Steffo Shambo

Steffo, an Aquarian, was always intrigued by the mysterious and unknown. His questions concerning the nature of reality, Truth, and the meaning of life led him to leave his home country of Sweden in search of answers at the age of 22.

In 2007, he set out on a pilgrimage around the world and he has since traveled to more than 21 countries, lived in several spiritual communities, and attended numerous courses and workshops – among them Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering in India, Prem Baba’s transformational psycho-spiritual courses in India, and The New Tantra courses in Sweden, to name a few.

After traveling for four years Steffo finally discovered Agama Yoga in Rishikesh, India, where he delved deeply into the study of esoteric tantric philosophy and practice in the foothills of the Himalayas. He returns to Mother India yearly to continue his study of the traditional texts of Yoga. He completed the four-year Agama Yoga curriculum (950 hours of accredited Yoga study and practice) in 2014 and has moved on to the Advanced Teachings of Kashmiri Shaivism. He also participated in the 6-week immersion of the “Agama Tantra Initiation” program in 2015. In addition, Steffo has traveled through Europe and Asia teaching AcroYoga workshops since 2011.

Steffo teaches internationally and is currently based in Thailand, teaching at Agama Yoga’s headquarters on Koh Phangan, deepening his practice and commitment to Truth. He feels a deep calling to share the precious gift of Tantra Yoga and to help guide others through their own inner journey of transformation.


02-YA-TEACHER-ERYT-500Steffo is a Yoga Alliance certified and registered Yoga Teacher (RYS-500). In 2014 he completed a 500-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training.

Ever Expanding Influences:

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2017 Sadhguru’s 4-days retreat Inner Engineering (with initiation of the Shambavi Mudra Kriya practice) – Isha Yoga Center, India.
2017 Map of Life Transfomational Therapy 10-days – Sri Prem Baba, India.
2017 Internal Family Systems Psychotherapy
2016 ABC of Spirituality 2 – Shadow Work – 6-days – Sri Prem Baba, India.
2016 Advanced Instructor of Yoga Certificate 550-hours – Agama Yoga, Thailand.
2016 Hatha Yoga Correction Teacher Training 20-hours – Agama Yoga, Thailand.
2016 Mooji Satsang Season – Rishikesh, India
2016 Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat of the Heart 8-days – with Sahajananda.
2015 Tantric Body De-armouring Massage workshop – Andrew Barnes, Sweden.
2015 Tantric Energetic Full Body Orgasm workshop – Andrew Barnes, Sweden.
2015 Tantra Festival Estonia – Somananda, Estonia.
2015 Tantra Festival Ängsbacka, Sweden.
2015 The Raw Man Workshop, Sweden.
2015 Advanced Tantra Immersion 6-weeks – Agama Yoga, Thailand.
2015 Green Sash Degree of Yoga Practice 900-hours – Agama Yoga, Thailand.
2014 ABC of Spirituality 1 – Shadow Work – 6-days – Prem Baba, India.
2014 The New Tantra Level 1 Retreat – 3-days – Alex Vartman, Sweden.
2014 Yoga Teacher Training 550-hours – Agama Yoga, Thailand.
2014 Dark Room Meditation Retreat 7-days.
2014 Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat of the Heart 10-days – with Sahajananda.
2013 Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat of the Heart 10-days – with Sahajananda.
2013 Men’s Rites of Passage Initiation 10-days – Agama Yoga, Thailand.
2012 Men’s Vira Training 7-days – Agama Yoga, Thailand.
2010 Art of Dying Workshop 5-days – Agama Yoga, India.
2010 Metaphysical Workshop 5-days – Agama Yoga, India.
2010 Advanced Thai Medical Massage Therapy – 60-hours – Wat Po Traditional Medical School, Bangkok, Thailand.
2010 General Thai Massage Certificate – Wat Po Traditional Medical School, Bangkok, Thailand.
2010 Sadhana Forest Community – Karma Yoga – 30-days – Auroville, India.
2009 Hyposyntes Coaching Program (NLP, Hypnosis, Sedona Method) – Sai Rama (Vidya & Veesui), Stockholm, Sweden.
2008 A.C.H.E Hypnotherapy (Randal Churchill, Marleen Mulder & Ormond McGill) – Hypnosinstitutet, Stockholm, Sweden.
2007 Energy Medicine – Helhetshälsan – Stockholm, Sweden.

A note of Gratitude

Steffo offers sincere gratitude to his spiritual teachers and two Gurus, Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, founder of the Yoga University Agama Yoga. And the enlightened master Sri Prem Baba, who is the successor of the Saccha lineage, and the creator of the Path of the Heart. Steffo is immensely grateful for their inspiration, guidance and support along his life and spiritual path.

PS. He would also like to offer his deep gratitude to his first tantric initiator Yogita Shikman, for her radiant shakti power, that has catalyzed Steffo into the arts of tantric practices, yoni massage and the divine feminine.