Steffo Shambo: The #1 Dating Coach in Philadelphia For Men

I help you attract true love and find your dream girlfriend in only 9 weeks, even if you’re a shy introvert.

Dating Coach In Philadelphia
Do you ever feel like you’re thriving in all areas of life except your love life?

If you want help from the best dating coach in Philadelphia for men, you deserve someone who understands what you need. 

I mean a person who’s successful at helping single guys find real love.

You deserve a coaching sessions with someone who can: 

  • Help you attract women by being who you are, not someone you pretend to be.
  • Show you how to unleash solid self-confidence so you dominate the dating scene and naturally draw people to you.
  • Walk you through the steps to master your sexual energy for passionate experiences with women you truly connect with. 

If you want to learn to cook, ask a chef, not the food. 🧑‍🍳

This is why you landed on this page and found me. 👋

However, the coaching methods that work for an outgoing guy might not align with what a more introverted male needs.

This is why I created my holistic program. 

You’ll get help from someone that will meet you where you’re at and give you exactly what you need.

Hear from Jacob, who spent over a decade (and over $100,000) trying to fix feeling stuck in life and love to thriving in every area

Women look at me differently, I am more confident, more horny, more masculine, more yogic, more disciplined, more loving, and more clear on my mission, all as a result of this program.

- Jacob Reid, Nevada, USA, Life Coach


I’ve helped 100+ men experience life-changing transformation with dating and relationship coaching

jamie 1

I’ve noticed already, things are happening in my life, things are falling into place – It almost seems like magic! Every day I can activate this superhuman power inside of me. Full of energy, confidence, and vitality.

Jamie McConochie, UK
jon Client testimonial

“My relationship with my wife has transformed into something completely unexpected. It’s not only that her feminine energy can sense the change in me. I think she sees that I see myself changing, and because of that, I’m taking control of my own energy and learning to cultivate it. I was coming into this thinking, “Oh, I am going to get more sex” (which did happen), but this experience has flipped my perspective of sex and love on its head.”

Jon Mizuno, Japan
Zander testimonial

“Before joining the program I did a lot of therapy. I had 4 therapist, went to AA meetings, mediated and ran 5-10 miles per day. It would help me keep sane, but it wasn’t tackling the core problem.”

Zander Blunt, USA
Zander testimonial

“Half way through (the program) she could notice a difference in how I looked, how I acted, there’s was this sort of magnetism and curiosity. I suddenly was getting in tuned with different energies and frequencies in the body.”

Zander Blunt, USA
jacob 1

Women look at me differently, I am more confident, more horny, more masculine, more yogic, more disciplined, more loving, and more clear on my mission, all as a result of this program.

Jacob Reid, USA
Big Tom

“Doing the fundamental practice every day for 12 weeks manifested the exact same girl I was visualizing into reality. I have all the tools now to get wherever I want to!!! Thanks, TME and Steffo Shambo”

Thomas Schirnhofer, Austria
Freddy testimonial

“I only went on 1 date in my life 5 years ago, now I have dated a few women and even had sex. It changed my whole life, my view on women, self-worth, and self-confidence. I turned 30 last year, and I feel like my life has just started. That’s the difference it made for me.”

Freddy Herre, Austria
Moses testimonial

“Joining TME literally changed my life, and it’s one of the best decisions of my life. The program completely changed my view on relationships, and is the most comprehensive, deepest program. You’ll not regret it. It will be the most significant self-improvement task you have achieved. It only goes up from here”

Moses Michalovich, Israel
victor testimonial

“I went on 6 dates with 4 women in 9 weeks without feeling afraid of rejection anymore. And becoming so comfortable to be able to sex-chat and receive nude pics. For me, this is invaluable.”

Victor Leme, Brazil
Jake testimonial

“I believed I would never find a woman, so for the past 10 years I did not go on any dates. What happened though the program was a transformation about my personal view of my life, sexuality, relationships, and intimacy. And I ended up going on 3 dates with 3 different women.”

