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Updated on Aug 11, 2023
Dating Coach Austin

Dating coach Austin: The definitive list

Austin TX is one of America’s great cities. Live music, great food, beautiful countryside on your doorstep. But aren’t all of those things better shared? 

The problem is finding a great date is a bit like looking for fur on a rattlesnake. You aren’t going to find it, and you will probably get hurt looking. 

But, there are a million people in Austin TX, so surely there must be someone who is perfect for you.

But if you are struggling to find her do not give up hope. What you need is an expert dating coach who can help you meet great women and achieve those relationship goals. 

If you are looking for life coaches or relationship coaches in Austin TX, then you’ve come to the right place. Our handpicked choices can save time if you are tired of wasted dates that don’t lead to long-term relationships.

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If you are a single guy in Austin, tired of the dating life, then a relationship coach can help you on your dating journey. They can give you the self-confidence to attract and date some of the incredible women our city has to offer.

To help guys find the best dating coach in Austin TX, we have pulled together our list of the leading dating coaches in Bat City.

These guys and girls are handpicked. No more rolling the dice after trawling through Yelp. Only the very best make the cut to be one of our top 7 dating coaches. We have done the research so you don’t have to.

Who are the best dating coaches in Austin Texas?

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Steffo Shambo dating coach

Straight in with a bullet at Number 1 on our list is world-renowned relationship guru Steffo Shambo. If you are looking for love in Bat City, he is a vastly experienced life coach who can help find and maintain better relationships. 

If his face looks familiar it is probably because he regularly features on mainstream media outlets like CBS, Fox News, NBC, and USA Today. This had made him one of the most well know and widely respected relationship experts out there. 

His Tantric Academy helps men from around the world through an online approach. I always think that an online coach is definitely something to consider. Why restrict yourself to whoever happens to live in your local area when there are coaches out there who you know can get proven results fast?

I know lots of guys who have taken part in his The Tantric Man Experience and every one of them has told me it was transformational. Take Jake, for example,  who went from single and lonely for 10 years to dating several high-quality women in only 9 weeks. 

Steffo brings a unique holistic approach to his work, underpinned by decades of spiritual learning and insight. His focus is not on short-term tactics like pick-up lines. Instead, he’s working to help guys understand how to harness their natural masculine energy and develop the magnetism that draws women to them.

If you are looking for someone to help you make major life changes, get the girl, and build a relationship that really endures, then Steffo is the Austin TX date coach for you. And unlike some coaches, with Steffo you can try before you buy! He has loads of great free resources on his website such as this free attraction training.

2.Elizabeth Golembiewski

Elizabeth Golembiewski
Elizabeth Golembiewski lives and works right here in Austin TX. She is a recognized expert in the world of dating and relationships – which has led to appearances on a range of key local and national TV and radio shows. Her work includes singles groups, personal coaching, and workshops.

Elizabeth’s approach focuses on helping people understand what healthy relationships look like. She can help her clients spot bad patterns in relationships and give them the tools to stop repeating them. 

She is down-to-earth, approachable, and insightful. Maybe she can help you to transform your life and find love. 

3.Crista Beck

Crista Beck

Crista has been working as a dating and relationship coach for over 12 years. 

She brings a woman’s touch to transform your dating skills, giving you insight into how women think and what they look for in a man. This can help you navigate the world of dating with genuine confidence. 

Her approach is based on helping you uncover and express your most attractive self, supporting you to get rid of the baggage that might be holding you back, and bringing new clarity on what you are seeking in your dream partner.

4.David Cantu (Life Coach Austin)

David Cantu (Life Coach Austin)
David Cantu is a vastly experienced life coach and relationship counselor. With over 20,000 hours of experience and training with couples and individuals, he has helped many people in Austin to find love, joy, and fulfillment. 

David’s approach is very much based on a coaching model. He can help you to identify the changes that you want in your life and then work with you to develop a plan to deliver them.

He is an expert in marriage and relationships, which gives him a strong understanding of how you can develop better relationships that start with successful first dates.

