I’m Steffo Shambo, The Best Dating Coach in Dallas For Men

I help guys improve their dating life and find their perfect match in 9 weeks, even if they’ve been lonely and out of the dating scene for years.

Dating Coach In Dallas

Dallas women refer to Dallas men as the original f*ckboys, and Dallas men say the women aren’t much different. 🙈

If your dating life is suffering…

…you deserve a dating coach in Dallas who can help you ditch the disappointing dating experiences for good and attract higher-quality women.

Not all dating coaches are created equal, though.

If you’re looking for your dream girl, you need a coach who understands your unique situation.

I’m talking about someone with a proven track record of helping single guys find love.

That’s where I step in. 👋

No matter what your past dating experiences were like…

I’m the Dallas dating coach who will help you:

  • Attract gorgeous women without pretending to be someone you’re not.
  • Develop a strong self-confidence to easily dominate social settings, dramatically improve your dating skills, and overcome life’s dating challenges for good. 
  • Become a master of your sexual power and energy for a passionate, unforgettable physical connection with your partner.  

To catch fish, you ask the fisherman—not the fish. 🐟

And that’s why you’re on this page, finding me. 😉

But what works for the extroverted male may not work for an introverted, shy guy. 

That’s what my holistic program is for. 

We’ll take a deep dive together beyond the basics, healing any limiting beliefs lurking in the shadow while also working on the spiritual aspect

You’ll learn from someone who will give you a starting point based on your current situation so you can have a meaningful dating experience in the future. 

Hear how Freddy went from a people pleaser to dating several women and having sex for the first time in years. 

I was basically living an inauthentic life, and discovered I was a huge people pleaser that never respected my own feelings or boundaries. Before the course I was really anxious about dating women, I had one date in my life like 5 years ago, and I just started dating again. I had a few, and even had sex with one of the women. I was authentic and wasn’t overthinking what could go wrong. A lot of the anxiety is gone and it just feels very freeing.

- Freddy Herrer, Germany, Entrepreneur


I’ve helped hundreds of men experience dramatic transformations

Jake testimonial

“I believed I would never find a woman, so for the past 10 years I did not go on any dates. What happened though the program was a transformation about my personal view of my life, sexuality, relationships, and intimacy. And I ended up going on 3 dates with 3 different women.”

Jake Frankel, USA
victor testimonial

“I went on 6 dates with 4 women in 9 weeks without feeling afraid of rejection anymore. And becoming so comfortable to be able to sex-chat and receive nude pics. For me, this is invaluable.”

Victor Leme, Brazil
patrik 1

For me it meant a paradigm shift in life, both mentally and in practice. How to understand being a masculine man in a relationship and at the same time a loving and understanding partner, who can meet my woman on the same level where she is, to be relaxed and happy.

Patrik Wall, Sweden
jamie 1

I’ve noticed already, things are happening in my life, things are falling into place – It almost seems like magic! Every day I can activate this superhuman power inside of me. Full of energy, confidence, and vitality.

Jamie McConochie, UK
Moses testimonial

“Joining TME literally changed my life, and it’s one of the best decisions of my life. The program completely changed my view on relationships, and is the most comprehensive, deepest program. You’ll not regret it. It will be the most significant self-improvement task you have achieved. It only goes up from here”

Moses Michalovich, Israel
Freddy testimonial

“I only went on 1 date in my life 5 years ago, now I have dated a few women and even had sex. It changed my whole life, my view on women, self-worth, and self-confidence. I turned 30 last year, and I feel like my life has just started. That’s the difference it made for me.”

Freddy Herre, Austria
Zander testimonial

“Half way through (the program) she could notice a difference in how I looked, how I acted, there’s was this sort of magnetism and curiosity. I suddenly was getting in tuned with different energies and frequencies in the body.”

Zander Blunt, USA
Big Tom

“Doing the fundamental practice every day for 12 weeks manifested the exact same girl I was visualizing into reality. I have all the tools now to get wherever I want to!!! Thanks, TME and Steffo Shambo”

Thomas Schirnhofer, Austria
Zander testimonial

“Before joining the program I did a lot of therapy. I had 4 therapist, went to AA meetings, mediated and ran 5-10 miles per day. It would help me keep sane, but it wasn’t tackling the core problem.”