Jake Frankel, USA
patrik 1

For me it meant a paradigm shift in life, both mentally and in practice. How to understand being a masculine man in a relationship and at the same time a loving and understanding partner, who can meet my woman on the same level where she is, to be relaxed and happy.

Patrik Wall, Sweden

Your Philadelphia dating life shouldn’t make you feel hopeless

A man is sitting behind a woman on a couch

If you’ve been looking for connection in the City of Brotherly Love for a while, you might feel like your love life has become:

  • Swiping endlessly without any good matches.
  • Meeting women stuck in their ways who want you to check every box before dating.
  • A stream of endless first dates without experiencing any connection.

It’s no surprise so many people stay single. 

Compared to other US cities, it’s said that dating in Philly isn’t so bad.

But it is the “most single” big city in America.

According to Pew Research:

63% of men under 30 describe themselves as single.

Meaning you’re not alone. 

But it doesn’t mean being single won’t make you feel like your dating life is doomed for aloneness

You might’ve convinced yourself that dating in Philly is hopeless.

Well, there is hope. 

There are plenty of good women in the city. 

But you might not be doing what it takes to attract their attention.

Working with a dating coach can improve your chances of attracting someone you connect with. 

And get you much further than the first date. 😉

If you’re ready for a life changing experience where you skyrocket your dating skills, you need to sign up for my free attraction training video.

A lot of men lack confidence in love

You’re not alone if you feel insecure about dating or approaching women.

But you don’t need the looks of Chris Hemsworth, David Goggins‘ confidence, or Ryan Reynold‘s charisma.

Any “ordinary” man can attract a woman who appreciates an authentic guy.

Lacking confidence is normal, but staying stuck there isn’t.

My dating coaching program offers exactly what you need to attract women confidently.

If you want to become irresistible to the opposite sex, transformation must happen from within.

I’m going to show you how it’s done.

“I feel full of confidence and energy, no more shame and fear of rejection. I feel I can do anything, like a lucid dream, I can shape my own life like a superhero. For me this is invaluable, now I can be authentically myself, no pick-up artist tricks or manipulations.”

- Victor Leme, Software Engineer, Brazil

The 5-step attraction system offered by the best dating coach in Philadelphia (free training)

My 5-step attraction system will help you:

  1. 1Become the master of your love life so you can take it in any direction you want, whether it’s a long-term relationship or casual dating.
  2. 2Instantly tap into the best version of yourself and increase your attractiveness to women.
  3. 3Let go of the emotional baggage keeping you back from what you truly desire.
  4. 4Easily connect with women you’re attracted to.
  5. 5Make unprecedented progress in your love life.

The benefits of getting an online dating coach

You’ll learn all this from home from one of the best online relationship coaches for men.

You don’t have to worry about getting tripped up in the 8th-worst city for traffic by going to meet someone in person.

Online dating coaching allows you to work on your love life when it’s convenient for you.

They do the same thing as a dating coach you’d meet up with in person, which is help you realize your relationship goals. 

But my clients always tell me that they see more transformation in the 9 weeks we work together in my online program than they do in an in-person dating workshop or weekend retreat they’ve tried in the past.    

Why should you choose me to transform your dating life?

Here’s what makes me different from all the other dating coaches in Philadelphia:

🚀 You will learn to harness your masculinity and sexual energy so you can easily apply it to your dating life.

🚀 Together we will focus on transformation on every level, including physical, emotional, shadow, trauma, mental, sexual, and spiritual.

🚀 You will see your love blockages, blind spots and discover the root cause of your problems so you have the relationship and sex life you desire.

🚀 You’ll shortcut years of failed therapy and self-help into rapid permanent changes.

Working with me isn’t like traditional talk therapy where you tell me about your issues.

Together, we will discover exactly what’s holding you back and heal it.

You won’t just learn how to spice things up in the bedroom. 

You’ll learn how to quickly manifest exactly what you want from your dating life in a matter of weeks.

