The Best Fleshlight Sleeve for Men: Top 16 for Better Masturbation

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Apr 11, 2024
best fleshlight

Of all the male sex toys and masturbators available, which is the best Fleshlight sleeve?

In this ultimate list, you’ll find 16 handpicked Fleshlights that are the best for self-pleasure and improving your sexual performance.

As a sex coach who’s taught hundreds of men around the world, I made this article to help you find the right Fleshlight and understand what options are available.

This list includes my personal favorite and what I believe is the best Fleshlight for all men, whether you’re new or experienced. I’ve also included a few alternative options almost guaranteed to help you blow your load! (or take my challenge to retain 😉)

So, ready to get started? Let’s not waste any more time and dive right in!

Disclosure: Some links might be affiliate links where I am compensated but at no extra cost to you. If you have any concerns, please read more in the privacy policy.

My Top Picks

What is the best Fleshlight? Top 16

Here are my best picks for the best Fleshlight:

1. Stamina training unit (stu)  

stamina training unit

In my opinion, this is the best male sex toy you could get. I’ve found the Stamina Training Unit to be the most effective for practice and preparation. This intense fleshlight can mimic the real feeling of making love with a woman.

As a tantric coach, I get many clients struggling with sexual performance. They have trouble pleasing their partner in the bedroom. This is because they suffer from premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Constant sexual dissatisfaction can affect a relationship. And it can affect one’s confidence. That’s where this Fleshlight comes in.


  • Adjust the tightness: Tighten or loosen the pressure. The screw is easy to use.
  • Realistic: The physical feeling is close to a real vagina!
  • Simple to clean: Easy cleaning process as there’s a clear pathway for the water to enter.


  • Durability: After a few uses, the silicone can begin to wear off.

Master your sexual energy for a healthier sex life

If you’re in a healthy relationship and are only looking for the best Fleshlight to spice up the sex with your partner, ignore this.

Now, perhaps you’re in one of the following situations:

  • You struggle to connect with women authentically.
  • You’re in a sexless marriage or relationship where the intimacy has grown stale.
  • She’s never satisfied. You have trouble with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
  • Performance anxiety stops you from speaking to women and wanting to have sex.

Whichever situation you’re in, it’s pretty clear that your sex life is in shambles.

Does it have to be that way forever?


Is it possible to turn things around?


Fleshlights are only good for physical and mental preparation for real sexual encounters. Other than that, you’re wasting your sexual energy. This could otherwise be used for higher purposes:

  • Creativity: Unleash your hidden creativity. Remove the blocks that have repressed your potential for years.
  • Spirituality: Connect with your spiritual self. Be able to make decisions without the influence of your impulses.
  • Physical health: Improve your physical well-being and appearance.

No longer want to resort to sex toys and want something more meaningful? Watch my free training on overcoming your sexual blockages. You will learn natural tantric methods to perform better in bed and have the sex life you’ve always wanted.

2. Stoya destroya

stoya destroya

The Stoya Destroya is named after an actress in the adult industry. This has made a big name in the world of male sex toys for a good reason: it’s realistic and intense. You’ll feel pleasure in all areas around your penis thanks to the design of this Fleshlight.


  • Realistic and intense: The Stoya Destroya replicates a real vagina. When you enter, it feels nicely tight and firm around the penis.
  • Adjustable: You can adjust the sensation and suction power. Use it how you like to use it best, whether you prefer it more tight or not.


  • Size considerations: It may not fit all penis sizes, particularly those on the smaller side.
  • Preferences: The Stoya Destroya offers an intensive sensation. This is pleasurable to many but may not be for everyone.


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If you had the choice between real intimacy and sex toys, which would you choose?

Unfortunately, many fellow brothers out there settle for the latter. They’re stuck in a spiral of beating their meat and watching porn. And these are the same things leading to sexual dysfunction and lower testosterone levels.

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Once you accept that you deserve intimacy, you’ll be glad you made that choice.

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3. Riley reid utopia

riley reid utopia

Name sound familiar? Well, I wouldn’t be surprised. Most guys will have come across or jacked off at least once to Riley Reid on Pornhub. She’s one of the most popular adult film stars in the porn industry who has a Fleshlight made after her.

The Riley Reid Utopia is one of the most pleasurable male sex toys. It’s realistic, warm, and intense!


