21 Cute, Fun, and Sexy Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Apr 11, 2024
bedtime stories for girlfriend

Imagine this. It’s late at night, and the world has wrapped itself in a serene hush. It’s just you and your girlfriend in the warm glow of your room.

If you are wanting for some extra quality time to spend with your girlfriend then these bedtime stories for girlfriend can help you with building your bonding.

Let’s not forget, we are not all born poets or novelists. Crafting a perfect romantic bedtime story is not everyone’s cup of tea.

I get that. I’ve been there, nervously trying to string words together, hoping it’ll bring a smile to her face.

Bedtime stories aren’t just for kids. They can be romantic, funny, and the perfect end to a long day.

And when delivered right, they can bring you closer than ever, creating a shared world that belongs just to the two of you.

So, I thought to myself, why not share this little secret of mine? I’ve compiled a list of 21 short, romantic, and funny bedtime stories for girlfriend. Stories that will inspire laughter, love, and maybe a few happy tears.

These are the Stories that I’ve told and retold, each time finding a new layer of love and connection with my partner.

Ready to go in this journey with me? Let’s get started, one tale at a time.

Benefits Of Telling Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

You might be wondering what are the benefits of telling bedtime stories for your girlfriend, and what stories you can and should tell?

The following are some advantages of doing this practice with your girlfriend.

1. Relieve stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are two of the most common mental health issues affecting not only your girlfriend but also adults worldwide.

But do you have an overly anxious girlfriend who has trouble settling or falling asleep at night? Then, consider the idea of telling her funny or cute bedtime stories to grab her attention.

This method can be a fantastic way to help her practice mindfulness, release stress, and facilitate more restful sleep.

The humor can also serve as a pleasant distraction, keeping her mind from spiraling into worry or overthinking.

It’s an engaging alternative that may prevent her from overly using sleeping pills and many other substances that many anxious people use to fall asleep.

2. Overcoming sleep disorders:

Sleep disorders are Another common issue many adults face just like. You can also help your girlfriend overcome these sleeping disorders.

These can be chronic or temporary, but the same result: little to no sleep each night.

If your girlfriend has a sleeping disorder, it affects your relationship in many ways. Pay attention to it, Take action right away to resolve it.

It may also be affecting her work, family, and social life. Offering romantic bedtime stories for a girlfriend each night can be a valuable aid to overcoming these issues.

3. Go to sleep faster

If you have a night owl girlfriend to stay up all night, she may drive you crazy by staying up all night and even trying to wake you up while sleeping.

However, by introducing cute bedtime stories or even funny bedtime stories for girlfriend when you call her to bed, she might tend to fall asleep much faster. Try it & Check out what works best for you both.

4. Boost cognitive/emotional intelligence

Sharing romantic bedtime stories with a girlfriend can also enhance cognitive and emotional intelligence.

You cannot imagine the amount of quality time you both might be getting. Specifically, bedtime stories foster the development of empathy, language, and reasoning skills.

5. Bonding

Lastly, reading a bedtime story for a girlfriend presents an excellent opportunity for bonding (No Doubt).

Not only will they show her that you care enough to make sure she’s getting a good night’s sleep, but she will start to get used to hearing your voice as she trails off to sleep every night, allowing her to associate your voice with peace and relaxation which indirectly strengthens the bonding you both hold on to each other. 


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21 Cute, Fun, And Sexy Romantic Bedtime Stories For Girlfriends

Finding bedtime stories for a girlfriend is easy. You must search for the best stories and read them to her. If you’re looking for cute, funny, and sexy bedtime stories to tell your girlfriend, here are 21 to get you started.

1. Magical mango garden

magical mango garden bedtime story

A secret food garden was hidden in a small town filled with magical fruits, vegetables, and enchanted creatures. Specifically, the mangoes had an extraordinary power that aroused couples instantly.

One day, the couple was spending time in the garden, and before they knew it, the young lady had cut into a mango. Now, they had tried several other magical fruits before but had never enjoyed feasting on those sweet, juicy, magical mangoes.

The young lady couldn’t believe the flavor and called out to her mate, “Oh my God! You have to try this mango!”

