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Updated on Aug 11, 2023
Dating Coach Toronto

If you are searching for a dating coach Toronto then you have come to the right place. We can help you find love in this fantastic Canadian city.

 Let’s face it, Toronto is a great city to live in, but not if you are on your own.

The city has some of the best nightlife in North America, but what is that if you are on your sofa with a can of Steam Whistle in your hand watching TV. That is not what “Netflix and chill” means, you know?

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If online dating just isn’t cutting it for you at the moment then why not draft in an expert to help you brush up your dating skills and transform your love life. 

To help guys find the best dating coach in Toronto we have pulled together our list of the leading dating coaches in our city. We are a very picky bunch, so only the very best made it onto our final list. 

That means, if you are looking for a dating coach in Toronto, then you don’t have to trawl through endless Google pages or Yelp to try and work out who is the best Toronto dating coach for you. 

Instead, sit back, relax, and check out our carefully handpicked Toronto dating coaches.

Who are the best dating coaches in Toronto?

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First on our list is top-drawer relationship guru Steffo Shambo. 

If he looks familiar, this is because Steffo has regularly featured on CBS, Fox News, NBC, and USA Today.

And although he is not based in Toronto, lots of guys in the city have taken part in his unique mentorship program.

I totally get that an online coach might not be for everyone, but in our view, it is definitely something that anyone looking for the best dating coaches in Toronto should consider. It means you can reach the very best in the world, rather than having to just settle for a dating coach near you. That can help find a proven coach who gets results fast.  

I know lots of guys who have taken part in Steffo’s The Tantric Man Experience and every one of them has found it a life-changing experience, for example, Tom, who went from having lifelong blind spots around love, to finding his dream girl in just 12 weeks.

If you are after sleazy tactics and cheap pick-up lines then look elsewhere. Instead, Steffo focuses on self-development and building self-confidence to help you meet women. He brings a unique holistic approach to his work helping men who are struggling to find their perfect woman by helping reveal their best selves. 

If you are looking for someone to help you make major life changes, get the girl, and maintain a fantastic relationship, then Steffo is the Toronto date coach for you. Register for his free attraction training here.

2.Rebecca Cooper Traynor (Match Me Canada)

Rebecca Cooper Traynor (Match Me Canada)
Second on our list is Toronto dating institution Match Me Canada. 

Whilst Match Me Canada is primarily a matchmaking business, within their team Rebecca Cooper Traynor leads on dating coaching. 

For over a decade they have offered a range of services to polish up those dating skills, attract women, and improve your love life. 

Specializing in online dating, Match Me Canada even offers an online digital dating takeover which they believe can supercharge your digital dating results. 

So, if you are finding dating women a challenge check out their website and see if Rebecca is the dating coach who will transform your dating life.

3.Shannon Tebb (Shanny in the City)

Shannon Tebb (Shanny in the City)

Shannon Tebb is a Toronto dating coach who helps single guys who are finding the search for love frustrating.  

She has provided in-person coaching for over 1500 singles in Toronto, helping countless guys in the city to develop their dating techniques to land those critical second dates. 

We are also intrigued by her ‘WIngwoman’ service, where she will accompany you to some of Toronto’s hottest singles spots and give you real-time advice on attraction techniques. That sounds like a lot of fun to us! 

With Shannon by your side, how can you possibly fail?

4.Roman Mironov

Roman Mironov

Toronto-based Roman Mironov is a dating coach who helps people create amazing and enviable relationships. 

He is certified by the respected training center Robbins Madanes Training, giving you the confidence that he has the skill and knowledge to help you meet amazing women and develop enduring and deep relationships. 

Roman offers a wide range of relationship support, from rekindling a failing relationship and stopping it from falling apart, to practical strategies and advice on how to navigate the local dating scene. 

He is confident he can help clients meet the love of their lives. Maybe he can help you too?

5.Andrea Lo (Toronto Dating Hub)

Andrea Lo (Toronto Dating Hub)

Toronto Dating Hub is committed to transforming the way Toronto singles meet & connect. As well as monthly events where singles can meet, the business also offers date coaching, profile makeovers, and mock dates.

The business was launched by dating coach Andrea Lo in 2020 and has rapidly grown to become an established part of the Toronto dating scene. 

Andrea has been featured in the Toronto Star, CBC News, and Flow 93.5, reflecting the way that it has become a go-to resource for the city’s singles. 

So, if you want a dating coach that combines advice with a selection of events to test out your new skills, then Toronto Dating Hub should definitely be on your shortlist.

6.Terran Shea (Mutual Match)

Terran Shea (Mutual Match)
Terran Shea’s Mutual Match company is more than just a matchmaking agency. 

They also offer tailored individual coaching support that provides a safe environment where you can hone your dating skills. 