Learn what it takes to succeed in the Philadelphia dating world from someone who’s been there

Learn what it takes to succeed in the Philadelphia dating world from someone who’s been there

There’s no shortage of dating coaches in Philly, so how do you find the one that’s best for you?

A lot of coaches will play personal matchmaker and give you great advice.

But working with me might be your best option if you’re looking for:

💪 The Male Experience

I know what it’s like to lose at love.

I’ve been there and had a lot of trauma as a person on the dating scene.

Then I learned how to heal my sh*t and dominate the dating scene.

I can help you do the same. 🤝

🏆 Holistic Personal Transformation

I will not give you the worn-out advice you’ll get from other coaches.

My FLT method takes a holistic approach to dating where men experience personal transformation in every area of their life.

You’ll master the art of conversation, embody your innate confidence, learn to have passionate sex, and more.

⚡ Fast Results In A Busy City

Time is one of the most important resources we have.

Traditional therapy might take years to see results.

I’ve designed my program to help you see a change that lasts as fast as possible.

I’ve been doing the same successfully with other men for eight years.

I invite you to contact me to learn more about how I can help you do the same. 📞

From confident men who have taken control of their lives to shy guys who don’t know how to have a conversation with women, the community of men at Tantric Academy is always growing.

In the end, the choice is yours. 

But if you want a coach who understands the challenges men in Philadelphia face who can help you see rapid results, check out my free training.

Master your love relationships now with dating coaching for men

I’m a huge fan of men getting support from a male dating coach who has gone through the process he offers.

Not that there’s something wrong with other coaches, but here’s the thing…

👧 Female dating coaching will give you advice from a woman’s perspective, but teaching you how to use your penis or what it’s like to tap into your testosterone filled masculinity  is impossible for a woman.

😎 Handsome male dating coaches who coach high-status men might not see the same results when working with a regular introverted guy. Different men have different results.

💪 Asking for help in relationships and dating doesn’t make you weak. It means you’re ready to step fully into your power.

If you want a dating coach in Philadelphia who will be like a friend that shares the same process they went through to become successful in love…

…and help hundreds of other guys do the same… 

…then check out my free dating masterclass now. 👇


Dating Coach Philadelphia FAQ

What is a dating coach for men?

A dating coach for men is like having your right hand man out with you on a date.

But rather than him feeding you pick-up lines that make women roll their eyes, he helps you confidently master each date. 🤝

A male dating knows what it’s like to be a man. 

And he’s there to help you become your most masculine self. 

Most men think they should fix their romantic life themselves.

They don’t get coaching because they think it makes them seem weak. 

This is why most men stay single instead of finding their perfect match.

They don’t ask for help and they end up searching unsuccessfully for their dream woman.

I’m here to change the notion that men have to go at this alone.

I’m like the big brother to guys who feel hopeless dating. 

I’ll never judge you.   

I’m here to support your journey and help you master the art of being a confident man that dominates the dating scene.

Reaching out for help doesn’t make you weak.

It makes you powerful.

I’ve experienced rejection from so many women. 

So I know just how you feel. 

It sucks. 😩

I want to teach you the dating skills you need to transform your relationships.

I’ve helped hundreds of men do the same thing.

Contact me to see how a male dating coach can help you master the dating process in Philadelphia so you easily connect with gorgeous women. 📞

What does a dating coach do?

Firstly, do you ever feel like dating in Philadelphia is exhausting?

The city is already crazy busy. 🤪

Does it feel like your dating life is an endless cycle of disappointment? 🔁

Has it been years since you’ve been intimate with a woman? 

Do you think having meaningful connections with women is impossible?

A dating coach is going to help you fix all this. 

But not all dating coaches work the same way. 

I’m the dating coach in Philly that will show you how to:

Tap into your inner confidence

No more playing small.

I’m going to help you step out of your comfort zone by showing you how to unleash your inner confidence. 