She then cut him a big, juicy piece and shoved it in his mouth. The boy smiled. Suddenly, they both felt overcome with a wave of warmth and started searching for the best places to get it on.

5 rounds later, they found themselves stumbling out of a nearby greenhouse, dehydrated but still ready for more action.

They grabbed five more mangoes and made their way home.

After spending the night eating mangoes and devouring each other, they realized the magic mangoes were making them hot for each other.

They then used the pits to grow their own; by selling some and keeping the rest, they could spend the rest of their lives eating mangoes and making sweet, sweet love as often as time allowed.

Best of all, they raised some of the enchanted animals who became protectors of the land and kept intruders away. What a life! 

2. Cosmic journey

Cosmic journey bedtime story

Once upon a time, there was a fair-complexion girl whose smile lit up rooms. Her name was Nova. Every night, Nova would study the stars and make a wish on the brightest one.

Her wish never changed. Every night, she would stare at the stars, and when it was time to make a wish, she’d say, “I wish my forever love would magically appear.”

Even though she was a strange mix-up, a gorgeous, warm, sweet, and silent girl, she lived with her father and wicked stepmother, who made her life a living hell.

Nova didn’t know why her life had become so hard, but she had faith that her forever love would magically appear one day and whisk her away from the pain.

One night, after an especially rough day, she made the same wish as a tear slowly slid from her eye and twinkled to the ground.

Suddenly, the stars all started to dance, and when she looked back up, she saw a sweet-looking boy she knew was her forever love.

He glided over to her windowsill, still suspended in mid-air.

“Who are you?” the girl asked.

“My name is Mars,” he responded. “I’ve been watching over you your whole life, and I’ve come to take you home,” he continued.

“Where is that?” she asked anxiously.

With a smile as big and bright as hers, he said, “Nova, you’re from the stars. You were sent here to brighten everyone’s lives and spread love on Earth.

But once you lost your mom, you lost your protection, and life has been hard for you ever since.

We let it go on as long as possible, but we don’t want you to be sad while making others happy. I’ve come to take you home.”

“I always knew my forever love would come to save me!” she cried.

“We are all love. Every single one of the tar people is made from pure love story and light. Come with me, where you will never be sad again.”

Without another thought, Nova reached out the window to grab Mars’ hand. They embraced for what seemed like forever to her. When he let go, she realized she was now floating alone.

“I’ll race you!” Mars said. And she spent the rest of her life traveling from galaxy to galaxy, spreading love to every dimension she entered.

Her past was a distant memory, but she said she’d do it again if she could only get another perfect ending.

3. A magical music box

a magical music box bedtime story

On the bottom floor of a 16-level building, in the furthermost corner, beneath the spiderwebs and dust, sat a magical music box that had been forgotten.

The original owner was a small girl named Laila, but when her family suddenly moved away, she didn’t have time to grab it. So, it just sat there for years, waiting to be discovered.

One day, the maintenance man, Tom, stumbled upon it while searching for tools to fix a shower head. “Well, isn’t that so precious?” he said. “I wonder if it still works,” he continued.

He then blew so much dust off the music box that he began to gag.

But just as he went to crank it up, he got a call on his walkie-talkie. “Tom, this shower is leaking badly! Where are you?!” Startled, Tom responded, “I’ll be right there!” and then placed the box back in the corner and bolted up the stairs.

It was a couple of days before Tom found time to return to the music box, but he was determined to test it out this time with a sweet smile.

He loved rescuing and restoring antiques and figured he could add them to his collection.

“Let’s see if you still play,” he said as he carefully picked up the box and began cranking it up.

To his surprise, the music box worked perfectly, and the music was loud and crisp. “I-is that Britney Spears?” he questioned through scratched eyebrows. Granted, he was the biggest pop music fan, but he knew Baby One More Time when he heard it.

However, once he started to hum along, he realized that the music box was glowing, and before he could put it down, he felt a big jolt and blacked out.

When he came, he was on the floor at a Britney Spears concert 2001!

Blinking and rubbing his eyes, he quickly saw the baggy clothes and bulky cell phones and realized he wasn’t in Kansas anymore.

