty frustrating.

Despite the lack of data, there are still relevant studies that we can draw from. Moreover, there are men with different experiences that we can analyze.

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Five Truths: What Research Says About Ejaculation Frequency

There are five different sources we’ll look into:

  • Modern medical societies
  • Taoist tantra
  • Modern tantra
  • Old school yoga
  • Tantric relationship coach

Each of these offers different advice and conclusions when it comes to ejaculation frequency. One might encourage you to release sperm more regularly, whereas another would strictly preach self-control.

Modern medical societies may advise you that the more you ejaculate, the lower your risk of developing prostate cancer.

You might’ve also heard that there are other health benefits of ejaculation, such as reduced stress.

After reading a few of these articles that encourage ejaculation, one might conclude that it’s okay to continue, especially because it feels good.

On the other hand, others like Tantra would offer a different perspective. Instead, they’d put more emphasis on ejaculating more consciously.

Ultimately, it’s your choice. We’ll get into each of the five perspectives as mentioned below.

1. Modern medical societies

Urologists and sex therapists often point toward the conclusion. They often suggest that there’s a parallel between ejaculation and a reduced prostate cancer risk and lower urinary tract symptoms.

Now, there’s no set recommended number of ejaculations to aim for to reduce your chances of prostate cancer.

However, one study revealed the following results after analyzing 32,000 men:

“Men who ejaculated the most (at least 21 times a month) had a 20% lower chance of prostate cancer.”

That probably sounds promising. It’s safe to say that it’s a good general benchmark for the number of times a man should ejaculate. Except, there’s one flaw.

The problem with most studies like this is that they study your average man, not healthy tantric men, who often yield significantly different results. That’s because tantric men reap the spiritual benefits that most men never even get to experience.

another study said that men who ejaculated 21 times a month had a 20 percent lower risk of prostate cancer

2. Taoist tantra

Taoist tantra encourages men to ejaculate a certain number of times depending on physical health factors and age. This is usually on the higher end of the spectrum, which for younger men could be once or even twice per day. Or once every other day.

When working with a Taoist tantra expert, they’ll guide you toward a certain number based on key health factors.

3. Modern tantra teachers

Modern tantra teachers are slightly different from Taoist tantra. What makes them different is that they’ll guide you to find your own best frequency.

In other words, ejaculation frequency is a choice. You’re under no strict obligation to withhold or release your sperm. It’s down to your choices. It’s all about getting in touch with your higher self and discovering what works best for you and your own body.

4. Old-school yoga

Is semen retention healthy? Well, old-school yoga teaches Bramacarhya. This means lifelong withdrawal from ejaculation. Therefore, they promote the idea of never ejaculating. Therefore, it’s safe to say that from their perspective, semen retention is not only health but a necessity. 

Celibacy is strongly emphasized in old-school yoga.

The reason is that strict abstinence leads to spiritual development. By combining yoga with sexual control, one can earn the ability to transmute sexual energy. You also earn bragging rights for keeping it in your pants for so long!

5. Tantric relationship coach

As a tantric relationship coach with more than a decade of experience, I’ve learned a lot about semen retention.

I didn’t just learn through personal experience but by working with hundreds of brave men to transform themselves and unleash their core masculinity.

Here’s what I discovered from all sources of research when it comes to how many times a man should ejaculate:

  • Most men end up forcing themselves not to ejaculate when they hear of semen retention, which only leads to draining their energy
  • Men often use ejaculation for the wrong reasons—it’s mostly an addiction to the dopamine feeling

This is why I preach at least starting by first mastering 21 days a few times and then 30 days. The sole purpose is to start taking back control, which is the first step.

In fact, gaining back control is the first yet hardest step.

You’ll reap priceless health benefits once you overcome your impulses naturally without having to force yourself through sheer willpower.

Are There Any Health Benefits Related To Ejaculation?

There are several health benefits of ejaculation, such as the following:

  • Reduced stress
  • Lower the risk of prostate cancer
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Stronger immune system

So, whether you’re engaging in some solo play or getting down and dirty with a partner, know that your body is reaping the rewards of your sexual escapades.

On the flip side, there are also some risks associated with ejaculation, such as addiction and desensitization. It’s important to find a balance between pleasure and moderation to maintain your sexual health and overall well-being.

