Are Sagittarius Good in Bed? Top 11 Reasons Explained

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Updated on May 27, 2024
are sagittarius good in bed

A fire sign with the ruling planet of Jupiter, Sagittarius, is most well known for being optimistic and carefree.

Nevertheless, all characters have hidden talents, and the fiery Sag is no exception!

For instance, if you’ve never been romantically involved with one, you may see this sign as calm, cool, and always collected.

But what if I told you that they are exceptionally gifted lovers? Is it possible that beneath their excellent exteriors, there’s a wild sex creature just begging to be let loose?

Indeed, with the likes of Brittany Spears, Janelle Monae, and Nicki Minaj as members, this may just be a sign that you’d rather sleep with than sleep on.

So, why are Sagittarius good in bed? Here’s a closer look at the Sagittarius’ frisky traits and how they translate into the bedroom.

1. Fire Signs

Sometimes, Sagittarius may be so subdued that you forget they are fire signs. They can be hot-headed but can bring heat to the bedroom.

If you’re a first-timer, you may expect a casual, carefree performance, but they can get spicier than you’ve ever imagined.

They love to get super active in the bedroom and work up a sweat!


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2. Playful Lovers

Sagittarius approaches the bedroom with the same level of wonder and zest for adventure as they do every other aspect of the world.

This means they’re always ready and willing to try new things to get you both off. Offering service with a smile, partners of the Sag enjoy lots of foreplay and positions.

No matter how many laughs you have before, during, or after sex with Sagittarius is always playfully passionate.

So, be prepared to smile and even chuckle while you’re getting it on, but also be ready to pant, moan, and sweat!

3. High Sex Drives

sagittarius have high sex drives

You may have heard legends and fables about how high fire signs’ sex drives are.

And when it comes to Sagittarius, the rumors are true! Don’t expect some half-assed quickie when sexing a Sag.

They are known to go on all night and spill over into the following day.

This is especially true when the Sag loves you or enjoys your company; they will want to please you repeatedly in every position they can think of and with all the strength they can muster.

So, if you’re not into love-making marathons, you might want to skip Sagittarius altogether.

4. Can’t Be Tamed

Having Jupiter as a ruler makes Sags wildly expressive between the sheets. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, compels Sags to always look for ways to grow and change as lovers.

They’re not afraid to break out the handcuffs (for you to wear, not them), toys, whipped cream, or anything else that can make for a kinky good time. (However, they are typically not the biggest fans of BDSM.)

They’re also known for being spontaneous and ready to bang almost anywhere. Don’t go blowing in their ears or whispering sweet nothings in public if you’re not prepared to be sexed up in the car, bathroom, or any other semi-private place they can find.

Either way, just when you think you’ve got them all figured out, they will pop up with a move that will knock your socks off. So, you may want to take everything off before you start.

5. Never Coy

Being playful and playing coy are two different things. If you’ve hung out with Sagittarius on a social level, you may not be expecting the sudden switch-up once you’re in the bedroom.

However, Sags are anything but shy, indirect, or coy in the bedroom. They know exactly what they want and want you to know too.

They hate it when people beat around the bush or are afraid to ask for what they want.

So, if you want to bring the best out of a Sag during sex, be bold enough to do what you want and to tell them what you want them to do to you.

6. They’re Conquerors

sagittarius are dominant in bed

While they love men/women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to take charge, Sags are overwhelmingly dominant in the bedroom.

In other words, if you enter the bedroom with a Sag, prepare to be their latest sexual conquest. Nobody takes the term “sex game” to heart more than a Sag.

They only show up when they’re prepared for battle; in the end, they ensure you tap out before they do.

With such a high sex drive, they’ll go round after round until you’re knocked out, and even then, they may wake you up for an encore performance.

7. They Love To Get Dirty..

If you prefer tidy sex scenes, you may want to avoid Sags. They love to get messy and dirty in every sense of the word.

They may start by ripping off your clothes (usually not literally) and move on wrecking your sheets. They love messy sex and go the extra mile to ensure your sheets are soaking wet.

They’re not afraid to lick you or get you all lubed up with natural or manufactured lubricants.

Since they enjoy the mess so much, a tidy room is a sign of failure for them.

So, if you prefer to keep your sheets tucked and dry, go to their house or meet them at a hotel. You’ve been warned!

8. Lovely Lickers

Many Sags are gifted in the art of oral sex, and they know it. This is because they see it as part of sex rather than just a precursor to it.

Best of all, since they aim to please, they will likely go to town without questions. This aligns with their love of being messy and their goal of conquering you the whole way through.

So, they will often start with their magic tongue, but this is more than just the pre-game portion for them.

They love double back and give you a few licks to excite you even more. They aim to turn you on and reap the benefits by draining you of every last drop.

9. They’re Gently Aggressive

sagittarius are gently aggressive

So, Sags aren’t the biggest fans of whips and chains, but this doesn’t mean they’re not aggressive in bed.

They will likely nibble, bite, smack, grab, scratch, etc., to channel all that passion.

They’re not afraid to leave bite marks, scratches, or even good old-fashioned hickeys in various places.

However, they don’t want to injure you seriously, so they will likely maltreat you with care.

10. They Need Variety

Sags hate to get bored in the bedroom. This is largely why they fear commitment; they don’t want to fall into a sexual rut.

Either way, you need to switch it up if you’re trying to become exclusive with a Sag.

I’m not just talking about locations and sexual positions; you will also want to switch up your hair, scents, dirty words, demeanor, and anything else you can think of.

Sags are all about exciting and new sexual experiences, so you must switch things up early and often to keep their attention.

11. Hit Or Miss

With all that said, is Sagittarius good in bed? Well, it’s sort of hit or miss. Given that they’re not likely to commit, sex with Sags depends heavily on individual chemistry.

Their high sex drives mean they’re always up for it, but you may be sorely disappointed if the chemistry isn’t there.

For instance, if you prefer slow, intimate sex with lots of eye contact and deep, passionate kisses, they may or may not be up for this.

Although they aim to please, this can never be at the cost of their comfort. If they are uncomfortable, they may pull back, or in extreme circumstances, they will get up and leave in severe cases.


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Conclusion: Are Sagittarius Good In Bed?

Overall, if you’re preparing for sex with a Sag, you’re in for a real treat. These passionate, fiery lovers are known for giving their all to please their partners and themselves.

If you prefer straightforward, playful lovers that make you feel like the sexiest person on the planet, you will love sex with a Sag.

However, as many know, they are not quick to settle down and commit. So, is Sagittarius good in bed?

Well, it depends on who you ask. But if you’re comfortable with intense sexual encounters without being necessarily exclusive, sex with a Sag could be better than you’ve ever dreamed!

If you want to attract a Sagittarius partner and keep them long term, watch my free tantric training on how to manifest your dream woman in record speed.

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