  • Realistic vagina: The Riley Reid Utopia was crafted to replicate the feeling of a real female vagina. And it’s one of the most realistic sex toys on this list.
  • Responds to temperature: The texture can respond to temperature. This makes it even more pleasurable and improves the realism of sexual intercourse.


  • Sensitivity: The Riley Reid Utopia feels great but might feel too intense for others.
  • Size consideration: It may not fit those with significantly shorter or larger meat sizes.

4. Classic pink lady

classic pink lady

The Classic Pink Lady is a highly-rated male masturbator. Although it’s a non-vibrating sleeve, many love its soft texture. This is a durable option that feels realistic and can be immersed in warm water. Also comes as with the option of an anal fleshlight.


  • Realism: The smooth material makes the fleshlight feel real. Plus, it can respond to temperature.
  • Smooth texture: Experience a soft and warm sensation. Use warm water to increase the pleasure.


  • Non-vibrating fleshlight: This might not be for you when you want a vibrating fleshlight.
  • Water-lubricant: Better to use with water-lubricant.

5. Quickshot vantage

quickshot vantage

This almost looks like a glass cup. But it’s not. It’s the QuickShot Vantage.

Compared to other Fleshlights, it’s affordable and offers good value for money. Whether you’re a couple wanting to add more spice or single and want to practice, this could be the suitable sex toy.


  • Maintenance: The cleaning process is pretty straightforward. It doesn’t usually require extensive care. Simply rinse both ends, use soap to clean, and let it air dry.
  • Adjustable ends: Open or close both ends. Create a tighter, suctioned feeling based on your preference.
  • Easy to carry around: It’s a discreet Fleshlight. This makes it convenient for travel purposes.


  • Best with water-based lubricants: Some users have noted that the silicone can wear out. So, stick to water-based lubricants for the best results.
  • Design: This is different from a full-sleeve Fleshlight. Therefore, the design may not fit everyone’s preferences.

6. Flight pilot

flight pilot

The Fleshlight Flight Pilot is well-known for its compact design. And of course, the pleasure it has to offer.

Take the Flight Pilot anywhere with you and enjoy its pleasure wherever you go. It’s one option popular in the industry, especially when you’re new to male sex toys. This is also highly rated on Amazon.


  • Travel-friendly: The Flight Pilot is sleek and has a discreet design. Therefore, it’s easy to carry around while traveling and could fit nicely inside your bag or luggage.
  • Realistic sex toy: Featuring the SuperSkin material, the Flight Pilot imitates the real thing. This is soft, smooth, and feels incredible.
  • Easy maintenance: It’s relatively easy to clean and dry.  


  • Loud: It’s pretty loud compared to the normal Fleshlight. So, you’ll need a decent amount of privacy.
  • Durability: Some customer reviews have mentioned that the Fleshlight fell apart after several uses.

7. Turbo thrust blue ice

turbo thrust blue ice

The Turbo Thrust Blue Ice mimics oral sex. This fleshlight is perfect when you want a realistic sensation of a blowjob. Although the product’s name is a bit of a mouthful (no pun intended), it’s easy to use and offers a great experience overall.


  • Realistic blowjobs: The Fleshlight Turbo gives you almost the same feeling as a blowjob.
  • Waterproof: Enjoy solo sessions in the shower or bathtub.
  • Adjustable suction power: Control the suction power and go as tight or loose as you prefer.


  • Leakage: Some customer reviews included minor issues with the airflow design. This led to some leakages, which affected the cleanup process.
  • Size concerns: Some may want a tighter fit. However, it depends on your size and preferences.

8. Fleshskins blue ice

fleshskins blue ice

The Fleshskins Blue Ice offers good value for money. Its appearance differs from others on this list, mainly because of the finger holes. But don’t let that fool you. It’s softer and way more silky than you might think.


  • Affordability: It’s a fleshlight that could be described as the best “bang for your buck.”
  • Drying case: The unique design makes the cleanup process quick and efficient. In other words, it’s easy to clean up and maintain.  
  • Soft: This is for you when looking for a Fleshlight that offers a soft and gel-like experience.


  • Gel-like texture: This fleshlight is sticky. It gets wet, which is pleasurable for many but not for all.
  • Some have noted that the Fleshskins Blue Ice gets tacky over time. And this means it can become uncomfortable.
  • Limited suction: Want something that offers a lot of pressure? The Fleshskins Blue Ice may not be ideal when you’re looking for a Fleshlight with more suction power.

