Poem: The Conscious Man Does Not Open Her Through Orgasm

by The Conscious Man Poem

The Conscious Man Poem

He is a conscious man
who sees beyond her beauty
of body and flesh,
into his lover’s inner world
of fervent emotions.
Before making love to her,
he makes love to her mind,
and penetrates her heart
with his fierce presence.

He is a conscious man who understands
that he does not need his woman to complete him;
his beloved is a powerful force on her own
that adds to his already completeness.
He is not there to take from her.
He is there to serve his unconditional lovin’.
He is a reverent devotee to the Divine Feminine.

He is a conscious man
who realizes that the way to open her
is not through orgasm,
but through giving the trust – for her surrender.
He rejoices in the pleasure expressed by her body’s openness.
He breathes the desire deeply
into his own body,
letting it magnify and move
throughout its entirety
surpassing the trap
of the genitals
and head’s entanglement.

Artfully, he uses his breath to feel from his heart –
and into hers,
together uniting their hearts’ love
into the world,
feeling the expansion of combined consciousness
penetrating the whole universe.

I am a conscious man
forever in service to you,
my beloved.

by Steffo Shambo


Steffo Shambo

Steffo Shambo

Mentor at Tantric Academy

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