Zander Blunt, USA
jacob 1

Women look at me differently, I am more confident, more horny, more masculine, more yogic, more disciplined, more loving, and more clear on my mission, all as a result of this program.

Jacob Reid, USA

Your Dallas dating life can be dope when you have the right dating coach

Man with woman sitting on a bike in mountains

There’s a reason TikTok dubbed Dallas a “dating dumpster” already back in 2021.

Dallas Observer quoted tiktoker Hoyos:

“I think that men really need to just kind of like remove the mask and be themselves and not feed into this superficial culture that has been built in Dallas. I think they’re really good guys that just fall into that frat boy lifestyle, but in their hearts, they’re really really good people.”

Some Dallas singles say the city is notoriously tough for dating, even going so far to say that Dallas is a dating nightmare.

The consensus is the dating scene in Dallas sucks. 

If you’re like a lot of Dallas singles, it might seem like:

  • It isn’t easy to approach cute strangers.
  • The online dating world is great if you just want to hook up but terrible if you’re looking for something serious.
  • The city is full of superficial singles obsessed with wealth and status.

If you feel like all Dallas has to offer is the same disappointing dating experiences over and over, I’m here to tell you that doesn’t have to be the case. 

No matter where you are, good women do exist.  

You just might not be the guy who attracts their attention. 

But when you work with a dating coach, you dramatically improve your chances of finding a great match in Dallas. 

The right dating coach in Dallas is going to help you effortlessly attract like-minded women and take your dating game to the next level. 

Ready to attract real love in a matter of weeks? 

Sign up for my free attraction training program.

The dating world doesn’t have to damage your self-esteem

Listen up, guys. 📢

It’s no secret that dating apps like Tinder and Hinge can ruin your confidence and self-esteem. 

Take the American Psychological Association study for example: 

“Both male and female users reported less satisfaction with their bodies and looks, compared to non-users, said Strübel, but only male Tinder users reported lower levels of self-esteem.”

Let’s just say there’s a lot more to self-worth than someone swiping right on your dating profile.

Sure, there are handfuls of handsome men that come from the Lone Star State. 

But you don’t have to have the charismatic charm of Hugh Jackman or look like Matthew  McConaughey to land the girl. 

Any “ordinary” guy can attract gorgeous women who appreciate an authentic man

Low self-esteem is normal, but staying stuck and single isn’t. 

My dating coaching program will give all the tools you need to attract real women in Dallas who appreciate you for exactly who you are. 

But to become irresistible and charming, you must transform from within. 

I’ll show you how. 

Holistic support from someone with similar past dating experiences 

Sure, I’ve made a career of counseling men on seeking success on their journey of love.

But I wasn’t always a dating coach. 

And I wasn’t always so confident with women.

Just the opposite, honestly.

I’ve hit the same blind spots in dating and I have experienced my fair share of trauma.

Today, I’m a confident man with over 1500 hours of certified relationship study and practice in Thailand and India.

I’ve studied intimacy with renowned spiritual gurus, including Sadhguru, Mooji, and Prem Baba.

For years, I’ve immersed myself in all kinds of spiritual practices and rituals so I could build an arsenal to use to battle against my inner demons that kept me from connecting with women. 

On my journey, I discovered that to date the type of woman I wanted I had to:

  • Bring light to my darkness.
  • Feel my emotions. 
  • Heal my unresolved trauma with women. 
  • Embrace my inner boy. 
  • Awaken to my divine self.

When I discovered how to do all this I created my holistic attraction system. 

It’s helped hundreds of men just like you release whatever it is holding them back from spending their life with the woman of their dreams. 

The 5-step attraction system from the best dating coach in Dallas (free training)

In my 5-step attraction system, you’ll learn to:

  1. 1Take charge of your love life and steer it in the direction you want
  2. 2Immediately bring out your best self
  3. 3Overcome the emotional baggage that could be holding you back
  4. 4Naturally communicate with beautiful women with a renewed sense of self-confidence
  5. 5Master the art of dating and make progress like you’ve never experienced before

The benefits of online dating coaching

You will learn from one of the best relationship coaches for men online—all from the comfort of your own home. 