9. Eva lovia sugar texture

eva lovia sugar texture

The Eva Lovia Fleshlight deserves a mention because it can work with almost all penis sizes. It was also built after Eva Lovia, another famous adult actress. With the 9-inch canal and range of textures, you can be confident that you’ll have a satisfying experience.


  • Different textures: There are different textures built inside the sleeve. So, every inch of your penis will be stimulated. It could even add novelty for experienced users as if it were your first Fleshlight.
  • Fits most sizes: The Eva Lovia Fleshlight was designed to fit most penises. It works whether you’re average, below average, or slightly above average.
  • Easy to clean: Drying this is quick and easy. Maintenance overall isn’t as tricky as other Fleshlights.


  • Requires enough lube: Some customer reviews have mentioned that the Eva Lovia Sugar Texture needs enough lubrication. Otherwise, it doesn’t feel as pleasurable.
  • Preference: The design is universal. In other words, it was designed to fit men of all sizes. Therefore, there may be better options than this when you have specific interests or expectations.  

10. Go torque ice

go torque ice

The Go Torque Ice is a male masturbator with a transparent sleeve. Aside from its amazing suction and pressure, it also offers a visual twist. You’ll be able to see your penis get bigger and harder as you’re going at it.

This is a Fleshlight that’s both pleasurable and easy to maintain. Plus, it has good longevity.


  • Visual novelty: Bored of other fleshlights? The see-through design of the Go Torque Ice can make your routine feel more exciting.
  • Adjustable suction: The Go Torque Ice is well-known for its powerful suction. You can open or close the end cap to loosen or tighten the pressure.


  • Size concerns: Men with a larger length and girth may find this too tight.
  • Requires lubrication: It should be well-lubricated for the best results.

11. Elsa jean tasty

elsa jean tasty

Here’s another realistic Fleshlight sleeve: The Elsa Jean Tasty.

It has a simple design, yet the textures differ as you work your way up. Best of all, it fits most men with the average d*ck size!


  • Feel-real material: The soft plastic almost makes it feel like a real pussy.
  • Internal texture: The inner sleeve has more than one chamber. There’s something for every part of your penis to enjoy.  
  • Practice: Some customer reviews have mentioned that this Fleshlight was suitable for practice. It has helped them prepare for real sexual encounters, which is awesome.


  • Size requirements: Not everyone can experience all chambers. It depends on your length and girth.
  • Difficult to clean: Cleaning inside is a bit more complicated because of the design of the internal texture
  • Noise: Some customers have mentioned that this Fleshlight is pretty noisy. Those seeking more discreet sex toys should take this into account.

12. Vibro pink lady touch

vibro pink lady touch

This is not the same as the Classic Pink Lady Fleshlight, as mentioned earlier in this article. The biggest difference is that the Vibro Pink Lady is a vibrating male masturbator, whereas the former model isn’t.


  • Interior texture: The texture resembles the real thing because it’s made with SuperSkin material.
  • Customizable sensation: Three bullet vibrators are available. This means you can adjust the toy’s intensity level.
  • Discreet design: From the outside with the black case, it looks nothing close to suspicious. The case design is the same as a regular flashlight!


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.


  • Not for all sizes: Using the vibrating bullet leads to a tighter fit. However, this doesn’t work for everyone, especially when you have a wider d*ck than the average Joe.
  • Intensity levels: The stimulation isn’t as intense compared to other Fleshlights.
  • Requires batteries: Having to replace the batteries occasionally makes maintenance more of a hassle.  

13. Fleshlight ice lady

fleshlight ice lady

Want to add some novelty to your Fleshlights because you’re pretty experienced? Give this a go. It’s not just that this thing is soft to the touch and feels realistic. It’s also the fact it has a transparent design. This makes it more fun to use, especially as a couple!


  • Close to real sex: This is a realistic Fleshlight made of SuperSkin material.
  • Bigger penis: The transparent design makes your penis look bigger. This can add more thrill and excitement to your sex life.
  • Sturdy and firm: Generally fits nicely around the penis, and it’s not too tight.


  • High maintenance: Requires extra attention to clean. Otherwise, the toy can discolor and become sticky over time.
  • Not discreet: The Ice Lady can make loud squeaky sounds when used.