I will tell you exactly what it takes to own your masculine energy, engage with women like a boss, and build the self-confidence of a rock star. 😎

You’ll have zero problem attracting women you truly connect with.

Heal past pain and trauma.

I will guide you through a process that allows you to understand what past pain and traumas are blocking your from love.

You can have a future with the woman of your dreams.

You might just need to let go of some baggage.

I’m going to show you how to overcome your past so you can have an amazing life with a person you love waking up with everyday.

Release toxic habits.

Isn’t it time you release the tired toxic experiences when dating?  

Get ready to know what it’s like to have fun on the dating scene and enjoy passionate connections with beautiful women.

I’m going to help you remember how to be the man you really are.

Even if it’s been decades you’ve felt like him.

A dating coach is someone who’s made a career of helping people find their person.  

If you feel like it’s impossible to:

❌ Connect with women in Philadelphia.

❌ Let go of past relationships.

❌ Understand how the dating process works.

❌ Feel confident when you’re around a woman you’re attracted to.

You’re ready to speak with a dating coach. 

They can also help if your sex life has seen better days. 😉

Get ready to stop living lonely nights. 

If you’re serious about finding love, reach out NOW.

Is it worth hiring a dating coach?

It can definitely be worth it to hire a dating coach! 💯

They can make you feel inspired after having a hard time connecting with women.

They’re not all the same though.

Hiring the right dating coach for you depends on your specific needs. 🎯

When you work with a dating coach who takes a holistic approach to help you realize your full potential, then…

Hiring a dating coach is 100% worth it.

If Philadelphia’s dating scene makes you feel like you’re endlessly searching for the right woman with zero luck, then dating coaching is SO worth it. 

Rather than asking if hiring a dating coach is worth it, ask yourself: 

❌ How much more time do you want to waste looking for the right relationship?

❌ Are you ready to create the life of your dreams with a beautiful woman by your side?

❌ Have you revamped your dating profile online several times without any good matches?  

❌ Are you ready to experience real changes in love and relationships?

Reliving the same story gets exhausting.  

A dating coach can guide you on your Philadelphia PA dating journey and help you find lasting love.

If this sounds like you, I’d suggest talking to a dating coach as soon as possible.

After all… 

funny cartoon of mona lisa

Can a dating coach help me?

If you’re tired of struggling and ready to master the art of dating, a dating coach can help.

I wish I’d connected with my mentors sooner. 

This would’ve saved me so much wasted effort trying to find love.

I didn’t have to go through so much heartbreak and rejection.

But I did.

And I don’t regret a thing.

But I would’ve gotten advice from a professional sooner if I knew then what I know now. 

Becoming the confident man I am today didn’t happen overnight. 

I’ve taken more than 1500 hours of certified training courses in Thailand and India studying Tantra, yoga, intimacy, holistic healing, trauma recovery, and more. 

Therapy can be awesome, but it can take years to see average results. 

My clients (guys just like you!) often report feeling a shift within days. 

Michael Coussement from the Netherlands said:

“The results of this program were immediate. After week one, I noticed how I showed up differently.”

Like the famous saying goes; I have seen further, and it is because standing on the shoulders of giants.

So, the bottom line—yes, as a seasoned dating coach, I can help you! ❤️

What questions should I ask a dating coach?

Gain clarity on your love life by asking a dating coach these questions:

❓ Can you help me identify the limiting beliefs sabotaging my success in the dating scene? 

❓ Why can’t I meet any potential matches?

❓ What’s holding me back from the relationship I really want?

❓ Why does it seem like I’m successful in every area of my life but love?

❓ Can you see something in my personal life that’s getting in the way?

❓ What are the toxic habits you see holding me back?

❓ Why am I struggling to make real connections?

Who is the best dating coach in Philadelphia?

You’re already found the best dating coach in Philadelphia 😉

If you’re serious about going from frustration and loneliness and attracting a meaningful relationship, then here’s why I’m your best wing man…

My clients tell me I’m not your average dating coach.

Because I don’t play matchmaker.