Terran will work closely with you to understand why you are not succeeding in your search for love and put a program and plan in place to help you.

One of the unique services that Mutual Match offer is what they call their “Dating Reset”. This starts with a 360-degree review of your dating history. It looks at where you are now, and where you want to go, and then provides matches that fit your specific needs. 

7.Christina Jay (Preferred Match)

Christina Jay (Preferred Match)

Christina Jay heads up her own business, Preferred Match, right here in Toronto. 

She specializes in affluent singles who might be finding it difficult to meet their perfect match. This means that she doesn’t come cheap, but finding love is really not an area where you should be cutting corners.


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

Whilst her main focus is on matchmaking, Christina also offers a range of dating coaching options that can help get you date ready. She can help makeover those dating apps too, and give you the social skills needed to overcome approach anxiety and start conversations with women.

What is a dating coach?

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If you feel frustrated with dating life and are finding meeting women difficult then a dating coach can help. 

A good dating coach will work with you to identify your dating challenges, identify the barriers that are holding you back, and put a strategy in place to attract women. 

The best dating coaches focus on you. They will help you build self-esteem, overcome social anxiety, and build your dating confidence. 

Does online dating coaching work?

One of the questions that people often ask me is, “should I look for a dating coach near me, or should I look for an online relationship coach?”

I am a big fan of online coaches, as long as they have the right skills, expertise, and experience to support you. Many experts now believe that online is now every bit as effective as face-to-face. The other major advantage is that opening yourself up to an online coach creates a much bigger pool of skilled coaches to choose from.

Remember, the right coach is the right coach no matter where they work from.

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Do dating coaches really work?

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Dating coaches absolutely work. These days successful men have coaches for lots of things. Maybe to progress their careers or a personal trainer at the gym. Men are finally realizing that when it comes to self-improvement, then we could all do with a helping hand. 

If you think your six-pack is more important than who you spend the rest of your life with then this probably isn’t the site for you.

But if you are lonely and feeling frustrated with single life and want to find an amazing girl to share your journey with then it most definitely is. 

Our Toronto dating coaches will help you meet women and go from loneliness and frustration to having dating skills that will bowl any woman over.

Who uses a dating coach?

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Dating coaches tend to be used by successful guys who know exactly what they want and are prepared to go all out to get it. If that means they need guidance and help then they are not shy in seeking that. 

The latest dating app might leave them cold. They have probably tried online dating and the local dating scene without success. 

For some guys seeking professional help just feels beyond their comfort zone. But you would be surprised just how common using a dating coach has become. You might not realize this, but literally, thousands of guys in Toronto have used relationship coaches to help them date women. 

For some, it is about specific issues such as low self esteem or poor social skills. For others, it is a desire to save time and make faster progress in finding “the one”.

Avoiding the friend zone

Man Looking At His Girlfriend

You have heard of the ‘friend zone’ right? 

Yeah, that’s what I thought. You’ve probably been there. I know that I have. 

You’re into her but then you have ‘the conversation’, where she explains that she really likes you ‘but only as a friend’?

Sound familiar? Don’t worry – you’re definitely not alone. 

This is where a professional dating coach can help. By building your social confidence coaches can help you approach women, attract ladies and teach you how to absolutely land those all-important first dates. 

All men have dating goals – whether they are explicit or somewhere buried beneath the surface. A good coach can help you uncover and then achieve them.

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How much do dating coaches charge?

This is the second most common question we are asked (just behind “is there a dating coach near me?”).

The answer is not straightforward. It depends on the coach, it depends on the services you need, and it depends on how long you use them. 

In terms of ballpark figures, some dating coaches in the US charge rates from $100 per hour, but according to Insider.com most professional dating coaches charge up to $10,000 or more for entire long-term programs.

Is a dating coach good value for money?

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The cost of a world-class dating coach can initially seem like a lot of money. But in the end, it all comes down to what it is that matters most to you. 

After all, investing in your own happiness is not really the right area to start worrying about cutting costs. 

I am a big fan of people taking ownership of their own lives and investing in finding happiness. 

If a Toronto dating coach can help you meet more women and find love, then it could turn out to be the best investment you have ever made. 

Summary & Next Steps

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There you have it. Our handpicked list of Toronto dating coaches.

Working with a dating coach can seem a big step, but people who have used them generally find it an incredibly positive experience. After all, – you can’t put a price on love. 

No one wants to spend a lifetime on their own, and the longer you wait to start your search, the longer you will wait to find the person you want to be with. 

All of our coaches bring different skills, so pick the one that seems the best fit for you. But don’t cut corners on price. Paying for poor advice is not just a waste of money. It can engrain bad habits and ultimately end up doing more harm than good. 

Finally, good luck in your search for love. If you want to get started finding love straight away, then check out the free attraction training.


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

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