14. Go surge

go surge

In search of a fleshlight with more intricate chambers? The Go Surge could be for you. What many like about the Go Surge Fleshlight is that it’s made up of SuperSkin material and a range of textures inside.


  • Multiple textures: There’s more than one sensation because of the internal design. This makes for a more pleasurable experience.
  • Tight and realistic: Many customers appreciate the tight canal of the Go Surge. It also feels natural.


  • Cleaning and drying: Because of the intricate texture design inside, taking care of the Go Surge requires more effort.

15. Pink lady mini lotus

pink lady mini lotus

You might be thinking, what’s up with all these Pink Lady Fleshlights?

True, they look pretty similar to each other, but this Fleshlight model is different because of what’s inside the sleeve. And inside the Pink Lady Mini Lotus masturbator, you’ll notice it has a much simpler design.


  • Suction feels great: This Fleshlight’s suction (adjustable) feels fantastic. It’s nothing short of realistic!
  • Simple yet unique texture: Sometimes, less is more. And that couldn’t be more true here. The design is simple yet enough to feel a range of sensations.
  • Easy to use: The Pink Lady Mini Lotus is intuitive and straightforward for first-time users.


  • Cleaning effort: The Pink Lady Mini Lotus can take a long to clean and dry in some areas.
  • Size: Some may find this Fleshlight to be larger than expected.

16. Flight aviator

flight aviator

Here’s a transparent yet discreet Fleshlight. The Flight Aviator offers a see-through masturbator with an ergonomic design.

You’ll also find a bumpy canal inside the male masturbator sleeve to stimulate every part of your cock. And the good news is that this fits most men with the average size.  


  • Softness: Users praise the Flight Aviator for its interior texture and soft sensation.
  • Transparent design: This stroker lets you see your cock, and the non-anatomical opening makes it fun for couples.  


  • Lack of intensity: Not the most effective when looking for a Fleshlight with higher intensity levels.

Bonus: top 10 fleshlight alternatives to the best fleshlight sleeves and male masturbators

If those aren’t enough, here are 10 more popular Fleshlight alternatives worth mentioning. You can also consider these when you want to try something different!

1. Magic eyes la bocca della verita

magic eyes la bocca della verita

This is probably the closest thing you’ll get to a real-life blowjob. All the main details are there when it comes to oral sex. The mouth, the tongue, and the throat… You’ll be amazed at how real this feels.


  • Blowjob specialty: This was explicitly designed for imitating blowjobs. And it’s impressively close!
  • Detailed texture: The details are there inside the sleeve. For instance, it includes the tongue, teeth (which are easy to slide through), and the throat.
  • Tightness: The further you go, the more firm it feels on your penis.


  • Difficult to dry: It takes longer since much of the action is done deep inside the fleshlight.
  • Visual preference: The nose is small, and there are no eyes. This isn’t usually a dealbreaker but is a common desire for many customers.

2. Thrust pro mini ella

thrust pro mini ella

The THRUST Pro Mini Ella is an affordable pocket pussy. This makes it a great entry-level option when you’re new to sex toys. It’s also a great option, not just because of its softness. Another reason is that the size is generally suitable for most people.


  • Soft interior: Most people appreciate how smooth this is. And at its price point, it’s hard to argue otherwise.
  • Fits smaller penises: The Pro Mini Ella can fit men whose penis is below the average size.


  • Too tight: This may not be for men with huge d*cks. They may find it too tight for their liking.
  • No casing: The Pro Mini Ella doesn’t come with a case.

3. Launch universal

launch universal

The Launch Universal is a Fleshlight accessory that gives you more intense sensations.

If you’re bored of the normal Fleshlight and tired of doing the action yourself, you might want to give this a go. Attach your Fleshlight to the Launch Universal so that you have an automatic, hands-free experience.


  • Effortless pleasure: No more manual action. Let the Launch Universal do the stroking for you.
  • Customizable settings: Adjust the device’s motion to your liking. Faster, slower, tighter – you name it.
  • Bluetooth and VR: Offers compatibility with video content and VR for a more interactive experience.


  • Awkward positioning: You might find that the size and weight of this device make it feel weird to hold.
  • Not waterproof: The Launch is not waterproof. Do not use it in the shower or bathtub.
  • Noise: This thing gets loud, so you’ll need good privacy.