Rather I help you transform every aspect of your being.

You’ll get support from a dating coach AND tantra expert.  🤝

I’ve mentored hundreds of men who have found real love in just weeks.

No, I’m not for everyone.  

But I am for the men ready to create lasting personal change so they can meet the woman of their dreams.

Think of me as your older brother who will support you until you succeed.

I refuse to have you fail. 

I’m going to stay right by your side on this journey until you transform into the man you were meant to be so you can have the love and dating life you deserve.

How do I find the right dating coach?

You find the right dating coach you need to be:

Aware of your needs.

The right dating coach is going to identify what’s holding you back.

Are you struggling with self-esteem issues?

Do you fear getting intimate?

Do you want to get married or are you only interested in casual dates?

Knowing why you’re having a hard time can help you find a coach who can give you the advice you need.

Willing to do some research.  

Skip the ‘Bali influencers’ who decided to be a dating coach because it’s trendy on Instagram.

Instead, look for a coach with experience and who has walked in your shoes.

How many years have they been in the business of love and relationship coaching?

Do they have a proven track record?

Taking the time to do some research instead of jumping right in with the first coach you find can help your chances of success.

Aware of shady pick-up artists. 

There are plenty of pick-up artists out there that will teach you manipulation tactics that don’t align with your true self.

They’ll claim to understand female psychology, but will only help you land a one-night stand, not establish meaningful connections, or keep a girlfriend.  

You want a dating coach that can teach you to attract and not chase, while staying true to your authentic self.

Someone that works with you through the entire process to ensure you make meaningful connections with women you’re attracted to.

My FLT (five-level transformation) method is different from other coaching methods.

It combines tantric practices with coaching, meaning you’ll transform your life and step into your personal power to attract a healthy relationship.

Looking for a coach with great reviews. 

Great reviews from previous clients is one of the best ways to find the best coach.

Read all the success stories.

Seek out as many reviews as you can find.  

Knowing how they have (or haven’t) helped other clients will tell you a lot.

When you know what to look for, finding the right coach is easy.

And it will completely change your life.

Do online dating coaches work?

I’ve created a thriving business as an online dating coach.

I can tell you from experience that it works.

If it didn’t, I wouldn’t be here.

Some people say there are no coincidences.

There’s a reason you’re here on this page. 🔮

It’s time for you to transform your relationship with women. (and men)

You’re ready to go through the best online coaching process for single men.

And you found it. 🥇

My holistic approach to coaching has helped hundreds of men on their love and dating journey.  

I’m confident I can help you too.

How much does a dating coach cost on average?

The average cost of a dating coach starts at $100 and goes up to $10,000 or more. 💸

The price you pay for a dating coach is based on a few things.

I have different pricing options to ensure all men can succeed at love:

💰 Free dating coaching. 

You read that right. 

I’ve created a free masterclass you can watch anytime you want, as many times as you need.

💰 Affordable dating coaching. 

For men on a tight budget… 

I have introductory dating courses that start at as little as $27. 🤯

💰 Private dating coaching. 

You can work with me privately with personalized transformation that start at $1000 a month. 💎

Whatever price plan works best for your bank account…

…it’s still much cheaper than traditional therapy 

(which could cost you more in the long run since it can take years to see results 🙄).

The top dating coaches will cost you some cash. 

But when you work with a coach who will help you achieve success in only 9 weeks, you’re spending your money on the best investment you can.


It’s time to take inspired action towards releasing whatever’s keeping you back from love.

You deserve a real connection, mind-blowing sex, and to step into your power.

I’ll help you get there.

This is priceless.

Are all dating coaches the same?

No, dating coaches are not all the same.

Countless men I’ve worked with tell how much they appreciate that my sessions include a customized personalized plan unique to their needs. .

One of the best things about working with me?

It’s available to men worldwide, no matter if you live in: 

No matter where you are in the world, I will support you using holistic practices proven successful and creating lasting change for centuries. 🌎