Finding Your Inner Manhood With Tantric Meditation For Men

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Apr 11, 2024
Tantric meditation

Body positivity is a concept that many of us can struggle with, particularly those of us who have been subjected to society’s ideal standards of how we should look or behave. For many men, finding your inner manhood can be a discovery that leads to a more powerful and positive image of oneself. We should all feel comfortable and happy within our bodies, both mentally and physically.

What is tantric meditation and how does it work?

You may have heard about tantric meditation as being related to sex. And while sex can be a part of it, it is much more involved than simply having sex. If you’re someone who has an interest in the art of meditation and spirituality, then Tantra is something that you’ve probably heard about before.

Tantric meditation is often linked to tantric sex, which is a form of slow meditative sex to help move sexual energy. This provides healing for the body, transformation and enlightenment, which is why many are looking to explore this ancient form of meditation.

However, as we’ve already suggested, sex is only a small part of this meditation. Tantric meditation is a practice that is a combination of movement, breath, meditation and sound. The chakras (various focal points of the body) are opened and allow energy to flow through the body and within the chakra system.

The energy comes from the root chakra which is the pelvis and then moves up the spine until it reaches the crown chakra. There are said to be many benefits to using this form of meditation. In fact, many men could utilize it when exploring the world of Tantra.

How tantric meditation can help find your inner manhood

For men, meditation is not necessarily something that many would think to explore as it’s often one that’s utilized more in women.

However, as a man, tantric meditation can be highly effective in tapping into those core values that make up your masculinity. Negative masculinity exists a lot more prominently than positive masculinity and that’s something that can be easily changed through Tantra.

Conditioning the mind, through effective meditation, can help a lot of those men who have felt this negative masculinity both in their body and mind. Instead of simply letting it exist inside them, this form of meditation can help unlock authentic and positive masculinity instead.

Without this type of meditation in existence, the masculinity in our world can continue to be distorted and undeveloped. In a lot of cases, it can fail to provide that individual with the quality of life that they may deserve to have, so why let that happen to you?

The benefits of tantric practices

Tantric practices, such as meditation and massages, have proved very effective in helping promote wellness and personal growth. If you’ve never tried it before, then why not give it a try? It’s something that is worth exploring to see whether this could be a useful way to find your inner manhood.

There are plenty of benefits that can come from tantric meditation for those who are looking to cultivate awareness of their own bodies whether it’s finding that masculinity within to simply being more in tune with the body itself.

Reduces stress and anxiety

It’s necessary that we’re more aware of the stresses in life and anxiety that we all have. Tantric practices of all kinds have been successful in helping those who need it, to reduce that stress and anxiety that they’re feeling. These two emotions are emotions that aren’t helpful for the body and so it’s good to be able to rid yourself of them where possible.

A reduction in stress and anxiety can make for a healthier body and perhaps fewer issues further down the line.


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Improved understanding of the body

With tantric meditation, the more intimate connection you have with your body, the better. This isn’t just about sex but about opening up the chakras and feeling that energy radiate through your body. 

Being more aware of your body is going to contribute to a happier mind and a comfort that comes with your body and masculinity in general. We’re all on a journey of self-discovery and having more of a connection with your body is important. 

Boosts self confidence

Part of finding your inner manhood can be about confidence. As human beings, some are born being uber confident, whilst others may find it a struggle to socialize or have confidence in themselves. This is something that can often hold individuals back from doing things they love or reaching their fullest potential.

Boosting your self confidence is one of the perks that can come from trying tantric meditation as a man. With self confidence, comes a lot of love and appreciation for yourself as well as for others too.

Improved sleep and quality of life

Another perceived notion for men is, again, part of that preconceived idea of what being a “true man” is all about. It’s that combination of aggression, having strength and showing no weaknesses. This can relate to everyday life, with something as simple as the amount of sleep you have or prioritizing other things over taking care of your body.

Tantric meditation can be a good way to help with improving sleep and the overall quality of your life. Why wouldn’t you want to give yourself the best opportunity at a long and healthy life?

There are many reasons why you should try tantric meditation in order to help find that connection with your manhood and that positive masculinity that the world needs more of nowadays.

The path to a better self-image and confidence can be long, complex, and challenging. If you are looking to start this fulfilling journey, consider checking out our free masterclass training here.

Video: guided tantric meditation for men

Get into a comfortable seated position with your spine straight, and simply follow along with my guided Divine masculine meditation practice for men. It will help with your manhood, embody masculine energy, and increase focus.

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