4. Autoblow ai

autoblow ai

The Autoblow AI has been a game-changer for many. This is a sex toy accessory that comes with a standard Fleshlight sleeve. It provides different stimulations for your penis, mostly resembling a blowjob.

No need for batteries – simply plug and play. It’s also not as noisy as you might think for an automatic machine of this size.


  • Lots of stimulation: The Autoblow AI model has many different stimulation patterns. In other words, it’ll probably take significant time before the novelty wears off.
  • Adjustable grip: Regardless of your length or girth, you can adjust the tightness of the Autoblow based on what you’re most comfortable with.


  • Sleeve quality: The standard sleeve with the Autoblow has a basic design.  
  • It feels weird to hold: Holding the Autoblow AI might feel awkward.

5. Tenga 3d polygon

tenga 3d polygon

The TENGA 3D Polygon is a male masturbator sleeve made in Japan. You can rest assured that the chances of being found out are slim thanks to the discreet design. Moreover, its delicate interior makes this a fun experience for solo play and couples.


  • Durability: The Tenga 3D Polygon can hold its own for around 50 uses.
  • Easy to maintain: It comes with clear instructions that are easy to follow. Cleaning is easy and doesn’t require as much effort.
  • Variety of sensations: The sleeve’s texture design makes it feel much more enjoyable.


  • Texture wears off: The product is expected to last for around 50 uses. However, some customers mention that the surface inside the sleeve starts to wear off sooner.
  • Too intense: It may not be for you when you’re not into intense sensations.

6. Tenga egg pack

tenga egg pack

The perfect adult gift idea for Easter is the TENGA Egg Pack.

This is a discreet masturbator that is shaped like an egg. But here’s the fun part: each egg has a different texture. You could think of it as getting 6 different flavors to play around with!


  • Different textures: Each egg has its own design, meaning you have a range of sensations to try. This adds anticipation and makes it more exciting to try out.
  • Ease of use: The TENGA Eggs are easy to use. Moreover, they’re discreet, convenient, and travel-friendly. It’s also easy to dispose of, and the simple designs make it easy to clean up.
  • Use more than once: Reusing an egg more than once is possible as long as it’s taken care of well.


  • Wears out quickly: The Egg can get tacky after the first wash. Some reviews mention that you can reuse an egg; however, others mentioned that they had to dispose of it after the first use.
  • Might not fit: It should fit most men. But, if you’re part of the population that’s significantly above the average size, the egg may not sit well with your penis.

7. Tenga vacuum deep throat 

tenga vacuum deep throat

As the name suggests, the TENGA Vacuum Deep Throat replicates the feeling of getting a deepthroat. It’s soft, tight, and exactly the type of feeling you could expect when putting your d*ck down a throat.


  • Feels incredible: Many customers mention how incredible this feels, especially when lubricated. It almost feels real!
  • Easy to use: The product is easy to use and doesn’t require much effort to set up.
  • Beginners: This could be an option to consider when deciding if the sex toy world is something you want to get into!


  • One-time use: The biggest drawback is that this is only a one-time use product.
  • Value for money: The value for money is debatable because it’s only a one-time-use product.

8. Feel romi chase

feel romi chase

The FeelRomi is an automatic device with an ergonomic design. Now, this is one premium stroker that offers a lifelike experience. It’s realistic not just because of the Fleshlight itself but also because of its interactive experience.


  • Intensity levels: The FeelRomi has an aggressive design. Hence, it’s catered to men who want more intense stimulation.
  • Controllable settings: Tighter or looser? You can control these settings since it’s an automatic Fleshlight.
  • Lifelike sensation: The intricate details inside the sleeve contribute to a more realistic experience.


  • Pricing: It’s relatively more expensive.

9. Feel rae lil black

feel rae lil black

The FeelRae sleeve was created after a Japanese adult actress, Rae Lil Black.

Now, I am all for conscious porn consumption. But I must admit this is a highly-rated sex toy. It’s one option worth considering when you’re new to male masturbators and want to start. Some people use the FeelRae specifically to practice edging.


  • Close to the real thing: It feels real. The soft texture makes it a realistic masturbator for men.
  • Ideal for edging: The FeelRae isn’t too intense. Yet, the sensation is just about right to the point that it feels perfect as a sex toy for edging.
  • Compatible with VR: Pair the FeelRae with the Keon by KIIROO for a more interactive experience.  


