3 Ways Toxic Masculinity Harms Men

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Aug 11, 2023
toxic masculinity

Most men worldwide are brought up with the notion that they cannot experience intense emotions besides anger and jealousy. Men, therefore, have turned this toxic narrative into their nature. They spend a lot of time focusing on their masculine traits and lose touch with the emotional aspect of their personality.

Although people around men with toxic masculinity suffer a little too much, the damage isn’t just limited to them. Many relationship experts have conveyed that men with toxic masculine traits are more aggressive in relationships and therefore end up alone. Toxic masculinity harms men more than anyone else. If you’re wondering how we have put together ways that toxic masculinity harms men.

Let’s explore!

Suppression of emotions

Young boys are taught that showcasing their real emotions indicates their weakness. Instead of letting young boys cry, express fear, and anger in healthy ways, they are taught to suppress all their feelings. Suppressing valid feelings often turns into anger, excessive aggression, and the ability to wreck all future relationships.

Most men stay away from being vulnerable during a relationship, which affects their ability to communicate and resolve issues healthily openly.

Fear of emasculation

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What men fear the most is being affiliated with feminine traits. They may fear being outcasts if they choose to talk about their feelings, have a good cry, or do other things that are stereotypically affiliated with women. This fear goes beyond just doing things a certain way; it also discourages them from seeking help.

If a man recognizes that he requires mental assistance or someone to talk to, they might never reach out to a relationship consultant out of the fear of being called a sissy or weak.


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Stunted relationships

Constantly being aggressive, unable to express their feelings, and living up to certain stereotypical standards can be extremely exhausting. The tiresome ordeal can reflect poorly in relationships that men form throughout their lives. Having stunted relationships is one of the reasons why men often reach the brink of divorce in marriages or are unable to find a suitable partner.

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