Are Virgos Good in Bed? Here’s 6 Secrets You Wished You Knew

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Sep 20, 2023
are virgos good in bed

Are Virgos good in bed? Well, they’re f*cking amazing (no pun intended) mainly because they aim for the perfect orgasm. Not just for themselves but for their partner.

Virgos love to go the extra mile. As part of their adventurous spirit, they’re eager to explore the unknown if it means gaining a novel experience and feeling something more pleasurable differently.

If you find yourself talking to one, you’ll be in for quite a ride.

In this article, I’ll reveal the secrets of Virgo’s personality type in the bedroom, including how to attract them and make them return with stronger cravings.  

Demystifying a sexual relationship with a virgo, the earth sign

The Virgo’s sexuality traits and bedroom personality can be described as balanced with the following:

  • Perfectionism
  • Curiosity
  • Sensuality

Virgos are a mutable earth sign. This means that they’re efficient and adaptable individuals. These qualities lead to a grounded approach and can make the sexual experience with a Virgo pleasurable.

Another factor that Virgos are well-known for is their mindset toward sex. On top of physical appearance, their personality adds to their attraction.

They radiate a modest aura and alluring energy once they’re comfortable with you.

Important note: Each individual Virgo will still have their own preferences!

Perfectionists in and outside of the bedroom

Virgos are one of the mutable signs. So, they’ll strive for perfection in and outside of the bedroom.

The selfless nature of a Virgo can drive them to satisfy their partner. Often, they’ll put your needs before their own and consider your preferences.

This is no exception when it comes to sex.

In the words of an Astrologist featured in Bustle,

“Virgos are very patient and attentive. They prefer to get the job done right.”

And therefore, Virgos will do whatever’s necessary for a satisfying sexual experience with their partner.

Curious to try new things

That one quiet person who always seems shy and reserved? You’ll find that appearances can be deceiving, especially for Virgos.

Your first impression of her might be wrong – maybe you won’t be able to see it, but Virgos have an adventurous spirit.

When this translates to the pursuit of good sex, Virgos tend to be curious enough to experiment. Trying out new things thrills them, like using a Fleshlight.

Virgos never shy away from new experiences. They want to give and receive pleasure in the best way possible.

This is also why they can tend to be freaky once they’re at ease, as they’re willing to seek novel experiences and pleasure!

virgos love to try new things

Sensual Zodiac sign

Virgos are sensual beings. This means they’re conscious of their needs, feelings, and senses. They’re aware of where their cravings and sexual desires lie.

In other words, Virgos has a strong attention to detail. They’re in tune with themselves deeply and understand what they want inside and outside the bedroom.

As such, Virgos bring an energy that cultivates a pleasant ambiance.

Are virgos good in bed? here are the top 6 reasons why

Here are the top reasons why a Virgo man or woman is great in bed:

  1. It’s more than just mindless f*cking, there’s an emotional connection
  2. Sexually curious enough to seek new experiences
  3. They pay close attention to your needs
  4. The most organized and hygienic Zodiac sign
  5. Virgos love to give, not just receive
  6. They don’t shy away from dirty talk

1. It’s more than just mindless f*cking, there’s an emotional connection

An emotional bond is crucial for good sex with a Virgo. Not just because it’s more intimate but also because Virgos are conscious of their partner’s feelings.

This is how they can pick up on subtle cues and switch things up to keep you locked in.

A strong bond with a Virgo means winning over their insatiable desire to pleasure you. And it’s safe to say that they won’t disappoint if you’ve earned their trust.


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2. Sexually curious enough to seek new experiences

Virgos hold an adventurous spirit. This drives their curiosity and eagerness to discover new things.

When this trait is applied to sex, Virgos are motivated to change whenever necessary if it means reaching a higher level of sexual pleasure.

They can go outside their comfort zone and push boundaries to discover new things.

3. They pay close attention to your needs

A Virgo can easily find their partner’s preferences thanks to their sensual nature. They’ll anticipate the perfect response as they have a strong sense of perception.

Whether it’s changing sex positions from cowgirl to doggy, they can almost read you like an open book.

Strong attention to detail is a defining characteristic of a Virgo, and they know this. It’s a remarkable quality that enables them to navigate sex and relationships.

4. The most organized and hygienic zodiac sign

Out of all the Zodiacs, Virgos tend to be the most organized and hygienic. This means they’re meticulous planners who invest a lot of effort and preparation into sex.

Virgos will do whatever it takes to get the perfect sexual experience with their partner.

From organizing the room to setting up the right atmosphere, a Virgo is dedicated to making the dream sexual experience a reality.

In their daily lives, a Virgo sees organization and hygiene as essential. It’s no different in the bedroom.

