Fighting Toxic Masculinity

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Aug 11, 2023
toxic masculinity

Time and again men have been told that showcasing emotions is a feminine trait. How many of us have heard “boys don’t cry” when we were young? Almost all of us. Now, when the world is evolving socially, boys today are more aware of their sensitive sides, are vulnerable in their relationships, and are growing up to be considerate men.

However, for those of us with years of toxic masculinity embedded in our minds, it can be difficult to fight it off, but not entirely impossible. There are several tantric techniques you can use to fight toxic masculinity. Let’s explore!

Step 1: Owning your behavior

One of the greatest ways to fight toxic masculinity is to learn implement the concept of shadow work. The shadow work concept focuses on owning up to your toxic traits, behaviors, and habits. The first step is to agree that you have problematic behaviors, and then try to address them. It might be difficult at first, but once you hear yourself say that there is a problematic pattern that you need to address, the rest can become fairly easy.

Step 2: Address neglected feelings

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Most of our lives, we’re been told to suppress any emotions that may surface. We are taught to be strong, hide our feelings, and power through the difficulties that we feel. Instead of listening to these age-old notions, it’s important to address the feelings that you’ve suppressed or neglected for a long time.

There are several ways that you can do that, whether you talk to a loved one, a partner, or a professional. Talking through your feelings, and giving them a healthy outlet will help make it easier to talk out your toxic masculinity.

Step 3: Ask for help  

Several dating and relationship coaches have communicated that a man, in a society where you are continuously told to be brave, bottle up your feelings, and be self-dependent it can be really difficult to open up to someone and ask for help. However, in order to address your toxic masculinity and battle it, you might need to ask for help. Whether you ask for help from a close friend, relative, or a professional therapist depends on you. You can make a choice that you are comfortable with.

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Try something new

Sex is all about trying new things – so when you’re looking for a way to reignite the spark in your relationship, make sure you try new things. Try some new sex toys out if your partner is up for it, and make sure each of you has spent time on your own to learn what gets each of you going.

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