Reminder: Research is limited on the health benefits of ejaculation. So, take these with a grain of salt!


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Reduced stress

Ejaculation releases oxytocin, which has stress-relieving powers.

It’s not too surprising. C*mming is one of the most pleasurable physical feelings for men. That’s why we love doing it. It’s also why it can be easy to get addicted to.

When you’re stressed, rubbing one off can help you get things off your mind. It’s even better if you get to go down dirty with a partner because sexual intercourse is more pleasurable than solo play.

Lower prostate cancer risk

Yes, frequent ejaculation is related to reducing the risk of prostate cancer.

Some studies reveal that there’s a direct correlation between the number of times a man ejaculates and the chances of developing prostate cancer.

Here’s what a Harvard Study revealed:

High ejaculation frequency was linked to a decreased risk. Men who ejaculated 21 or more times a month enjoyed a 31% lower risk of prostate cancer. And the results held up to rigorous statistical evaluation even after other lifestyle factors and the frequency of PSA testing were taken into account.

21 or more times ejaculations per month showed a 31 percent lower risk of prostate cancer

Improved sleep quality

It’s common for men to masturbate right before going to sleep.

Most men can agree that beating your meat helps you relax. Therefore, releasing sperm as a way to relax allows you to drift off to sleep. Talk about a good night’s sleep!

Stronger immune system

Masturbation can boost your overall health by revving it up through ejaculation.

Well, there’s limited evidence here. Still, one article by Medical News Today mentioned that indulging in self-pleasure can affect the immune system in a good way.  

What Are The Risks Associated With Ejaculation?

Here are some of the risks associated with releasing sperm:

  • Develop an addiction
  • Desensitization
  • Sexual dysfunction

Either of these can happen when you ejaculate too much for your own good. The constant release of sperm means using up your dopamine system. This can easily become addictive because it feels so good.

Moreover, ejaculating could end up messing with how your body functions during sex. The most effective solution to minimize these risks is to learn complete ejaculation control.

Develop an addiction

Sex addiction can be a real problem for both men and women. The feeling of hitting off your dopamine system can become seriously addicting for many.

Some men have made it a daily habit to rub one off at a certain time. Over time, this cycle of excessive sexual activity not only wears down your penis. It can also lead to becoming heavily reliant on dopamine for pleasure.

The result? You end up even more drained. This can lead to feeling low and unmotivated.


Sexual desensitization is another common issue in modern men.

Once you become so used to the feeling of ejaculating, it may start to become harder to enjoy your time in the bedroom with your partner.

The desensitization can happen for a few reasons, such as the following:

  • Overstimulating sexual organs, which can cause a dip in libido
  • Continuously masturbating with a strong grip affects the sensitivity of your penis
  • Doing the same thing over and over can kill your excitement and sexual arousal

This eventually leads to sexual health issues. Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are two common outcomes.

And this brings us to the next point.

Sexual dysfunction

Here’s what happens:

  • Erectile dysfunction occurs when it’s time for serious business with a real woman because your d*ck is so worn out.
  • Premature ejaculation becomes a usual struggle because your penis has adjusted to finishing within a certain amount of time due to your excessive ejaculation routine.

What makes this even worse is if you’re dealing with a porn addiction. Combining excessive pornography and ejaculation changes the neural pathways responsible for libido.

Frankly speaking, your penis can quite literally become a wet noodle.

too much porn and fapping could lead to erectile dysfunction

Is Nofap And Semen Retention Healthy?

Yes! NoFap and semen retention offer various benefits to your masculine core:  

  • Higher testosterone levels
  • Increased longevity
  • Overcome sexual dysfunction
  • Improved energy levels
  • Godlike levels of focus
  • Unshakeable confidence

Both practices will help you retake your throne in the bedroom and start having more frequent sex without wearing out so easily. How? By having full sexual control so that you can deliver a 10/10 performance without c*mming for hours.

The incredible thing is that you get to experience an improvement in all aspects of your life, not just sex.

If you’re curious about semen retention, I covered everything about the topic in this YouTube video. This video is also where I debunk the myths of prostate cancer risk in relation to ejaculation.

Higher levels of testosterone

You read that right. Semen retention can contribute to your testosterone levels.