Their affinity for hygiene and order creates a comfortable and clean environment for sex, ensuring that both partners can fully relax and enjoy the experience.

virgos are meticulous planners

5. Virgos love to give, not just receive

Virgos are natural servers in their relationships. In other words, they’re people-oriented. They’re generous givers who like to help others.

This applies in the bedroom because they tend to give more than they receive.

Virgos will naturally prioritize their partner’s well-being, including their sexual satisfaction. This is one personality trait that defines a Virgo.

6. They don’t shy away from dirty talk

Don’t underestimate a Virgo’s confidence. You might assume they’re timid, but it’s the opposite: Virgos have a knack for verbal communication in bed. Moreover, they can pick up on non-verbal communication.

However, they’ll only show this side when they feel comfortable to open up to you.

Now, talking naughty isn’t for everyone. But when you’re in a relationship of trust, it can make your sexual encounters more passionate and exciting.

Talking dirty also adds a tint of intimacy to the atmosphere.

The art of seduction: the top turn-ons for a virgo

Here’s what Virgo women are attracted to and love the most:

  • Intelligence
  • Manners and patience
  • Cleanliness and order
  • Foreplay

In the words of Beyonce who is also a Virgo,

“I am extremely driven and extremely critical—sometimes overly critical. I pay attention to details. I have high expectations of myself and expect the same thing of everyone around me.”

With that in mind, you’ll definitely want to apply each of the steps discussed below.


Virgo women love intelligent men. However, this doesn’t mean nerds. They love it when a man can engage them in a conversation where they’re forced to think.

One that makes them reconsider what they already know.

So, want to attract a Virgo woman? Try emphasizing your sense of humor and intellect by engaging in a meaningful conversation.

Manners and patience

Virgo women love men who are thoughtful, kind, and compassionate. It’s a big deal for Virgos to see that their partner thinks through their words and actions.

That’s why it’s crucial to exhibit good manners and patience to reassure a Virgo that they can trust you.

Once you’ve won a Virgo’s trust, she’ll feel relaxed and comfortable enough to show you more of the side of her that she wouldn’t usually reveal to others.

virgos feel safer when you show you consider their feelings

Cleanliness and order

Virgos are perfectionists, which can often lead them to have high expectations.

However, it’s not the end of the world because what a Virgo wants most is confidence that they can rely on you.

That said, Virgos would love to have a man who prioritizes hygiene and organization. Since Virgos spend a lot of time organizing themselves, they expect their partner to have done the same to a degree.


Foreplay is crucial for Virgos, mainly when they’re emotionally invested in their partner.

Not only does foreplay spice up the relationship and add excitement. It increases sexual tension and creates better orgasms by building a more intimate moment.

For example, give her an erotic massage before getting down to business.

Virgos also appreciate their partners when they take their time to explore each other’s bodies.

As patience is a core quality of a Virgo, they often like to focus on building up to sexual intercourse with passion and desire.

virgo women love foreplay

Virgo’s erogenous zone: how to attract a virgo woman and win her passion

The Virgo’s biggest erogenous zone lies around her stomach and waistline. There are techniques we’ll shortly get into that you should do to win the passion of a Virgo woman.

Here’s how to win the sexual attraction of a Virgo:

  • Show that you’re a leader
  • Put effort into self-grooming
  • Give her your full attention
  • Touch her gently with care
  • Stimulate her erogenous zone

Show that you’re a leader

Virgo women are well-planned themselves and often find themselves as the main organizers.

Therefore, Virgo women are attracted to someone who can show these qualities. And these qualities are found in strong leaders.

Show her you’re a leader by taking the lead. Make decisions with confidence and show that you’re someone who can take initiative.  

Put effort into self-grooming

Investing in your own self-grooming matches a Virgo’s trait of strong attention to detail and organization.

Now, self-grooming matters, especially for Virgo women. It gives them a clue to the type of man you are.

If you show up well-put together with good personal hygiene, it screams a man of self-respect and value. It also shows that you care about the details.

And these are all things that she takes into account. She’ll be more fond of you when she sees that you’re a well-groomed person who’s attentive to the small details.

Give her your full attention

Virgos are down-to-earth people. They love feeling valued and desired.

So, the most effective way to show her how much she means to you is by giving her your full attention.

Make it clear that you’re genuinely interested in her life and care about how she’s getting on.

Be present in the moments you’re with her. Pay attention to even the most minor details that matter to her. Respond to each of her thoughts and feelings.  

She’ll naturally respond once she sees the effort you’re putting in and feels your passion.

dont be this guy pay attention to her emotional needs

Touch her gently with care

Touch means a lot for Virgos. However, it’s important to be soft and gentle.

