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Updated on Sep 26, 2023
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Is your sex life feeling a little lackluster, or are you struggling to come up with ideas to have super kinky, hot bedroom sex with your spouse? In that case, I have a REAL treat for you today. Stay tuned for 25 hot bedroom sex games that are sure to get your juices flowing and your O-face glowing!

Bringing the fun back into your sex life with bedroom sex games

Sex therapists’ offices are busier than ever these days. A common complaint between long-term partners is that the sexual spark has fizzled and gone out. Sex just doesn’t seem so exciting, or appealing, anymore…

WHICH is why I have decided to write today’s article… Dedicated to sexy games that you can play, to insert a little more va-va-voom into your bedroom sex life.

I have scoured the internet for the 25 best sex games out there so that you don’t have to. I’ve filtered out the ones that were too cringeworthy to include. Thus, below you will find your one-stop-shop for couples’ sex games. Make sure you bookmark this article so that you can keep coming (get the subtle pun there?!) back to it.

Since there are quite a few, I have broken the games down into categories. Pick and choose at your leisure, AND your pleasure. 😉

Sex in bedrooms has OFFICIALLY never been this fun.

couple with handcuffs

The 25 best bedroom sex games: a quick roundup

Here are the 25 best bedroom sex games that I could find on the internet and in books. I’ve listed them below in a quick roundup. Later on in the article, I’ll go into much more detail on each one:

  1. Would you prefer
  2. How well do you know me?
  3. Do as I see
  4. Put it in my mouth
  5. Tip of the iceberg
  6. Say the word
  7. I am yours
  8. Right or wrong
  9. Dirty dice
  10. Hide and sex
  11. Kinky cards
  12. Killing me softly
  13. Kiss me where
  14. Blind kisses
  15. What the hat says, goes
  16. Hot and cold
  17. Who comes first?
  18. Turn this house upside-down
  19. An interesting position
  20. Talk about dirty cards
  21. Stripped down scrabble
  22. Sexy dice
  23. Pleasure machine
  24. Sexy shopping trip
  25. The great escape

A reminder about erogenous zones

A quick word on erogenous zones before we dive deep into the bedroom sex games…

Although each woman will undoubtedly have one spot that will have her thighs wobbling and turn her into putty in your hand, most women enjoy all of these zones being paid special attention to. Pay attention to these, and focus on them during the games. This is sure to increase her sexual arousal and make good sex all the more likely. If you want to know how to be good in bed, and also with sex games, you MUST know about erogenous zones.

These special zones are:

  • Ears
  • Neck
  • Lips
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Buttocks
  • Feet
  • Hands and arms

25 bedroom sex games for couples, with detailed instructions

OK, it’s time to get into the meat of the games! In addition to the list above, I will break down each game with the corresponding instructions for how to play it. I’ve also broken them down into categories. This means that you can pick and choose easily, according to what kind of game, or sexual activity, you feel like getting stuck into… 😉

Games that increase intimacy

After having been together for a long time, many couples fall out of touch with each other sexually. This is where things like cheating can creep in. So it is important to keep the sexual flame burning.

Anything you do to increase intimacy will also boost relationship trust and your sex life. So, if you are looking for bedroom sex ideas, the first place you should start is with activities, or exercises, that build intimacy.

Sexy young couple kissing and playing in bedroom
Below are some games you can use to build intimacy and therefore improve your bedroom sex life.

1. Would you prefer

This puts a spin on the well-known game, would you rather. Partners take it in turns to think of two deviant acts they could perform on each other. Taking it in turns, ask your partner which they would prefer. You can then keep this information on file, and use it when you are having some hot bedroom sex. For example: “would you prefer to have clitoral stimulation or anal sex for 30 minutes at a time?”

2. How well do you know me?

In this game, you get to find out just how much you know about each other. Take it in turns asking each other questions about yourself. For each question about you that your partner gets wrong, they have to remove an item of clothing. This game gets sexy and fast.

3. Do as I see

In this game, you find some porn that turns you on. Watch it together, and then try to recreate it. Chances are, you’ll end up doing something you have never done before, and having some really hot bedroom sex. Porn is designed to get you horny, so expect your partner to get turned on, fast!

NB: I don’t usually recommend using porn, since it can lead to porn addiction, and also contribute to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. But when used consciously, by a couple, it can actually be a useful and fun tool to play with. Just use it sparingly, and don’t come to rely on it for hot bedroom sex, or hot bedroom sex ideas.