An online coach can be a total game-changer. 

In my online dating coaching program, we spend 9 weeks working together. 

The transformations are through the roof. 🚀

Countless clients have told me our online sessions have consistently outperformed a short in-person weekend workshop.

One of the best parts about it? 

You carry on with your normal life without putting anything on pause. 🕺

Okay, but…

What makes me different from other dating coaches in Dallas? 

Glad you asked. 

🚀 You’ll learn to master your masculine and sexual energy so that you can willingly channel it in your dating life.

🚀  Together, we’ll focus on transforming every facet of who you are now, from the physical to the mental, emotional, and spiritual, so you can become your most authentic self.

🚀 You’ll identify blind spots and the root cause of your dating problems so that you’ll never stop yourself from having the love and sex life you want.

This isn’t just another therapy session where you’ll talk to me about your problems. 

We’re going to explore what’s holding you back and discover what you need to manifest your dream relationship. 

Whether you need guidance to heal your sexual trauma or get over your mommy issues for good, I’ve got your back, brother. 

Get personal support in the Dallas dating scene from someone who’s walked the walk

woman touching man

There are countless dating coaches in Dallas. 

And a lot of them have great advice. 

So how do you choose the right one?  

Well, working with me might be the best choice if you’re interested in: 

💪 The Male Experience

I’m not just talking out of my ass. 

I’ve walked the walk and had my fair share of trauma and hardships as a man in the dating scene. 

If you’re curious, you can read about my journey here.

🏆 Transformations Across All Levels

I go beyond the typical advice you’ll get from the average dating coach. 

My FLT method is a holistic approach where you’ll master everything from building confidence and communicating like a king, to the art of having passionate sex so you and your partner experience mind blowing, full body orgasms

Stick with me and you’ll transform your entire being. 

Quick Results and Lasting Change

Time is one of the most valuable things you have. 

But traditional therapy could take months or years before you see solid results.

My program is designed to help you experience lasting changes as fast as possible. 

I have a proven track record of over a decade of helping men succeed in their romantic lives.  

I’ve helped lonely guys who can’t date and are too shy to talk to women turn into confident leaders who are taking control of their lives. 

And the community of men at Tantric Academy just keeps on growing. 

If you’re looking for a coach who understands the challenges men face in Dallas and can help you get rapid results, definitely take a look at my free training.

Conquer your dating dilemmas in Dallas with a male dating coach

I’m a huge advocate of men getting support from another male. 

Especially a dating coach who’s been through the process he teaches himself. 

Not that other coaches in the dating world can’t help you, but the thing is: 

👧 The Female Dating Coach For Men

A female dating coach can share interesting things from a woman’s point of view. 

But it’s difficult for a woman to teach a man about how to be a man with testosterone and a 🍆 when you’re a woman with estrogen and a 🐱. 

A question was posted on Facebook…

“Men over 30; what advice would you give men in their 20s?”

Here are some of the answers: 🎤🫳

screenshot of conversation message
😎 The Handsome Male Dating Coach

Good-looking male dating coaches who focus on helping other high-status men might not see the same results when working with the average Joe. 

After all, what works for a top 5% man won’t always work for another. 


Seeking help from another man in your love and dating life is a power move, not a weakness. 💪

You deserve the best dating coach in Dallas. 

That’s why I’ll personally walk you through the process I went through to achieve success in my dating life that’s helped hundreds of other men do the same. 

Consider this the sign you were waiting for to make this the year you find an intense passion connection and ignite your love life.


Dating Coach Dallas FAQ

What is a dating coach for men?

A dating coach for men is your right-hand man in the dating scene. 🤝

They know what it’s like to be a man and how to help you attract gorgeous women into you for who you are. 

You don’t have to continue to stumble blindly through each date. 

And you don’t have to go at it alone. 🐺

Most men do, though. 

They don’t seek the help from a dating coach because they think it makes them weak. 

And this is why most guys continue to see the same patterns repeating over and over again. 🔁

Instead they suffer because they refuse to ask for help. 

I’m here to change all that and be like a big brother to men who aren’t satisfied with their dating lives. 