Since you’re not allowing yourself to release your life energy but instead channeling it within you, it can increase your overall well-being. This is a common experience for men who practice semen retention.

Sperm is potent enough to create life. When men ejaculate, it’s normal to feel drowsy or tired afterward because you fulfilled your purpose as a man.

Increase longevity

There are folks in the NoFap movement who have had positive experiences. Some of these experiences include feeling more vitality and energized. Hence, it can be a factor in increasing longevity.

Side Note: Keep in mind that science on this topic is still a bit shaky!

Overcome sexual dysfunction

Many men start getting into semen retention as a way to heal their sexual function. For instance, ED and performance anxiety are common bedroom problems that men face.

However, there are several causes for this. One of these causes is excessive masturbation.

Some may have tried unnatural solutions like Vasectomy or Viagra. Both of which can seriously damage your sexual function.

Semen retention creates room for healing your penis. Your cock could’ve worn out from high ejaculation and sexual frequency. Too much than you could handle, for that matter.

Improve energy levels

Again, semen retention plays a part in energy levels. After all, releasing sperm also means releasing your energy.

If you can channel that sexual energy for a higher purpose rather than just letting it go, you can minimize energy loss throughout the day.

Unlock godlike levels of focus

Who doesn’t think about sex out of nowhere? You could be sitting on your desk bored out of your mind, so your thoughts wander off until they eventually reach the topic of sex. Then it happens again—you’re distracted and unable to focus.

Semen retention keeps your thoughts in check so you can focus purely on the task without distracting yourself.

Gain a new level of confidence

Practicing semen retention can help you gain a new level of sexual confidence by giving you better control over your bedroom performance, leading to increased satisfaction and pleasure for yourself and your partner.

So, if you’re looking to strut your stuff with newfound confidence, practicing semen retention might be just the boost you need.

semen retention and nofap resets your brain

The Dangers Of Fapping And Porn Addiction

There are sexual health benefits to not masturbating.

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t engage in some solo play now and then.

What I am saying is that developing a fapping and porn addiction is dangerous for your health for numerous reasons. It’s also one of the things that blocks you from enjoying the benefits of semen retention.

Generally speaking, developing any type of addiction isn’t good for you. Fapping and porn addiction can bring about harmful effects such as the following:

  • Inability to concentrate on one task
  • Lack of mental clarity
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Constantly hunting for pleasure and stimulation
  • Negative self-image


In total, you’ve got five different answers to the burning question: how many times should a man release sperm in a week?

Now, the number of times you ejaculate isn’t the most important factor. It’s more than just hitting a high score.

Most importantly, it’s like a tailored suit—it must fit you perfectly.

This means that you should control yourself as much as you’re able to without forcing yourself through sheer willpower.

Otherwise, it won’t lead to the ultimate semen retention benefits that we’ve discussed.

But why stop there?

Don’t settle for average when you can become an unstoppable force who has complete control over his sexual energy. Having this special power allows you to experience a total transformation in all aspects of your life, not just when it comes to sex.

No more erectile dysfunction and bedroom performance issues.

Watch my free tantric attraction masterclass for the essential tools to build an epic sex life brimming with fulfillment and intense orgasms!


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So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.


Is it good for a man to release sperm every day?

There are health benefits of ejaculation. It can be good for a man to release sperm daily if he has the capacity for it. Some studies have proven this.

But if he doesn’t have the capacity to ejaculate every day, it could lead to adverse effects such as erectile dysfunction. Moreover, frequent ejaculation isn’t good if it’s purely done because of an addiction.

How often should a man release sperm to be healthy?

It’s hard to say since it varies for each person. Everyone has different reload speeds and sizes of ammunition. Plus, there are multiple sources of research that say different things.

The general answer is around 20-21 times a month. However, tantric teachings and old-school yoga have a completely different answer.

What happens after seven days of not ejaculating?

Going a whole week without ejaculating could lead to some noticeable differences. This includes thicker erections and a stronger ability to focus.

If you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction, you may notice a slight improvement in the quality of your erections.

What are the benefits of not ejaculating?

The main benefit of controlling your desire to ejaculate is that it can help you overcome sexual health issues. This includes erectile dysfunction, weak sperm health, and low libido.

Another key benefit is being able to control your sexual energy. Hence, men see an improvement in energy levels and their ability to concentrate.

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