4. Put it in my mouth

This one is closely linked to an activity we commonly use in tantric couples medtiation retreats. It centers around food in order to stimulate the senses and get tastebuds tingling. In this game, blindfold your partner, and then feed them something runny, using only a spoon. Since they are blindfolded, things will get messy. And this is the entire point. Since whatever gets spilled, you must lick off. Needless to say, the combination of delicious, unknown foods being fed to them, and your tongue flickering all over their body, will be extremely pleasurable. On certain parts of their body, the sensation will probably be a new thing for them. If sex in bedrooms is your thing, then you might want to switch camps to the kitchen… just for this one! Tie your woman up to a chair with rope, blindfold her, and get licking.

Oral sex games

5. Tip of the iceberg

The challenge is to keep an ice cube in your mouth the entire time when performing oral sex. This brings the hot/cold factor into the act, which feels incredible and adds a whole new level of pleasure.

6. Say the word

Put on a standard TV show, eg. Friends, The Office. Choose a very normal, common phrase such as, “hey”. When the word is spoken, one partner goes down on the other until the word is heard again. Then, swap over.

7. I am yours

Tie your partner up to the top of the bed. If the trust is enough to do so, blindfold them too. Then, give them oral sex. The inability to move or see means the sense of touch becomes extra-heightened. This makes the oral even more pleasurable to receive. Swap over when your partner has had an orgasm.

8. Right or wrong?

Use a box of trivia cards for this one. Ask each other trivia questions. If one gets the answer right, they receive 3 minutes of oral. But if wrong, they have to give 3 minutes of oral.

General foreplay games

It is a well-known fact that most women LOVE oral sex, and for many women, it is the way they most commonly orgasm. The games below will help you learn how to satisfy a woman in bed through the use of your tongue. Plus they’re fun to play. What more could you want?!

9. Dirty Dice

Take two dice. Then, create a list of 36 sexual play activities. You will have a total of 36 possible combinations. Assign a different sexual play activity to each combination. And then get rolling. 😉

10. Hide-and-sex

Gather 10 items that are either sex toys or role-play items. An organic, washed cucumber will do if you don’t have any actual sex toys in the house. And other things of that sort.

One partner then hides all objects around the house. The other partner goes to look. The first item found, gets used. And so on…

11. Kinky cards

Write a list of 13 sexy foreplay ideas. Assign each idea to a playing card, eg. a queen. Play ‘snap’, each pulling one card until two of the same card are pulled. For example, two queens. Whatever act is assigned to that card, in this instance the queen, you have to do.

Kissing games

Everyone loves kissing. At the start of a relationship, we can’t seem to STOP kissing our partner. But in many couples, this dies down over time. Here are some games to get you connecting tongues and other body parts again.

affectionate african american couple kissing in bedroom

12. Killing me softly

This one uses feather-light kisses to tickle your partner, making them squirm and giggle and wriggle!

Blindfold your partner. Tie them up if you are both comfortable with it. Then, choose a sensitive spot in which to brush your lips gently against their skin. If you are feathery light enough, you can tickle them, and enjoy their response, which will be a mixture of pleasure and pain..!

13. Kiss me where?

Your partner lies down naked again, possibly blindfolded. You then have the freedom to plant a kiss wherever you like. Choose a spot on their body that you would not normally kiss. Eg. their middle toe, armpit, etc. See if you can make them squirm. You might both find out that you have a new fetish!

14. Blind kisses

In this one, your partner is blindfolded again. But this time, they are kissing you anywhere and everywhere on your body. You can stand up, and they will use their hands and their mouth to navigate their way around your body. This bedroom sex game is very exciting, and a new experience for both partners.


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15. What the hat says, goes

In this game, you write 10 different body parts on 10 different pieces of paper. Put all of the papers in a hat. When you pull out a body part, you have to kiss that body part on your partner, for at least ten seconds. Make the body parts as obscure as you can. This makes it more interesting!

16. Hot and cold

In this game, hold a particular body part in your mind, and then lie down naked. Have your partner kiss you all over. Guide them using only the words ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ as they get closer to, or further away from, your chosen body part. When they hit the spot, they have to kiss it for a prolonged period of time, as passionately as possible!

Sexy board games

Time for a quick interlude!

In addition to the above and below, there are tonnes of sexy board games out there. These can be used as a supplement to bedroom sex. You can use these when you don’t feel like making your own props, lists of sexy acts, etc. They require minimal financial investment and are a lot of fun!

For the best sex board games, check out this article. From kinky truth or dare to an Ann Summers version of Cluedo called ‘Monogamy’, there are hours of sexy time to be had by you and your partner.

If you are struggling with mismatched libidos or have found yourself in a sexless marriage or sexless relationship, simple games like these can make a huge difference to your bedroom sex life, and your relationship as a whole.

Games involving penetrative sex

Attractive young lovers have couples playing together in bed, wearing sexy lingerie in a hotel room
I know you’ve been waiting for this. It’s time to get into the games that involve penetration. Just make sure you’ve tried out a few of the above games first, OK? 😉

17. Who comes first?

This game is basically a race to orgasm, helped by some good old mutual masturbation. To play, lie next to your partner, and masturbate at the same time. The first person who reaches climax wins. If this is you, then you may now help your partner to his or her finish line. We are polite in here, remember?

