4 Must-Try Techniques To Master Your Manly Confidence

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Aug 11, 2023
manly confidence

There’s a common misconception that all men are naturally more confident than women. There are even researches that suggest it. But those same researchers also suggest that women actually become more confident with age while men typically lose their confidence as they age.

If you’re a man struggling with self-confidence issues, then you probably feel hesitant to share your struggle with others. This is a common problem, so don’t feel too alone. There are some techniques that you can try to get back in touch with your masculine side.

1. Get to know yourself

You can’t be self-confident if you don’t even know who you are. This may sound silly but self-acceptance is also something many people struggle with. There are probably parts of your personality that you aren’t particularly fond of, and that’s natural. You can try methods like tantric yoga and meditation to explore your inner self. This will help you carry yourself better and regain confidence without knowing it.

2. Challenge your comfort zone

Man is a creature of habit because he finds comfort in routines. Basking in your comfort for too long can easily develop the fear of making mistakes within you. That’s why it’s so important to occasionally step outside of your comfort zone. Only by forcing yourself to do things that make you uncomfortable can you develop masculine energy. Try out techniques to boost testosterone naturally, such as yoga.

3. Question what you know

How often do you challenge your own beliefs? Many men would say “never” and that’s a part of the problem. Having constructive conversations with different kinds of people can help you expand your horizons and think beyond your own conventions. Confident men are not afraid to question the things they know. Openness to new opinions and experiences is what develops you as a man.


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4. Face your past

Trauma is a terrible thing that affects 6 in every 10 men. It’s hard to live with and even harder to acknowledge and work through. In order to move forward in life and turn over a new life, you need to face your traumatic past, accept it, and overcome it. Meditative techniques like tantric yoga can help you achieve the inner peace you need.

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