  • Setup process: The setup process may feel complicated. Hence, it might not be the best option for beginners or those not keen on committing to maintenance.
  • Size sensitive: You might not get the most out of this if your penis is on the smaller end of the spectrum.

10. lelo f1s v2

lelo f1s v2

The Lelo F1S V2 is an automatic male masturbator. It’s one of Lelo’s most popular products, and for good reason. The F1S V2 was designed to deliver a powerful stimulation to the penis. So, if you want more intense orgasms, this is worth looking into.


  • Premium technology: Experience a steady vibration that goes uninterrupted.
  • Hands-free experience: Connect your F1S V2 to your mobile device to change how it vibrates—Masturbate hands-free.
  • Waterproof: Use anywhere in the water without worrying about it breaking.
  • Dual-motor: The built-in dual-motor makes the Lel F1S V2 an intense stroker. It’s designed to provide you with a strong stimulation.


  • Expensive: The F1S V2 is one of the priciest male sex toys on this list.
  • Bulky: It’s a bulky product compared to your usual fleshlight.
  • Size-sensitive: The F1S V2 only works best for men of a certain size.

Do fleshlight sleeves feel anything like the real thing?

Fleshlight sleeves feel extremely real. When we’re talking about the physical sensation of sexual intercourse, it’s pretty much the same. However, it’s not exactly like the real thing because it lacks the emotional aspect that comes from a real woman.

For example, a Fleshlight sleeve doesn’t exactly come with the following:

  • Instinctive desire
  • The human soul
  • Sexual energy

Is using a fleshlight sleeve better than using your hand?

It can be better than using your hand, yes.

A Fleshlight sleeve is better when training to improve your stamina and sexual performance. It helps you train for the real thing, so it can be effective for overcoming premature ejaculation or any type of sexual dysfunction.

However, your hand might be better in terms of convenience. For instance, it’s easier to clean up compared to a Fleshlight.

If you’re struggling with sexual performance, I recommend using a Fleshlight to train.

fleshlights are better than your hand for these top reasons

Note: If you’re struggling with a porn or fapping addiction, I highly suggest checking out this NoFap guide here.

Why use a fleshlight?

Aside from self-pleasure, there are numerous benefits to using a fleshlight. Here are a few of the top reasons why I recommend them:

  • Practice edging to last longer in bed
  • Train your penis to overcome premature ejaculation
  • Stay in good shape and prepare for real sexual encounters
  • Improve your stamina and sexual performance
  • Become better at controlling your sexual energy

Even if you haven’t had much action for months or years, a Fleshlight helps you stay in shape.

How to choose the best fleshlight for you

There are a few things that I suggest taking into account when choosing the best Fleshlight. These will help you determine which Fleshlight you should get that fits your needs.

If the sex toy you have ticks all the following boxes, you’re all good to go!

Know your penis size

measure the length and girth of your penis

Some Fleshlights are tighter than others. Moreover, some Fleshlights are built for guys with smaller penises, whereas some are made for guys who are naturally blessed downstairs.

The main point? It’s essential to know how big you are so you know what Fleshlight would fit you best.

Note: If you’re ashamed of your penis size because you feel it’s too small, check out this article that explains why your penis is enough the way it is. Moreover, if you’re looking for natural methods to get a bigger penis, you might also want to check out my guide on jelqing.

Identify the purpose

Are you interested in a Fleshlight purely for self-pleasure? Or is it for something with a deeper reason such as one of the following:

You’ll be able to find the right Fleshlight depending on your reasons. For example, if it’s to improve your stamina, the Stamina Training Unit would be a good option. However, if it’s to relax and train yourself to have stronger erections, the Bathmate Hydromax 7 might be the better option.

Consider your experience

It’s usually best to start with something light if you’re a newbie. This means getting a Fleshlight that doesn’t require as much maintenance.

Once you’re more familiar with taking care of Fleshlights, look into the more premium options.

It’s sort of similar to how watch collectors begin their watch journey. Rather than committing to something expensive from the get-go, start off with something more entry-level to see if this is a world you want to get into.

Consider your sexuality and preferences

Another important factor is your own sexuality and preferences. Not all fleshlights are designed to replicate vaginal sex. Some are also designed to replicate oral sex and anal sex. And some are crafted after the body of a Pornstar.

Take note of your preferences as you do your research.

The size of the product

An underrated factor is the size of the Fleshlight and how often you expect to use it.