18. Turn this house upside-down

This game is a stark contrast to the one above. Basically, you need to have sex in every room in the house. And you need to try and NOT come until you have done so. This game turns stale, monotone bedroom sex on its head, by changing up the scenery.

19. An interesting position

If you have been following any of my recent content on premature ejaculation, then this game is a great chance for you to practice. See how many different sex positions you can use before you come. The weirder and more obscure, the better! This game is also useful since you can try out some positions and practice them. You can come back to your favorites later during hot bedroom sex sessions, once the games are over.

More super hot bedroom sex games

The games below all require a purchase of some sort. If you ask me, it’s a very worthwhile investment, and can lead to some great bedroom sex fun:

20. Talk about dirty cards

This one could be included in the list of sexy board games above. But I decided that it requires a section of its own.

This is since dirty talk turns on almost everyone to HEAR. But is very difficult to give...

This is where talk about dirty comes in. The game will get your juices flowing when it comes to dirty chat. And you can bring everything you learned into the bedroom, for some hot bedroom sex made even better with dirty talk.

21. Stripped down Scrabble

For this one, you just need a scrabble board. All the words must be somehow dirty or related to sex. And if you can’t make one, you remove an item of clothing… The question is, can you keep your hands off each other until the end of the game!? It will inevitably lead to some hot bedroom sex!

the word sex written as a flat lay in wood scrabble tiles on a p

22. Sexy dice

You can find many versions of sexy dice online. The premise is simple. Roll the dice, and do as they say. You could find yourself doing reverse cowgirl in the garden, blindfolded. Or doing it doggy in the kitchen. If you are lacking variety between the sheets, these dice are sure to spice up the bedroom sex!

23. Pleasure machine

If you have a smartphone and want some hot bedroom sex ideas, try the pleasure machine app. You spin the wheels like you would on a slot machine. The app gives you different body parts to do things to, without you having to think about it at all.

24. Sexy shopping trip

Visit a sex shop or a lingerie store. Pick out something that you want your partner to use or wear, and buy it for them. Alternatively, choose a sex toy that you’d like to use on her. Then get yourselves home, and have some hot sex in the bedroom, using your purchase.

25. The great escape

This game uses soft, velcro cuffs to tie your partner to the bed, whilst they (pretend to) resist. This game is made even steamier if you rip off your woman’s panties slowly, with your teeth. This will have her juices flowing. You will inevitably want to devour her, and have some really hot bedroom sex once the game is over.

Bring hot bedroom sex back into your marriage through play!

So, there we have it. 25 hot bedroom sex ideas, in the form of different games that you can play with your partner. Who said sex in bedrooms had to become boring once you’ve been married for 20 years?!

I am a firm believer in the importance of regular, exciting, varied sex. Sexual intimacy is the glue that unites a couple. It holds the boat together during rocky waters, which are inevitable at times.

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Who are bedroom sex games for?

Bedroom sex games are for everyone! Just because you are an adult, does not mean that you won’t benefit from injecting a little more fun into your (sex) life!

Can bedroom sex games help with sexual function?

Yes! Bedroom sex games can absolutely help with sexual function. This is because they naturally take the pressure OFF. When we play and laugh, we become more relaxed. Our parasympathetic nervous system is engaged. And this is the best state for overcoming PE and ED!

What if my partner doesn’t like the idea of bedroom sex games?

If your partner isn’t keen on bedroom sex games, they may be shy. Try introducing a minimal amount of play into your bedroom sex sessions at first… Such as deciding on a number of different positions before a sex session. Then, make sure that you hit that number.

Do I need to buy special sex furniture to play bedroom sex games?

Absolutely not. Sex furniture is a lot of fun. But it’s also a clever marketing ploy to get you to part with your cash. Regular furniture is just fine.

My partner has a low sex drive. Will bedroom sex games help us to have more sex?

There are many reasons for a person to have a low sex drive. Hormonal/health issues are a problem in themselves that need to be fixed. But injecting a little fun into the equation can never hurt! Someone with a low sex drive may be lacking in physical energy and vigor. If this is the case, you can still play bedroom sex games. But you may need to be the one doing the ‘work’ involved in the games.

What equipment do I need for bedroom sex games?

Most of the games on the list require minimal, or no equipment. A few of them need staple household items like a pen and paper, or a deck of cards. Scented candles and lube make for a great sexual experience. So make sure that you always have some of those around.

Can bedroom sex games help your mental health?

Yes! Playing bedroom sex games brings fun, creativity, and laughter into your life. And these things greatly benefit your mental health.

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