Blinking back tears, he saw the most beautiful vision he’d ever seen.

His late wife, Vivian, passed away in 2020, but she was singing and dancing to Britney there. “Vivian?!” he screeched. “Oh, my God! It’s you!” he said as he reached out to hug her.

“Who are you?!” she asked in confusion.

But as much as he wanted to answer the question, he realized there was no answer she would accept. So, he apologized and walked to the corner with the music box.

“Well, this was a bus! I hope you take me back home this time!” he said, annoyed. Luckily, when he cranked up the box again, it did just that.

Once he was back in the dark, dank basement, he shed a few more tears before snapping back to reality.

When he looked at the box again, he noticed some small letters on the side that said “Laila.”

Tom had worked there so long that he vividly remembered Laila and how she had gotten into trouble several times for roaming around in the basement.

Luckily, when he checked the rent office, there was a forwarding address.

Realizing he had had enough adventure for a lifetime, he quickly packaged the music box in a box addressed to her and all while humming Baby One More Time.

But not before adding the autographed Britney Spears T-shirt he grabbed on his way back. He knew she would appreciate the contents of the box way more than he had.

4. The wishing tree

the wishing tree bedtime story

In the furthest corner of a wholly enchanted forest sat an enormous Red Oak tree that granted wishes to everyone who could figure out how to make wishes the right way.

A good witch who had passed away in those woods over a century before possessed the tree’s spirit.

Since people needed to understand why specific wish was granted and others were not, the power of wish-making was considered a myth or legend.

As the legend had it, nobody knew why she granted particular wishes and not others, but seven leaves would simultaneously fall from the tree when she gave a desire.

The town’s people didn’t know that her magic was real, and she aimed to improve the world, one wish at a time.

One day, a young girl with pigtails showed up with ears in her eyes. “Magic tree, can you please save my mom? She’s all I have, and I don’t know what I’d do without her.”

Since she had heard about the seven leaves and waited anxiously for those leaves to fall– after ten minutes, she realized her wish had not been granted and walked away sobbing profusely.

The little girl returned for the next thirty days to make the same wish for saving her mom.

At the end of the thirty days, her mom was sicker than ever and had slipped into a coma. However, she didn’t know what else to do to heal her mom.

But this time, she changed how she phrased her wish.

“Magic tree, can you please help my mom be at peace? She’s been through so much, and I don’t want her to suffer anymore.

I love her dearly but want what’s best for her.” This time, the girl wasn’t going to wait. She finished her wish and turned to walk away, but when she did, seven leaves fell from the magic tree.

One of the townspeople called out to her, “Hey, the leaves fell! I think she’s granting your wish!”

The girl took off running and didn’t stop until she got to the hospital.

Unfortunately, her mom was still in a coma and surrounded by doctors discussing the next steps in taking her off life support.

The little girl cried and said, “I’m sorry, Mom. I tried so hard to save you, but I just want your soul to be able to rest.

I realized I was selfish and wanted you here to care for me. I hope you can finally rest soon” With that, she kissed her mom on the cheek and started to walk away.

At that moment, her mom opened her eyes and said, “I heard you the whole time but couldn’t answer. It felt like I was in a bad dream I couldn’t wake up from!

I’m so glad I finally made it back to you!” as she reached for a hug.

Days later, the hospital ran testing and saw that her mother had been healed! “It’s truly a miracle! We’ve never seen anything like it!” And the little girl and her mom left the hospital and lived healthily ever after.

The secret to making wishes was to make them from a selfless perspective.

Anyone can wish for money, fame, riches, etc., but very few make wishes for things that help others rather than themselves.

Her goal was to teach people to be more selfless and take care of one another as they do it to themselves. In doing so, she believes that we can build a more positive world for us all.

5. Cinderella – Famous fairy tales

Cinderalla bedtime story

Here is an all-time super popular bedtime story for girlfriend—Cinderella. Our girl, Cindy, was a nursing student who lived under her stepfamily’s luxury and meanness.

Then one day, her favorite rapper, Icon, announced an open call for his music video.