You can contact me whenever you feel like you need support.  

It’s not a sign of weakness. 

And I’ll never judge you. 

I know what it’s like to be rejected by women. 

I know exactly how you feel. 

And because I’ve completely transformed my love life, I know how to help you do the same.  

After all, I’ve done it with hundreds of other men who’ve contacted me. 📞

What does a dating coach do?

Firstly, do you ever feel like Dallas’ dating scene is the same old tired story? 🙄

Are you struggling to connect with amazing women?

Does it seem like your dating life is stuck in a worn out cycle? 🔁

Is your sex life non-existent? 

Well, a dating coach can help you with all this and more. 

But not all dating coaches work the same. 

With me as your dating coach you’ll learn to:

Unleash your inner confidence

You won’t feel insecure or invisible anymore. 

I help you ignite masculine energy, unlock your innate leadership DNA, and build self-confidence. 

All of these will help you naturally attract women like magnets.

Heal past hurts and trauma.

Identify the self-limiting beliefs,past traumas, heartbreaks, and energetic blocks getting in the way of you and true love. 

You deserve your best relationship. 

Letting go of your baggage is going to get you one step closer to an amazing connection with the woman of your dreams.

Break toxic patterns.

Let go of the same toxic experiences you keep reliving. 

Embrace satisfying, soul-fulfilling connections. 

We focus on helping you release who you’ve been to become who you really are. 

Dating coaches are the relationship experts who will help you completely change your dating life. 

If you find it difficult to:

❌ Find true love or really connect with a woman

❌ Overcome the dating challenges you currently face

❌ Understand body language and non-verbal communication 

❌ Feel confident when interacting with women

Talking to a dating coach is for you. 

They can also help if your sex life is struggling. 😉

No more lonely nights. 💔

Just you attracting amazing women who are drawn to you for who you really are. 

If you’re ready to stop playing small and dominate your dating life, we need to talk. 

Is it worth hiring a dating coach?

It can be totally worth it to hire a dating coach. 

But remember, not all coaches are the same and it depends on what you’re looking for. 🎯

When you work with a dating coach who uses a holistic approach that can help you step into your full potential…

Dating coaching is worth it. 💯

If you’re exhausted from the Dallas dating scene and want to settle down already, then dating coaching is WELL worth it. 

Instead of asking yourself if it’s worth it to hire a dating coach, ask yourself: 

❌ How much more time can you waste in the same tired story?

❌ Are you ready to finally have a positive dating experience and find love that lasts?

❌ Are you tired of redoing your online dating profile over and over and getting the same results? 

When are you really going to start making serious changes to your love life?

Or do you think you can keep going at it on your own?  

A happy, long-term relationship can’t be ordered on Amazon. 😅 

But a dating coach can help you change what’s holding you back so you can find love that lasts. 

If this sounds anything like you, I’d highly recommend talking to a dating coach. 📞

Can a dating coach help me?

I can confidently say that a dating coach can help boost your results in the dating world. 🚀

I wish I’d talked to my mentors sooner than I did. 

Then they could’ve shown me what I needed to do to succeed at love sooner.

I wouldn’t have experienced a lot of the heartbreak and what felt like countless rejections. 

Well, sh*t happens. 💩

I don’t regret a thing.  

But I would look for a coach sooner if I knew then what I know now. 

I’ve spent a long time becoming the man I am today. 

I have over 1500 hours of certified training in India and Thailand learning Tantra, yoga, intimacy, holistic healing, and more. 

Therapy is awesome, but it can take a loooong time. 

Men that I work with often say they experience profound changes within days. 

Most men who have succeeded in life say they got where they are today because of the successful men who lifted them up.  

That’s where I step in. 

I’m your brotherly dating coach that can help you avoid years in therapy and see dating success in just weeks. 

So yes, as an experienced mentor, I can help you. 

It would be an honor 🙏

What questions should I ask a dating coach?

Some of the top questions to ask a dating coach include:

❓ Can you help me better understand what’s holding me back in love and relationships? 

❓ Why can’t I find true love?

❓ What’s keeping me from the love I  want?

❓ Why does it seem like I succeed in everything but love? 

