How to Overcome Feeling Lost and Lacking Purpose



Are you feeling lost in life, not really sure what direction to take, or what’s next for you?

Even though your life seems picture perfect on the outside.

You might have all the right things that make it look great according to societies version of success, 

the car, the job,  the wife, the dog, the house, the kids, etc.

But inside you don’t feel like you’re matching that image that is portrayed to the world.

And it makes you completely stressed out.

If you don’t know what you truly want in life, you will never feel satisfied.

And that unsatisfaction will be felt by others.

When Life Is Pressing You

 You might feel overwhelmed by life.

The daily duties of doing your job, providing for your family, maintaining your relationship, and fathering your children.

Does It seem like it’s a never-ending to-do list that is impossible to get free from?


Discover The Real Underlying Issues


Well, those feelings of unsatisfaction are not the REAL issue – the daily bickering, waking up on the wrong side, yelling at your colleagues at work.

The deeper problem is that you’re are not living on your edge.

You have settled for less than you want.

And that eats you up from the inside.

But, it doesn’t seem like it’s coming from being lost and lacking in direction.

The benefits of Knowing Your Purpose


Once you made the root cause conscious and stop those patterns.

You will be Living on purpose – which will make you jump outta bed in the morning.

You will be 100% certain about yourself – cause you know exactly where you going.

You will be extremely confident in your power – causing you to take action and manifesting your dreams.

You will be resting in a grounded and centered masculine place – because you are certain about who you are and what you’re gifts and superpowers are.


Live Your Masculine Edge For Your Woman Too


Knowing your direction will not only make you feel fulfilled – but it will help your woman wanting to stay with you – joining and supporting your mission.

You living on your edge will inspire her to support you.


Distractions Will Block You From Finding Your Purpose


But instead of finding out what your personal purpose in life is. You might distract yourself from feeling lost by doing things.

Busyness, doing, Porn, excessive ejaculation, distracting your worries in work, TV, play video games. Settle for a 9-5. 

Feeling empty inside.

The Consequences On Your Marriage


If you are lost, what is your woman gonna want to do?

She will take charge.

She will be the breadwinner.

She will be leading the relationship.

She will raise the kids her way.

She will tell you what you should and shouldn’t do.

You will start to feel emasculated and weak.

The Blame Game Is Victimhood

And then you blame your partner for not being there for, not being supportive, putting you down, not believing in you – 

and she will close down not wanting to have sex with you.

And you blame all that on her.

Without realizing that you put yourself in that situation – and now you’re just playing the victim instead.

You allowed it to happen by being lost and blown by the wind.

Because we live on a polarity planet, everything has a polarity.

If you don’t polarize your relationship, it will fall apart. Slowly but surely.

If you confine yourself to your comfort zone, and let your edge slip away – your masculine strength will fall apart.

Find Your Purpose And Masculine Edge Today


If you want to know how to polarize your relationship and cultivate your masculine edge, so you can save your marriage, watch the free training, where I break it down in 5 simple steps.


Steffo Shambo

Steffo Shambo

Men's Tantric Relationship Coach

Steffo Shambo is the founder of The Tantric Man Experience. The #1 masculine mentorship program in the world, where he’s helping men master confidence, sexuality, & purpose to reignite the passion in their relationship or attract a meaningful relationship. He’s on a mission to spread a conscious sexual revolution for men worldwide so that they can show up as integrated partners, fathers, and leaders.

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