If you find it something you use regularly, you’ll probably want to keep it around. Therefore, you’ll want to consider the size of the Fleshlight and whether it’s travel-friendly or not.

Discreet packaging and delivery

Unless you’re living by yourself or with your partner, you can skip this.

Imagine getting a delivery only to realize that your flatmates or family members notice something strange. And then when you come over to pick it up, they interrogate you…

And eventually, they ask you to show them what you ordered. Yikes. That’s a situation you probably wouldn’t want to be in. To avoid that outcome, I suggest going for a more discreet fleshlight.

Most websites offer discreet delivery, but double-check the packaging and the Fleshlight case.

discreet fleshlights look like flashlights

The better alternative to male sex toys and fleshlight girls

There are a few things better than what male sex toys and Fleshlight girls can give you:

  • Energy orgasms
  • Fulfilling relationships
  • Living your dream lifestyle

These are all better alternatives to male masturbators.

Note: I’m not saying you shouldn’t use a Fleshlight. But what’s better than mindlessly f*cking your sex toy is experiencing a similar level of pleasure while sexually healing yourself. And this is very doable to achieve when you understand how to have orgasms without ejaculating.

Having a better sex life starts with making a choice

Imagine having a partner who loves you for who you are and looks at you with a burning desire every day.

You have plenty of sex with amazing orgasms–in the morning, at night, or even in the kitchen–wherever you both feel like it. The emotional connection is there, and you both f*ck the shit out of each other in a way that most couples can only dream of.

That’s a feeling way better than any high I know of. Yet, most of us convince ourselves that it’s impossible to achieve. So, we try to shortcut our way to pleasure through instant gratification.

And on this attempt to shortcut the path to success, we make things worse for ourselves:

  • It becomes difficult to get and sustain an erection
  • We struggle to last long in bed
  • Our focus diminishes – we’d rather procrastinate, be lazy, and watch Netflix all-day
  • All of our thoughts become sexualized, which makes it harder to socialize and speak to women
  • Energy and testosterone levels decrease
  • Finding pleasure in life becomes increasingly difficult

But it’s not too late! You can still break free, get back on track, and make more progress than ever.

Whether you’re a single man or a partnered man, I’ve put together two free separate training videos for you. You’ll learn practical, natural, and tantric strategies for attracting your dream woman or for reigniting the spark in a sexless marriage or relationship.

Conclusion: stay in good sexual shape

Considering all the options available, this article might’ve been a lot to take in.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of the best Fleshlight you should get. There is no right or wrong choice since it depends on your goals and preferences. But if I had to pick one personally, it would be the Stamina Training Unit (STU).

The last piece of advice I want to share with you is this: use a Fleshlight as a practice to prepare for an actual sexual encounter.

Granted, you could use a Fleshlight for better masturbation. However, the reality is that it stops you from being able to channel your sexual energy. This alone is powerful enough to stop you from having the sex life you’ve always wanted.

And that’s why I only recommend using Fleshlights to train yourself to perform better in bed.

Not sure where to start training yourself? Watch my free attraction training video to learn the tantric secrets to building your dream sex life!


What types of Fleshlights are there?

There’s a lot of Fleshlights available that you can find for your liking: automatic, girls edition, boys edition, stamina training unit, and the list goes on. However, the standard Fleshlight is the one that holds a discreet design by being in a case that looks like a flashlight.

Are there any benefits to using a Fleshlight?

There are multiple benefits to using a Fleshlight. The biggest is that it can help you overcome your sexual blockages. This includes erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and performance anxiety. Here are a few more benefits:

Orgasms feel much better and more intense than the typical masturbation routine of using your hand with lotion.

Get insight into what you like or dislike by exploring your preferences with different types of Fleshlights.

Makes sex for couples and casual partners more interesting by adding something new.

Relieve stress.

How do you use a Fleshlight to practice edging?

When using your Fleshlight, stop a few levels before reaching climax. The moment you feel your orgasm wanting to rise, stop what you’re doing. Don’t continue stroking. Pause every time your strokes start to feel more good on your penis and when you feel an orgasm coming.

Don’t let yourself ejaculate. The purpose is to practice self-control to last longer so that you can have a more intense orgasm. If you want to add levels to your edging routine, consider a sleeve warmer. Or, try out a Fleshlight with a more intense sensation.


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

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