Grow A Strong Relationship With Tantric Empowerment

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Graham Donnelly talks about how tantric empowerment helped cultivate intimacy in his relationship.


Q: Did your girlfriend get affected by you doing the course?

A: Absolutely.


And we only scratched the surface of some of the things I have been exposed to and learned from Steffo’s course. [..]


I feel it’s been very positive for both of us.


Q: What are the changes in your relationship you have seen?

A: I think it’s more about how it has affected myself, and that has affected our relationship.


It’s about me being able to be more empowered.


And I learn new skills and techniques to make myself a better person in a whole other way.


And sharing that with her [girlfriend] then that have created us in a different space.


We have been together for about 5.5 years, and I guess it’s always that familiarity issue in a long-term relationship.


And I feel this has really freshened, not that we were in a bad place, but it certainly freshened our relationship up.


To the point, there is a whole lot of new things, and excitement, that we can now bring to the table.


That was not there before.


Of course, you don’t know what you don’t know.


And I now know some things.


My knowledge has increased dramatically.


And that has helped us both.


Watch the whole interview here:


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