5.Julia McCurley (Something More)

Julia McCurley
Julia McCurley offers an elite matchmaking service for singles in Austin Texas through her own business Something More. She has a long track record, delivering personalized matchmaking services since 2009, and has helped hundreds of Austin singles find love. 


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

Julia also offers tailored dating coaching to her clients. This coaching looks at everything from flirting techniques, how to text, mock dates, how to be a great first date, the art of small talk, and how to close the deal for a second date.

If you are a single professional in the city, then perhaps Julia should be on your relationship coaching shortlist. 

6.Mathis Kennington

Mathis Kennington
Mathis Kennington would probably describe himself as a life coach rather than a dating coach. But maybe that is exactly what you need. Sometimes success in dating is tied up with all sorts of other issues that men are experiencing about purpose and meaning. If that sounds like you then maybe Mathis is worth a look. 

After all, if you understand the barriers that are holding you back then it can transform your dating life. 

He can help you dig deeper to identify and understand the patterns of behavior that are sabotaging your relationships. With his help, you can develop an effective strategy for successful dating based on you being the best version of yourself. 

7.John Howard

John Howard

John Howard is a professional counselor who offers a full range of counseling options covering any challenge you are facing through his business Austin Professional Counseling. 

But he also provides dating coaching services right here in Austin Texas. His 3-month Find Your Mate program is specifically designed to help you find the perfect partner. 

The program focus on assessing your first date readiness works on boosting your confidence, addresses any limiting beliefs, and provides a roadmap to find your perfect match. This is a great program for single guys looking for a relationship and ready to make things happen. 

What is a dating coach?

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A good date coach will work with you to understand your dating goals, identify where you are going wrong at the moment, and help you find a path forward. 

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No two coaches are the same. Some will advise you on what to wear on a date and give your dating apps a digital makeover. Others, like our #1 choice, will take a more rounded approach. They help you realize where you are going wrong and give you a plan to move forward. 

Does online dating coaching work?

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Different coaches support clients in different ways. Even a locally based life coach will probably do a lot of their work online, so it isn’t always a case of local versus online based. 

The big benefit of being open to online specialists is that it means you can select your life coach from a worldwide talent pool. 

Ultimately, it depends on what you need. If you want someone to tell you what the best bar in Rainey is for a date then you probably need a local expert. But if you need help developing the self-confidence to find the perfect date, then online is definitely an option you should consider. 

Let’s face it if I was a guy in Austin TX  looking for love I would want to find the best person available to help me. I wouldn’t care where they lived. 

How much does a dating coach charge?

This is one of the questions clients always ask. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. It very much depends on the coach and the level of support you need. Just to give some idea, some dating coaches in the US charge rates from $100 per hour, but according to Insider.com most professional dating coaches charge up to $10,000 or more for entire long-term programs.

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I realize that this might seem like a big commitment. But, my advice is always that finding love is not an area where you should ever be cutting corners and going for a cheaper option. 

Instead, see it as an investment in your future happiness. If you find the right dating coach, it is widely accepted that your love life can be transformed. You’ll be able to approach amazing women, flirt confidently, and go from disappointing first dates to the second date, the third date, and beyond. With luck, you will discover the woman of your dreams to settle down with. Then you can delete the dating apps from your phone and leave the local dating scene for good

If you end up finding the right person to spend your entire life with, then whatever it costs has to be good value. Men who have used dating coaches often swear it is the best investment they ever made in themselves. 

Who is the right dating coach for you?

One of the reasons we put this list together is we are often being asked by men in Austin TX “who is the best dating coach near me?”

If this was an exact science, we would give you one name, but different people need different things. That is why our advice is to spend a bit of time researching the options that are out there to find the perfect life coach for you.  

Working with any coach is most effective if you have a great relationship with them. And different people will connect with different coaches. Ultimately, it is your choice. Find someone with a strong track record. The first page I always look at on a coach’s profile is ‘testimonials’ – you can learn more from what others say about them than what they say about themselves. 

Summary and next steps

If you have got this far you will have more clarity about what makes up a great dating coach. If you are still interested and tired of single life, maybe it is time to take the plunge. Find out if getting professional help can transform your love life and help build better relationships. Start your journey today by checking out this free attraction training.

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