Tantric Dearmoring Massage

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At our essence we are all beings of pure love and joy. As innocent children we are open and trusting to our parents and the world.

But after experiencing the disappointments, emotional traumas and social conditioning of life, we shut down and numb ourselves to avoid feeling pain.

Our bodies become tense, contracted and energetically blocked keeping us from experiencing the joy of sexual pleasure. These unconscious defenses can be referred to as sexual armoring.

These old ideas have now been proven, and can be studied in trauma books such as The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel van der Kolk M.D.

The Tantric Body Dearmoring massage helps release chronic tension generated by shame and guilt, unconscious sex, years of not listening to your body and not having clear and set boundaries.

It is intense but profoundly healing bodywork focusing on the external erogenous zones to clear out fear-based emotions stored in the tissue.

It enhances sensuality, vitality and helps sexual energy flow freely to experience the depths of your full body orgasmic potential.


Watch this dearmoring massage video demostration:


The Benefits of Dearmoring Massage…






“I am feeling more confident in myself and my sexuality. I feel I have transformed into the person I have always wanted to be.” – Anna, USA

  “If you feel drawn to this work, don’t hesitate, you’ll be glad you did, and your body will thank you for it.” – Jay Diamond, UK

“I had some very strange experience going back home, a huge wave of gratitude and gratefulness overwhelmed me, and it was the first time in my life I felt so intensely, the energy of the Universe.” – Claire, France

What to expect from a tantric dearmoring massage session?

A session takes approximately 2 hours and needs to be done on an empty stomach. First, we will take a moment to settle in the body with an awareness meditation. Afterward, you will be introduced to the specific style of deep breathing, which will support you in this process. Then you will be guided through all the steps of the massage, and we will address any questions and establish consent before we start.

The treatment is done directly on the skin, without clothes (there are options if this would feel uncomfortable), and we are working on trigger points on the deep tissue, holistically but focusing around the erogenous zone’s, because that is where we store a lot of tension, since it’s never touched in conventional massage practices.

Dearmoring is not a sexual massage, or a genital massage, but it’s a whole-body massage. There is no sexual interaction between therapist and client during or after the massage. Even though de-armoring can be done both externally and internally, Tantric Dearmoring Massage works externally.

The Sensual Activation series includes Orgasmic Breathing, Dearmoring massage, and Yoni massage. This is a powerful 3-step process that will awaken and unleash sexual energy.

Please see my Yoni Massage sessions for for info.


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Since we are holding on to traumas for long periods of time, it takes a toll on the body, thus these areas can be tender. So the massage is more intense than the conventional massage you would go to at the spa. It’s a therapeutic bodywork massage. The intensity is needed to let go of the things the body holds on to. I am using intuition and body language reading, but also incorporate a scale system, which will help us having a safe and smooth process.

There can be releases happening in various ways – emotions can come up randomly: anger, sadness, fear etc. And that can sometimes generate; crying, laughter, screaming or moaning. Also random memories that have been forgotten from the past, can come up without any reason. Energy can shoot up and down like electricity or fire balls.

This is all good and does not have to make sense at the moment. It is just a sign of release, and letting go. We will finish with a rejuvenating relaxation and integration of the experience. At this stage you might feel a deep union with existence and floating in the energy body.

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You can either do a de-armoring session by itself.
Or as a 3-part series of my Sensual Activation Process; Orgasmic Breathing, De-armoring, and Yoni massage.
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