Treat her with care. This makes for more intimate interactions and will build a romantic connection between you and her.

Aside from physical touch, hold strong eye contact with her. This also helps build a stronger bond with her.  

Stimulate her erogenous zone

A Virgo’s erogenous zone is the abdomen and waist. So, stimulate this area softly to pleasure them. This is also an effective way to arouse Virgos when done right.

One quote from an Astrologist featured in Bustle also mentions that,

“Virgos are the great organizers of the zodiac and are related to our digestive tract, where we organize nutrition.”

Tickling her around the stomach or holding her around the waist are good places to start.

In the bedroom, a good way to stimulate her erogenous zone to please her is by gently caressing the abdomen or kissing her lower stomach.

Virgo sexual compatibility: the perfect partner

As with all Zodiac signs, sexual compatibility varies. Knowing the dynamics of a Virgo with these other Zodiac signs will help you navigate your way through to a fulfilling relationship.

virgo is compatible with taurus scorpio and leo

Best virgo matches

Here is a Virgo sexual compatibility list, starting from the best:

  • Taurus
  • Scorpio
  • Leo
  • Gemini
  • Capricorn
  • Pisces
  • Cancer

The perfect earth signs together

In terms of sexual chemistry, Taurus is the most compatible with Virgo. These Zodiacs are earth signs, so it’s not surprising that a Taurus works best with Virgos.

They have traits that complement and bring out the best in each other in the bedroom.  

Aside from Taurus, another Virgo is the absolute best match for a Virgo man or woman.

Having a Virgo partner is ideal. I mean, two Virgos f*cking would be the most in-sync sexual experience they’ll probably ever have!

Challenging pairings

Here are the least sexually compatible Zodiacs for Virgos:

  • Aquarius
  • Libra
  • Leo
  • Sagittarius

The air and earth signs

Earth signs like Virgo are least compatible with the air signs like Aquarius and Libra. It’s the worst pairing.

The earth signs are sensual, meaning they focus on their sensory experiences. Translate this into sexual compatibility, they care most about building an intimate relationship.

Whereas the air signs are the complete opposite.

Unlike earth signs, air signs care more about an intellectual connection. This is why they often detach themselves from the moment and focus more on abstract experiences.

Weighing up these differences, both elements clash in their approach to intimacy.


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What the virgo love language looks like

Here are the top love languages for a Virgo:

  • Acts of service
  • Quality time
  • Words of affirmation

Acts of services

The primary love language of a Virgo is acts of service. They love to give and receive pleasure through thoughtful actions.

For example, you do her a favor based on something important to her, even though she has rarely ever mentioned it to you.

Quality time

If there’s one thing Virgos value, it’s meaningful encounters. Quality time allows a Virgo to build emotional intimacy with their partner.

Virgos love it when their partner meticulously plans something eventful where they can spend time together.

Considering the Virgo personality, they’ll appreciate your effort in organizing the event.

Words of affirmation

Words of affirmation reassure Virgos. Returning to Virgos’s sensuality, hearing genuine words from their partner, makes them feel safe and valued.

Moreover, it can make them fall head over heels because it can show how much you pay attention and care about them.


The final verdict: are Virgos good in bed?

100%. Virgos hold a unique blend of traits that make them exceptional lovers: perfectionists, selfless, and service-oriented.

While the sex can be great, a lasting relationship depends on your devotion to showing her you care.

The most effective way to reach her this way is to give her full attention and show her the leader you are.

Now, to ensure you attract the perfect Virgo soulmate, watch my free tantric masterclass. You’ll get a proven framework to please her in bed and build a fulfilling relationship by unleashing your natural masculine energy.


Are Virgos better in bed?

Virgos are great in bed because of their appetite for exploration. Not just that, they’re sensual by nature and love to give.

This makes them passionate partners where you can enjoy all types of sex, from romantic to kinky.

What do Virgos fantasize about?

Virgos fantasizes about the perfect orgasm. They picture an intimate scenario with their partner where they touch and tease each other until they can’t take it anymore.

Foreplay matters, and they want to feel aroused with their partner to the point they both experience the ultimate climax.

They want to make the most of every moment and devour every part of their sexual experience.

Does Virgo fall in love easily?

No, Virgos don’t usually fall in love easily. They’re cautious about who they choose to indulge with.

Opening up to someone is a different matter. Winning a Virgo requires honesty, accountability, and genuine compassion.

Where do Virgos like to be touched?

Virgos love to be touched around the abdomen and waist area. After all, this is where their erogenous zone is.

Holding them around their waist makes them feel safe. But gently caressing them across their torso and kissing their stomach, neck, or waistline will drive her crazy!

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