Cindy wished to attend the event but didn’t have fancy clothes, but she somehow managed to borrow some stylish stuff from her stepsister.

While her family was out for dinner, Cindy silently moved to the video shoot. She wore a striking black and gold outfit, catching everyone’s attention as she looked stunning.

She even appeared in Icon’s live video on Instagram channel. But as expected, this got her into trouble. Her stepsisters saw their clothes on the live video and identified Cinderella.

Within no time, they rushed to the shoot and tried to humiliate Cindy by taking her clothes off. You can imagine how Cinderella might have felt about this.

But Icon watched all these. He came to Cindy’s rescue and gave his hoodie and credit card for a shopping spree.

Icon made sure that the stepsisters ended up getting arrested for their actions. And Cindy? She earned her happy ending. She married Icon, had a baby, and then lived happier lives together.

On the other hand, her stepsisters had to serve time and went back to their unhappy lives. It’s a Cinderella story for the modern age, and the excellent girl ultimately wins.


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6. Whispers and laughter: A love shared under the moonlight – short funny bedtime story for girlfriend

Did I ever tell you that most girls love a guy with a sense of humor? Do you want to make her laugh? Don’t worry; I understand you.

I have a few funny bedtime stories for you to tell to your girlfriend. Trust me, hearing her laugh before sleep is the best feeling!

Imagine this: a girl tells her boyfriend that she loves him. They’re actually sitting close. Then she whispers, “I love you.”

It’s late. He is already fallen asleep. She is surprised. But then, he hugs her tight, even in his sleep. That is his way of saying he loves her back.

7. Defying norms: A tale of love and faith – Romantic bedtime stories for girlfriend

A teen once asked her teacher why she became a nun. The teacher used to talk about her younger days. Back then, she liked a boy, and he wanted her too.

But there was a problem. He was rich, and she was not. His family didn’t want them to be together.

His friends tried to find other girls for him. But the couple didn’t care for anyone or did not listen to anyone.

They wanted to run away from all of these together because they couldn’t stand being apart. The church found out. But instead of getting mad, they supported the couple.

8. Love at first sight – A cute bedtime stories for girlfriend

love at first sight bedtime story

Joseph did not love himself. He thought that love comes from others. He had a question can you love someone you just met?

Then one day, he met Anna. It was a rainy day. They got wet in the rain. They bumped into each other by mistake, and Anna’s stuff fell all over.

Joseph said sorry to Anna and helped her pick them up. When they looked at each other, something changed. He learned that love can come from inside too, and from then, he believed in Love at first sight.

9. Worthy love – A cute bedtime stories

The couple came home after a dinner date with a colorful bunch of flowers. They seemed to be happy. Their daughter asked her dad, “Daddy, what do these flowers mean about Mommy?”

He smiled and said, “Your mom is like a bright light of beauty and kindness in our lives!” His wife was all over the moon while hearing this. Then they all hugged, showing their love for each other.

10. True love never dies

Unfortunately, Max was affected by Blood Cancer. Doctors said that he only had ten weeks left.

Hearing this, he was upset but wanted to make the best of it for Carol, his wife. Guy died.

After he was no more, Carol found 200 notes in their room.

Each note told her how much he loved her. It was his way of saying goodbye. Carol’s eyes were filled with tears.

11. Love against all odds

love against all odds bedtime story

A few years ago, before having her first child, a student asked her teacher why she became a nun.

A Long ago, the teacher fell in love with a rich, handsome college boy at first sight.

They began talking, but the boy’s parents didn’t like them to be together.

His parents wanted to send him abroad to law school for further studies, so he ran away.

12.Ultimate love

The boy liked that girl a lot.

Even though he was good-looking, he was timid about expressing his feelings.

One day, they talked about their feelings to each other.

If she didn’t like him back, he wanted to stay friends for a lifetime as he didn’t want to lose any form of relationship with her.

But surprisingly, she said she loved someone else after leaving the hotel.

He felt disappointed, and the boy answered, “Who was that lucky guy?”

13. The tipsy boyfriend

Once upon a time, a boy went to a bar and drank a lot of beer, and he was out of his control. The girl with him didn’t like that, but it was okay.