❓ Do you see patterns in my personality that might be getting in the way?

❓ What are my toxic love patterns?

❓ Why do I always fall into the friends with no benefits category?

❓ Why can’t I feel the  masculine energy I know is naturally within me?

Who is the best dating coach in Dallas?

You just found the best Dallas dating coach! 😉

If you want to find high-quality women who dig the real you, then I’m your go-to guy.

You’re not going to be working with some regular old dating coach. 

You’ll be working side by side with a tantra and dating expert.  🤝

I’ve helped countless guys go from single and lonely to attracting several women in just weeks.

I know I’m not everyone’s ideal dating coach. 

But I am for men that are serious about finding real love that lasts.  

And for men that want to stop playing small and step into their full masculine power. 

I’m like the big brother who is going to hold you to your sh*t until you transform like other guys I’ve mentored .

Stick with me and you won’t fail. 

I’ll walk with you every step of the way until you become a man who easily attracts women. 

How do I find the right dating coach?

To find the right dating coach, find someone who:

🚀 Understands your current needs. 

What’s keeping you from the love you desire? 

Do you need a boost of self-confidence, find it hard to communicate with women, or fear intimacy? 

Knowing where you suffer will help you find the right dating coach for your unique needs.

🚀 Has experience helping other men.  

Skip the cool guy coach with empty promises.  🤙

Look for a coach with a proven track record of helping other men. 

Do they have previous clients who are now dominating their love lives? 

This is the kind of coach you want to find. 

🚀 Make sure they’re authentic. 

Beware of the cheesy or shady coaches. 

Trust me, they exist.

An authentic dating coach is going to help you build  on building genuine connections. 

They’re going to be real and encourage you to do the same.  

I combine coaching with tantric practices for an unforgettable experience. 

I’m here to help you find your inner confidence so that you attract women for who you are.

🚀 Read previous reviews. 

A good coach will have plenty of  client reviews. Make sure you read them.  

This helps you know if they’ve got a good success rate.

Knowing everything about them isn’t necessary, but knowing how they’ve helped others (or not) will help you gauge if they’re good for you. 

Finding the right coach isn’t hard when you know what to look for. 

You want someone who understands what you’re going through and knows how to help you change.

Do online dating coaches work?

I wouldn’t be here if online dating coaching didn’t work. 

I’ve made it my life’s work, after all. 

When you find the right fit, online dating coaching can be life-changing. 

You’re here on this page for a reason. 

You deserve one of the best online dating coaching programs out there. 

And you just found it. 🥇

I’ve helped real men see real transformations through my unique approach to coaching. 

I wouldn’t put myself out here like if I didn’t think I could help you.

How much does a dating coach cost on average?

The cost of a dating coach can vary widely from free to up to $10,000 or more. 💸

But cost is based on a lot of different factors. 

I offer a few pricing options: 

💰 Free training. 

I offer a free dating masterclass that anyone can watch on their own time as many times as they feel they need to. 

💰 Affordable training. 

I also offer intro courses starting at as little as $27. 🤯

They’re for men on a budget who don’t have much to invest in themselves. 

💰 Private coaching. 

You can also work with me one on one.  

I offer private coaching sessions that start at $1,000 per month. 💎

Whatever you decide on, it’s still much cheaper than traditional therapy (which may end up costing much more considering that it takes a few years 🙄).

Think about how much time you’d waste with a coach who didn’t know what they were doing. 

The best dating coaches aren’t cheap. 

But if you invested in a high-quality coach who can help you transform your life and find love in just 9 weeks, it’s money well spent.  

Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make.  

Imagine a thriving relationship, amazing sex, and a loving relationship with a woman you share a great connection with. 

It’s priceless. 

funny cartoon of mona lisa

Are all dating coaches the same?

There are all sorts of coaches you can find with different frameworks. 

My program is available for all men regardless of location. 🌎

What many of my clients appreciate about working with me is that my love coaching sessions are custom-tailored based on your situation and location, whether that’s in: 

No matter where you are, I’ll help you navigate your love life through natural, ancient practices that stand the test of time. 

Master the basic dating principles and you’ll never struggle with experiencing love again.