She took him to a nearby house to rest as he was not in his senses.

She told him a few fun bedtime stories and ensured he was asleep.

While she was helping him, her drunk boyfriend laughed loud and suddenly said, “Oh, I love you!” even though he was drunk. She gave a strange look & seemed to be confused.

She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

But she felt positive vibes from him and thought he might have loved her and cared about their bond.

14. The best list

One sunny day, she asked her boyfriend why he loved her so much. He was surprised by the question she was throwing at him.

He didn’t answer that question immediately and wanted to know what she thought.

He then took a pen and started writing something without showing her. She was curious but waited eagerly.

When he was done, he smiled and gave her the paper with dozen flowers.

15. Story of Manjhi

Trust me, and Real love does big things, like Dashrath Manjhi’s love story.

Manjhi was a simple guy who loved his wife a lot. unfortunately, she died falling from a mountain.

Feeling sad, he decided to make a road through the mountain to help other village people get quick medical care in the name of his loving wife.

People laughed at him at first, but he anyways did it. People called him Mountain Man because of his eternal love for his wife.

This is a story based on real events and is a great romantic best bedtime story.

16. The high school romance

The high school romance bedtime story

We all agree that High school love stories are always special because of the innocence at that age.

Ben felt this when he met Alexa. She was sweet and filled his life with joy.

They became good friends initially. But Ben was scared to tell her that he loved her as he thought that he might face rejection.

Then, her birthday came, and he saw a chance to express his feelings to her. He went with a dozen flowers to propose to her.

17. Truth or dare

A few years later, a popular boy was dared.

He asked a quiet girl to the prom.

He lost the game but found something better: he discovered how sweet his long-distance relationship was.

After being together for three years, he asked her to marry him.

She said yes, and the boy grabbed her with joy.

He might have lost a game, but he won with a great loving girl for life.

18. Like Or love

She wanted to know about his feelings in their online chats.

“You never liked him,” he told her.

She felt tears come up.

He sat next to her, and the boy answered, “I don’t just ‘like’ you, but I love you a lot.

You loving me is the best thing in my life that has ever happened.”

She hugged him tightly, feeling happy. Don’t you think this is the best bedtime story, if yes, go ahead & tell these exciting bedtime stories to your girlfriend.

19. Online love

They both met on an app. She was quiet, but he was outgoing.

But they both had a strong connection and found that they were alike in many ways.

When they began dating, they sometimes misunderstood each other, and something wasn’t right.

Worried about growing apart, they decided to meet and talk over tea.

After the meeting, they promised to keep talking and stay good friends at least.Your Attractive Heading

20. A naughty fight

A naughty fight bedtime story

Once upon a time, a woman and her husband had a big fight. It was very emotional, and they said everything they felt about each other. The husband didn’t say much or react to it.

When he left, she threw his stuff out, crying in extreme pain. He quietly said he wanted to stay with her.

21. Future mom

One cloudy day, A handsome boy took pictures of the girl while she slept. “Why take photos when I have no makeup?” she asked her man.

boyfriend smiled and said, “I want our kids to see how beautiful their mom is without makeup.” Then, he hugged her tightly.

Pro Tip: When You Should Tell Short Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend?

Are you tired after long narratives, contemplate sharing cute, briefing bedtime stories for girlfriend?

A concise report can keep your girlfriend engaged, transforming an intriguing subject into an enthralling tale.

Choosing a short and adorable bedtime story can delightfully surprise your partner. It’s a simple yet effective way to coax out smiles, especially when it’s time to settle down for the night.

Don’t worry choose one of those mentioned above and experience the magic of love.

Conclusion: Did You Enjoy These Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend?

There are plenty of blogs with information about cute bedtime stories for girlfriend, but you must find the ones that work best for both of you, not just for you. Reading her stories each night is a great way to show that you love and care for her.

I hope you will use some of these stories in your love life. So, bookmark these bedtime stories for your girlfriend and tell these stories as many times as you wish.

Also, I invite you to my free relationship training if you are seeking a deeper connection with your partner beyond bedtime stories.


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